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Baby Showers - Page 2

Baby shower for second? Alternatives?
We had a baby shower for our first, but we kept all of that stuff and don't really need very much for our second. Our first was a ... [read more]

Asked by TXkadams - Jan. 12, 2015 9:13pm - Category: Baby Showers
Baby Shower??
I do not want a baby shower, I have almost everything we already need for a baby (due to our last miscarriage and my thrifty budge... [read more]

Asked by Fitbyjordan - Dec. 18, 2014 9:32pm - Category: Baby Showers
Is it tacky?
Hey ladies! What are your thoughts on having a baby shower for baby#6? Do you think its tacky?... [read more]

Asked by fiveplus - Aug. 2, 2014 1:41am - Category: Baby Showers
What do you WISH you registered for that you ended up buying yourself?
I have pretty much completed my registries for my shower, but I was just wondering if there were any items that you ladies didn't ... [read more]

Asked by mrsamanda - May. 6, 2014 8:08pm - Category: Baby Showers
Is it ok to throw yourself a baby shower?
I am a new mommy to be, my husband and I are on a strict budget and really NEED EVERYTHING for the baby so unfortunately we NEED t... [read more]

Asked by JackieOplusone - Mar. 23, 2014 9:07am - Category: Baby Showers
Baby Shower - Skipped it for 1st kid, want it for 2nd. How do I make this into a family thing?
With my son my husband & I really weren't close to very many people, we had kind of withdrew our social lives & we really ... [read more]

Asked by lyssa7872 - Mar. 13, 2014 3:47pm - Category: Baby Showers
How to annouce baby's name?
I am looking for unique but easy ways to annouce the baby's name at my first baby shower on Sunday 03.14.2014. We already had a ge... [read more]

Asked by GeminiGurl91 - Mar. 5, 2014 6:06pm - Category: Baby Showers
How do you upload a picture to your galleries using your IPOD?
Hi, this is off topic but I'm new to this site...just joined today. I have tons of pictures I would love to upload to my galleries... [read more]

Asked by GeminiGurl91 - Mar. 5, 2014 1:31am - Category: Baby Showers
Can I throw a Baby Shower myself?
My Baby Shower is in March. I thought that my sister was hosting it but there was a misunderstanding and she doesn't feel comforta... [read more]

Asked by Queenmommy0914 - Jan. 27, 2014 11:31pm - Category: Baby Showers
Baby Shower
I got a surprise call from my oldest friend last night, where I found out my Mum & her had been discussing a baby shower for m... [read more]

Asked by museli - Jan. 10, 2014 3:44am - Category: Baby Showers