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Labour & Delivery - Page 2

Is it normal to have a hard stomach all day at 38 weeks pregnant??
Recently my stomach started getting more hard, which soon became really uncomfortable to where it was hard for me to walk, lay dow... [read more]

Asked by Asimmons94 - Jan. 30, 2017 2:40pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Coping with induced labour - stories, experiences and strategies please?
I had an induction with my first baby and I am likely to accept another one this time round due to the nature of my pregnancy comp... [read more]

Asked by yummymummy1991 - Jan. 28, 2017 2:28am - Category: Labour & Delivery
Mucus Plug??
Today is my due date, last night I noticed some clear, thick discharge on my panty liner, and this morning there was even more of ... [read more]

Asked by kvstone - Jan. 25, 2017 2:46pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Is labor approaching??
For the past week I have felt off....I have had increased braxton hicks. Sometimes they are so strong I can feel my heart beating... [read more]

Asked by MDSmith16 - Jan. 24, 2017 4:34pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Inducing labour?
I'm getting so discouraged...2 days past my due date and nothing yet... what worked for you ladies? I've had 4 sweeps, 2 reflexolo... [read more]

Asked by michelle.marie - Jan. 10, 2017 5:51pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Mucus Plug?
Does the mucus plug always have blood attached to it? I lost a ton of mucus last night and some just came out now. Its clear with ... [read more]

Asked by lrivera0927 - Dec. 22, 2016 12:30pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Today is my due date & im still pregnant!
Im due today and nothing has happened. Doctor said im almost 2 cm dilated. I literally cried. I been in so much pain, i hardly sle... [read more]

Asked by lrivera0927 - Dec. 22, 2016 2:55am - Category: Labour & Delivery
Signs that Labor is on its way?
Im due on Wednesday the 21st. I havent had contractions since Thursday. However, I been nonstop with bowel movement (sorry TMI) al... [read more]

Asked by lrivera0927 - Dec. 18, 2016 1:31pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Discomfort and pain after cervix check up
So I am 37 weeks today. My doctor this morning checked to see if I am dilated. Which I am not. He told me the baby head is extreme... [read more]

Asked by lrivera0927 - Nov. 30, 2016 6:31pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
how safe is induction?
hi ladies are ok..i am past my due date and my doc told me they have to induce me...how safe is it? plz help thnks... [read more]

Asked by Lindsayomondi - Nov. 22, 2016 8:37pm - Category: Labour & Delivery