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Labour & Delivery - Page 4

Could it be time...
Ok so yesterday all day, I had back pain, hip pain and stomach pains along with period like pain, went on with the day like normal... [read more]

Asked by Am4nda92 - Aug. 2, 2016 11:53pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
When could the doctor induce you?
I'm 35wks and 1day with daughter Emori Dae Ellis ???????? And I was wondering has anybody's doctor told them when they could just ... [read more]

Asked by Chaz_Emori - Jul. 20, 2016 12:24am - Category: Labour & Delivery
Could I be feeling myself dilate?
So it has been about 2.5 years since I had my daughter, and I have already forgotten what some things feel like....but I do rememb... [read more]

Asked by lilsunshine22 - Jul. 19, 2016 10:23pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Wanting to know the different feeling between just peeing and waters breaking?
Hey ladies, I still have a few weeks (37+2) but as aware bub can come when he wants. What I want to know is when my waters are goi... [read more]

Asked by Am4nda92 - Jul. 18, 2016 12:52am - Category: Labour & Delivery
Delayed Cord Clamping
What is everyone's take on it? I'm sort of on the fence. Has anyone done this before or are planning to?... [read more]

Asked by mzhvj1202 - Jun. 24, 2016 7:37pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
What are some ways to naturally get labor going that are safe?
Wondering some ways to naturally get labor going on its own . And if any have actually worked for some of you ? Thank you ... [read more]

Asked by alirae33 - May. 4, 2016 11:28pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
How long will they let me go past my due date ?
So I am due tomorrow and so far nothing is really going on . How long will they let you go maximum until they induce you. ? And w... [read more]

Asked by alirae33 - May. 4, 2016 11:26pm - Category: Labour & Delivery
Group B Strep
Anyone else been positive for Group B Strep? How did this change your delivery? I just found out I am positive and am looking for ... [read more]

Asked by blondeone12 - Apr. 14, 2016 10:25am - Category: Labour & Delivery
water births- do they hurt as much as a natural birth?
I've been researching birthing options and have seriously been considering a water birth for my first child. Is it safe and does i... [read more]

Asked by lilianna45 - Apr. 5, 2016 12:36am - Category: Labour & Delivery
Is it early labor or just BH?
Monday maternal fetal medicine did a stretch and sweep. I was completely closed and yes it was the most painful experience ever bu... [read more]

Asked by Mommybutterfly - Mar. 16, 2016 6:22am - Category: Labour & Delivery