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Different dates from US dropping HCG levels
Help ladies, I don't know what's going on... Hopefully will hear from my doctor on Monday. My last period started 4/30/18 and on ... [read more]

Asked by DakiLynn - 40 weeks ago - Category: Pregnancy Complications
Fertility treatments
Hey everyone! I think I need to say something. There are many people here who've faced troubles conceiving. Some can't even after ... [read more]

Asked by jennyjoe - Jul. 7, 2018 1:48pm - Category: Pregnancy Complications
Embassy Detail
Hey all ladies!!! Hope so you are doing your best. I was looking for a good clinic for surrogacy in Ukraine. As I live in Singapor... [read more]

Asked by Amelia - Jul. 6, 2018 6:13pm - Category: Travel During Pregnancy
Roman Christophe, Robert Christophe or Ryan Christophe?
We had our baby boy yesterday and we are trying to settle on a baby boy name. FlamingoGirl liked Robert or Roman. Please help. The... [read more]

Asked by Celine - Jul. 6, 2018 5:14pm - Category: Baby Names
Has anyone had an issue with their Natera (NIPT) blood panel not being covered by their insurance?
I just got a bill for $5,600. Suffice to say, I'm freaking out. I live in central Pennsylvania and have UPMC insurance. I go to an... [read more]

Asked by duffyj83 - Jul. 4, 2018 2:22am - Category: Prenatal Testing
13 Week ultrasound will the doctors be able to determine the gender?
I am having a NT Scan and I will be 13 weeks, the NP at my practice said the doctor at the fetal diagnosis center will be able to ... [read more]

Asked by aprilluvsmoz - Jul. 2, 2018 3:11pm - Category: Prenatal Testing
Another Baby Name Question
I'm sorry for asking another baby name question, but I need to ask you this. Since Roseanne Chloé got three likes, we'll go... [read more]

Asked by Celine - Jul. 1, 2018 5:58pm - Category: Baby Names
Membrane Sweep 36 weeks
Due to personal reasons, my doctors has decided to do a membrane sweep at my 36 weeks appointment. I have to admit that I am exci... [read more]

Asked by dc0927 - Jun. 29, 2018 2:52am - Category: Labour & Delivery
Pregnancy buddies :-)
Hi ladies :-) I've just found out I'm 4w 1d with baby number 3. I'm just wondering if anyone else is due around March 2nd? Wo... [read more]

Asked by welshmummy90 - Jun. 24, 2018 8:15am - Category: Newly Pregnant
Low progesterone. Early pregnancy
I have experienced a blighted ovum.. about a year and a half ago. Just got my first positive pregnancy test (at home and blood) an... [read more]

Asked by lexsi2201 - Jun. 20, 2018 9:19pm - Category: Pregnancy Complications