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Symptoms & Discomforts - Page 5

So I have had a migraine for the last 4 days I have taken Panado. Lied down in a dark room. Used ice packs. Cold compresses you ... [read more]

Asked by waitingonmyrainbow - Jan. 2, 2017 2:15pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
i have been having black stool. is it normal?
It seems abnormal to me. ... [read more]

Asked by rosekish - Dec. 30, 2016 12:41pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
34 Weeks and TONS of rib pain
I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and my ribs are KILLING me...mainly my left side, but they both hurt. I have a hard time sleeping beca... [read more]

Asked by tweety82 - Dec. 28, 2016 9:26pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Rib pain under left breast?
Since 22 weeks, I have had a sharp pain in my rib area directly under my left breast, sometimes it will travel to the center of my... [read more]

Asked by MDSmith16 - Dec. 28, 2016 2:48pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Sickness please go away!
When did your first trimester sickness end?... [read more]

Asked by StrongEnergy - Dec. 28, 2016 12:32am - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
7 weeks 6 days. Lower dosage of progestrone to 200mgs
So I went to the Dr and he said since my levels are 86 I didn't need such a high dosage and lowered it to 200mgs. Since I have don... [read more]

Asked by waitingonmyrainbow - Dec. 21, 2016 11:01pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Any tips and advice for nausea that won't stop. I get it when I am awake till even when I am in bed. I get queasy when I eat and t... [read more]

Asked by waitingonmyrainbow - Dec. 17, 2016 2:42pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Cramping on and off and back pain
Im 39 weeks today. Last night for about an hour and 20 minutes I was bouncing and rolling on a yoga ball. Today I been havin... [read more]

Asked by lrivera0927 - Dec. 14, 2016 7:55pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Constipated, help!
What do you do for constipation while pregnant?... [read more]

Asked by StrongEnergy - Dec. 14, 2016 3:26pm - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
I had a sex on 6 Dec and today its 13 Dec and i have a got a heavy back pain...
Am i pregnant????or is it too early to get sign of pregnancies????... [read more]

Asked by XikiXang - Dec. 13, 2016 7:36am - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts