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Category: Newly Pregnant

Asked by KenpobabyX6

Q: Normal hcg levels for twin pregnancy?

So I had my first us today at what i think is 5 weeks. It looks like there are two sacks but it's still early, so hard to tell. I had blood work two days ago that showed my levels at 16,000. From everything I've read, that's pretty high for a 5 week pregnancy. Could it be indicative of twins? I had my blood done again today so we'll see if it went up and by how much, which I know is the real factor in a viable pregnancy. Can any of you ladies that are, or were pregnant with twins tell me what your levels were at by 5 weeks? Just for comparison to pass the time. I'm sort of freaking out over here because I already have 5 kids and I'm pregnant now due to a serious birth control failure. My IUD is apparently MIA...

This question was asked Aug. 4, 2018 4:25am
Category: Newly Pregnant

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Answered by KenpobabyX6 - Aug. 4, 2018 6:01pm
Thank you! I would've never imagined in a million years that I would end up pregnant after having an IUD put in! Right now, we're not really sure what's going on in there, so I'm just waiting it out and trying g to keep occupied till I know more. So hard! Lol

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Answered by Angela18 - Aug. 4, 2018 12:49pm
I’m not qualified to really answer this but it seems pretty possible... I mostly just wanted to say congrats on this beautiful surprise! I’ll be praying all goes well for you guys. We seem to always end up bump buddies, lol xo. Keep us posted!

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