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Category: Newly Pregnant

Asked by Muma21more

Q: Only small sack seen on 5w0D ultrasound

HI there.
I am pregnant with my 5th baby. Very much a suprise as my tube were tied after my last cesarean. I had an early ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnany.
According to when I ovulated I am 5 weeks today, the sonographer was a bit of an old battle axe and not very warm. She said she saw a very small gestational sac but too small for 5 weeks.
Has anyone else had this at their 5 week ultrasound and gone on with a normal pregnancy? I have never had a scan this early before. She did not seem like she specialised in pregnancy ad she Googled my previous hcg results!

This question was asked Nov. 19, 2018 2:57am
Category: Newly Pregnant

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Answered by Muma21more - Nov. 21, 2018 3:48am
HI thanks for your answer! Yes I do on next Friday ????
Nausea has really kicked in this morning which makes me feel better if you know what I mean. It's just such an unexpected blessing, now we have gotten used to the idea of it happening I want it to work out so much!

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Answered by ericalee2 - Nov. 20, 2018 5:24pm
At weeks I would expect the gestational sac would be very small on an ultrasound. I had a scan this early with our daughter and was told the sac was "small, but nice and round". She is 3.5 years old now. I feel like a small sac is perfectly normal for 5 weeks. Do you have a follow-up scan scheduled?

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