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Category: Pregnancy Complications

Asked by makayla2012

Q: Loosing Hair First Trimester

This is ridiculous ~ my first pregnancy I grew a full head of hair and this time around, 2nd pregnancy 9 years later ... I am LOOSING HAIR!!!!!!! Has this happened to anyone else? I know it is the norm to loose hair when Post Pregnancy but now, i am 7 weeks pregnant and loosing hair?

This question was asked Sep. 1, 2011 3:03am
Category: Pregnancy Complications

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Answered by nalaniz413 - Sep. 29, 2011 7:10pm
I've been pregnant 6 times and this is only the 3rd time I have carried past 6 wks. The first two times I lost hair in chunks. I went from a very full and think head of hair to hair so thin you'd swear early female baldness ran in my family! This pregnancy however, I have lost time I flat iron it every morning because it is so thick! This is the thickest my hair has ever been in my life! You know how they say "Every baby is different?" Well same goes for pregnancies. Every pregnancy is different.

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Answered by 2Beemee - Sep. 1, 2011 6:45am
Honey am 10 weeks and I too have been losing hair since 5 weeks. Ths is my first pregnancy so I thought its not uncommon!

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