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Category: Labour & Delivery

Asked by hopefullll

Q: C-Section :( Walk me through it ladies! And don't be shy lol

So it's almost a guarantee at this point that I will be having a c-section at around 38 weeks. What's it like? In detail please:) Am I going to be strapped down? How long? Do they hand me the baby right after? Can I see anything? Can DH see anything? Does it ever hurt? Recovery time in hospital? Huge scar? Give it to me straight ladies lol, I want the good the bad and even the ugly. I do much better when I well informed! Thanks in advance!

This question was asked Jun. 23, 2013 1:46pm
Category: Labour & Delivery

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Answered by estone - Jun. 29, 2013 1:25am
I had an emergency csection last September due to an undiagnosed placent appreciate that ruptured. It is much like the other ladies say. However, my son was transverse and laying very high in my uterus, so it took two doctors to get him out. Oe doctor was pulling on him and the other was pushing on my rib cage to try to get him loose. The pressure made it very difficult to breathe. They eventually had to suction him out. He was only a 34 seeker, so he went to the nicu pretty quick after delivery.

My husband said he could see all my organs ut n the table and there was so much blood. The spinal wasn't too bad, just mostly uncomfortable.

The recovery time wasn't too bad either. I stayed 4 nights and was feeling back to myself about a week after the surgery. You should definitely get a recovery belt though. The one I used was the abdomens and it wa amazing! Good luck you will do great!

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Answered by danni179 - Jun. 29, 2013 12:17am
I had an emergency csection after 18 hour labour. I had the epidural, which feels like hot water being poured down your legs and you go numb, you lie on the table and they get going. You feel no pain, but you do feel a bit of pressure and them "rummaging" haha! then you see baby appear over the "curtain" and daddy holds baby by your head whilst you get stitched up. If you get a choice opt for dissolvable stitches as my scar is none exitent now, its skin colour and healed so well into my bikini line.
I stayed in hospital 4 nights and I admit i did sleep upright for about 3 weeks after op as it was easier to look after baby throughout night than to keep going from a complete horizontal position all night.
Its honestly not that bad if you take it easy afterwards :) Good Luck!

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Answered by memi0828 - Jun. 24, 2013 6:32pm
(cont)... They put antibiotics in my IV before the surgery. I also had to have a bowel movement before I was released from the hospital. My friend had a C-section at a different hospital and they gave her a laxative so she can have a bowel movement before she was released but she didn't have to have an actual bowel movement. I kinda think her hospital just wanted her to leave so they can give someone else her bed. Its sad to say but sometimes it all depends on what your insurance covers

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Answered by memi0828 - Jun. 24, 2013 6:27pm
My C-section was 8 yrs ago, but from what I remember...After pushing for 3 hrs the Dr decided I should have a C-section. I had already had an epidural and had been in labor for several hours. I was rolled into operating room, they put the curtain up around your breasts so I couldn't see anything. They let my boyfriend in after they were done prepping. I don't handle medication well and had been up all day so I was dozing off during the operation. The Dr kept calling my name to make sure I wasn't being over drugged. Lol. When they took my son out, they took him to a corner of the room and cleaned him up, weighed him etc. They showed him to me and my boyfriend and a nurse took my son to the nursery. I had to wait until my son's body temperature had risen before they brought him into my room. I stayed about 3 or 4 days in the hospital. I had to stay an extra day because I was dehydrated. Where I live you stay in the hospital longer if you have a C-section rather then a vaginal. (cont)

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Answered by stickynikki - Jun. 24, 2013 5:01pm
(cont) but it was from drinking my sprite too fast! I was up walking the next morning. I had a great expierience and am already pregnant again and have opted for another c section in december..again!

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Answered by stickynikki - Jun. 24, 2013 5:00pm
Hi! I had a c section in Dececmber and it was a great expierience! I tried for vaginal but after 36 hours I opted for c section (nothing was happening). They rolled my back and had me sit on a small table and lean forward for the spinal. It felt like pressure in my back. then everything instantly got tingly and I was numb from my breasts down. They strapped my arms and legs down. they put the cathetar in and started cutting. My husband walked in during the cut. I talked to him to keep distracted. I did have bad shoulder pain but they said it was due to tugging my uterus. I watched as they pulled my daughter out on a large mirror...so cool! they took her back to a side room and did her measurements and such..I could hear her cry. Then my hsuband walked out to me with her and i got to kiss her head. I was so distracted that it was over before I knew it! after the surgery in recovery I got extremley ITCHY! it was awful! after the itchy went away I breast fed my baby and did throw up lol

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Answered by TrulyBlessed101 - Jun. 23, 2013 10:24pm
It was a great experience for me overall. When they come to prep you before the surgery, you can ask them to wait to do the catheter after they give you the spinal so you don't feel anything. The spinal was not bad, it was like getting an IV put in your back. There is a sheet up right below your breasts so you cannot see anything. My husband watched the whole thing, he was fascinated. There was absolutely no pain at all. I also did not feel any pressure when the baby was taken out. They immediately layed him on my chest after he was born. My husband went with him to get weighed and cleaned up while they gave me staples, which took less than 15 min. The entire procedure took about 20-25 min. They took me to recovery right after, and I was immediately able to breast feed my son as soon as I got there. My scar is only a few inches long (use mederma, it only looks like a small scratch now). Went home on the 3rd day. Only neg. was getting nauseous from the morphine, but it did not last long

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Answered by essemkay - Jun. 23, 2013 5:07pm
They wouldn't let me breastfeed her until I could move my legs, which took about 3 hours. My scar is about 5 inches long, right at the top of the pubic hair and it's weirdly numb - they said probably forever. I also have neuropathy from the spinal, but this is a very rare complication.

I was in the hospital for 3 days, could have stayed for 4 if I opted to. Things they don't tell you about ahead of time ... they put morphine in the IV. Turns out, I'm allergic. They also put in a catheter. And squeezy things on your legs to prevent clots, but which also prevent sleep because they're motorized and go off every few minutes.

I was up walking around that night (only way I could convince them to take the catheter and IV out). They gave me a binder to help with the sloshy tummy feeling. Full recovery was still about 6 weeks.

I hated the c-section, but I'll do it again in a second if I have to. :D

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Answered by essemkay - Jun. 23, 2013 5:03pm
I had a different experience than redrouge. I don't know if you're strapped down (once you have the spinal, you're paralyzed so who knows!), they do strap your arm to a thingie. Getting the spinal was horrible for me - it took the anesthesiologist 5 tries. After that, they poke you to make sure you can't feel anything, lay you down, put up a curtain and get started. It takes maybe 5 minutes for them to get the baby out once they start. I couldn't see anything, but you feel huge pressure when they pull the uterus apart and pull the baby out. My husband peeked and decided not to look anymore. For me, they just brought her around, held her so I could give her a kiss and whisked her and my husband away. It took another 45 minutes or so to put me back together and then they wheeled me in to where husband and baby where. CONTINUED

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Answered by redrouge - Jun. 23, 2013 4:41pm
ive had 2 sections and will be havin my 3rd in november and they are not bad at all..of corse you will be a little tender afterwards but afyer a week you bearly notice it..the scare is tiny too..mine is about 3 inches long and the width of a matchstick so its tiny..dh will only see your face as they will have a screen just below ure boobs and you dont feel or see a thing..they handed my first to my husband and placed her on my chest and the same with my second..then my husband and baby went away to get baby cleaned up and weighed i was down about an hour later in time to breastfeed baby.the worst part for me was getting spinal and catera so that will tell you how simple the hole experience was..i was out of hospital after 2 days and a woman in the ward who had natural was 4 days.just stay positive once baby and you are healthy thats main thing.good luck

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