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Category: Baby Showers

Asked by little-pea

Q: Need advice on where I should have a baby shower and also what happens at a baby shower

So im not actually having a baby shower. More of a baby sprinkle as my partner and I already have the cot, bassinet, bath and all the essential stuff for bub.

Im wondering where is it best to have a baby shower/baby sprinkle and what actually happens at a baby shower as this is my first baby and I have never been to one in my life.

This question was asked Sep. 23, 2013 5:30am
Category: Baby Showers

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Answered by kshives1027 - Sep. 23, 2013 7:15pm
With my first, I had three showers. One was a surprise by my co-workers and it was at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Second, was at my mom's with my side of the family and my friends. My husband's mom and sisters threw one at my mother-in-laws for his side of the family and his mom's friends from church. I have been to some at community centers or apartment club houses. It really depends on who is throwing it and how many people are invited as to where you have it. My mom is throwing me a sprinkle, as this is our second and we only registered for the smaller things and it is in her finished basement. As far as what you do, we had simple games like bingo and a timed word search. We also had anyone who brought a pack of diapers get an entry to win a gift basket from Bath and Body Works. This stocked me up with about 30 packs of diapers! :) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! :)

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Answered by hopefullll - Sep. 23, 2013 12:56pm
It really depends on the situation and how many people will be going. If this is your second it's usually kept quite small and low key considering it's sort of "taboo" or "frowned upon" to have another shower. I went to a shower 2 years ago and noticed everything she registered for was pink. Now she's having a boy and another shower and needless to say, not too many people are impressed with her and she's wondering why nobody is coming. But sometimes there is a massive gap between kids and I think it's fine to have a shower in that situation. I think where to have it solely depends on how many people are coming. I've been to a few that were held in a hall. As for what happens at a shower: FUN TIMES! Some people play games and little gift giveaways for those who win. Other than that you eat cake and food and pose for pics. Then you open gifts and try to make sure you maintain the same pleased expression for each gift you open lol. Easier said than done!

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Answered by kelliers - Sep. 23, 2013 11:48am
It's usually up to the person who throws it for you, though they may ask for your input. I've always gone to someone's home for one but you could do it anywhere.

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Answered by trina_76 - Sep. 23, 2013 9:56am
You can have one anywhere I'm having mine at a civic center and shower can have many kids of themes we are playing games for showers you can look some up online then cake and gifts then we are having a lunch at mine so we can eat and visit you can do many dicfrent things at a shower

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