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Category: Symptoms & Discomforts

Asked by cecisam0488

Q: Previous C Section Mommas...

So, I'm not entirely sure if I am pregnant again (kind of afraid of the outcome, if I am then yay but my husband isn't ready and if it's not then I know i'll be disappointed a few of you might understand) anyway I had a C Section with my daughter nearly 4 years ago, after that I had a number patch above my scar for years since. well the last 2 weeks I have been getting a lot of the feeling back, so my question is has anyone else experienced this with their pregnancies? if it's a possible sign or what. I know pregnant women get repairing agents from their unborn babies that help them heal fast and such. just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. Thanks in advance.

This question was asked Apr. 18, 2016 11:59pm
Category: Symptoms & Discomforts

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Answered by lminor - Apr. 25, 2016 2:21pm
Thats a great question! Im interested to know as well! My experience is no its not an early sign. I had a section 4yrs ago and have a few numb spots. Im currently pregnant and have not noticed a change in my numb areas.

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