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Category: Expecting Multiples

Asked by pregnantwithtwinsxo

Q: Lots of rectal pressure

I'm 33 weeks pregnant with twins Monday.
For the past couple hours I've been having a lot of rectal pressure!!
It's so uncomfortable and it hurts.
It feels like I have to pass gas or go number 2, but I can't because it hurts so badly... When I push to try to go to the bathroom it feels like a watermelon is trying to come out my rear end....

Is this normal?

This question was asked Jun. 3, 2016 2:48am
Category: Expecting Multiples

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Answered by Korenelm - Jun. 3, 2016 4:14pm
it sounds like you are constipated. Call your dr to see what they recommend to help you pass the build up.

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