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Category: Pregnancy Complications

Asked by Hcart004

Q: Ectopic, vanishing twin, miscarriage?!? PLEASE HELP!!

So I found out i was pregnant on July 10th, on July 19th I went in to get my levels drawn they came back at 606. That night I went to the restroom and had bleeding (not heavy and very mild cramping on right side only) went to er at 1:00am July 20th they drew my blood and it went to 835, nothing on ultrasound. Went to the doc on July 20th at 11:00am and levels dropped to 350. The bleeding stopped after that first time and went to just spotting with no cramping at all. My pregnancy symptoms are still very much there and sometimes getting worse (boobs, nausea, etc). Well I tested yesterday July 23rd to see if lines would be lighter and nope..line was the darkest it's ever been! Way darker than control (been using same test throughout all of this), took another today and even darker!! Go in tomorrow for blood draw again but need help easing my mind. Anyone ever experience this before?? What was the outcome? Ectopic? Vanishing twin? Or just miscarriage?! Please any input is appreciated!

This question was asked Jul. 24, 2016 9:40pm
Category: Pregnancy Complications

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Answered by Hcart004 - Aug. 11, 2016 8:32pm
turned out it was ectopic...been checking levels after having the methotrexate shot. finallly stopped bleeding (passed the sac), and levels yesterday were at 159 so thats good.

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Answered by estone - Jul. 27, 2016 9:43pm
It sounds like you miscarried a twin, which is why your levels went down and then back up. That is great news that they went back up though. Hoping for a positive outcome for you!

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Answered by michelle.marie - Jul. 26, 2016 11:57am
I'm sorry you're going through this. Generally, with ectopic, your levels will still increase, just slowly. With numbers that are decreasing, it's usually indicative of miscarriage, although fingers crossed it was an error with the lab! I'm not sure the hcg implication with vanishing twin, but I'd think if there was still a viable pregnancy, numbers would be increasing. Keep us updated!

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Answered by Hcart004 - Jul. 26, 2016 12:03am
I have no idea how far along. I believe I ovulated 6/28 or 6/29. Got my levels drawn today and levels went up to 539 :/ I'm sooo confused

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Answered by lrivera0927 - Jul. 25, 2016 1:48pm
How far along are they estimating you to be? When I first found out I was pregnant and went in to see the doctor they said I was 5 weeks and 2 days. They did not see anything. I went back the following Friday, still nothing, they asked me to go to the ER to make sure I was not having an ectopic pregnancy because all they can see was the sack. I was 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I went that night, the ER did not see anything either and no signs of ectopic pregnancy. I went back to my doctor that Monday where I was 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant and they were finally able to see the fetal pole inside the sac.

I did not go back until 11 weeks where they were finally able to see the baby and hear the heartbeat.

However they did have me on progesterone cream cuz my levels were not increasing to the way they wanted it.

When you go back if you still dont see anything express your concerns. You may just be too early, at least thats what I hope. Good luck

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