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Category: Baby Names

Asked by Sammy45146

Q: What do people think of the baby name Geillis, Geileis (GAY-leesh)

Is it to hard to pronounce, too cheesy I herd it on Outlander and fell in love with it And I need a G name my other 2 kids are Gwenevere and Gavin

Geileis (GAY-leesh) comes from the Old Irish name Gelgeis: gel "shining, bright" Name of several early Irish princesses.

This question was asked Nov. 29, 2016 2:39pm
Category: Baby Names

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Answered by Nin_of_Eden - Mar. 1, 2017 12:33pm
Could you simplify the spelling so it looks more phonetic in English?

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Answered by Mammoth - Dec. 1, 2016 6:28pm
What a great name! As a supply teacher, I frequently come across names on the register that are tricky to pronounce. Like yesterday, there was a boy called Oisin (pronounce O-sheen - also Irish I think?). I always wish that they had chosen something easier to pronounce, but hey, that's my problem. So long as you don't mind patiently explaining to every new person how to pronounce and spell her name, go for it. And so long as you don't mind that quite a few of her birthday/ Christmas cards/ invites for parties are spelt phonetically correct rather than the proper way, go for it! The other thing is that it is not clear from the name alone what gender your child is, which can confuse others sometimes. But, that's not really your problem. Ultimately, it's your child and it's your choice. Personally, I would go with the first spelling just because the second one uses the same letters (ei) but makes two different sounds, making it harder still.

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Answered by relieved - Nov. 30, 2016 1:55pm
It's your baby and your choice. However, sometimes connotations can be more than people expected.... I would have liked to have named my first child Oscar had he been a boy..... but then Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend. For some reason I wasn't so keen after that. Is it worth checking what happens to the character in the rest of the series before you decide?

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Answered by Angela18 - Nov. 30, 2016 12:54am
I agree, there's always going to be negative comments when it come to things like this so you and hubby should just be happy with it. My first, a boy, we named Ashley. My daughter we named after my mother, Leonardina (Leah-Nardina). I get flack from someone each time I've named a kid, so you gotta do what makes you guys happy. :)

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Answered by tweety82 - Nov. 29, 2016 10:44pm
I think as long as you love it, you should go for it. Everyone was against me naming my daughter Sequoyah because it was 'too hard to pronounce and for her to be able to spell' but now all she gets is compliments. :)

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