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Category: Symptoms & Discomforts

Asked by tweety82

Q: When does the baby start to drop?

I have been experiencing painful pelvic sensations and it feels like splintering, sharp pains. Does this mean the baby is getting ready to drop and labor will start soon in the next few weeks? I am at 31 weeks, however, my husband's first child was 6 weeks early and I am also diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy and have gestational diabetes.

This question was asked Dec. 6, 2016 10:41pm
Category: Symptoms & Discomforts

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Answered by lrivera0927 - Dec. 7, 2016 4:01pm
Yes, that means the baby is starting to drop and is getting into position. Most likely baby is pushing down. I get the same thing I been getting it since the beginning of my 3rd trimester. I am 38 weeks now. It literally stops you from walking. Doctor told me it was completely normal.
Good luck.

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