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Category: Relationships During Pregnancy

Asked by MDSmith16

Q: Moving mother in law in because SHE lost her home...

Any suggestions on how to handle this situation...my mother in law's home was foreclosed in June of 2016; she since than has hinted about moving in and how crowded our home will be with her and her dogs and our family....we currently live in a 3bdrm mobile home. Our immediate family consists of DH, myself, 3 kids+ baby on the way, and 2 beagles....Notice a TIGHT living situation as is...Sunday she asked DH if we were serious about her moving in....I approached DH about it really won't work; but because it is his mom the conversation did not go as planned..His priority has shifted to making his mom happy-we would be moving our kids bedrooms around, having FOUR dogs in a park that allows TWO per household. Not to mention a baby due in 11 weeks...(which I have been told by both OB and U/S tech I won't make it to 40; so we're looking at 9 weeks). How can I make this situation one that can be livable for everyone?

This question was asked Dec. 21, 2016 3:00pm
Category: Relationships During Pregnancy

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Answered by MDSmith16 - Dec. 24, 2016 2:43pm
I wish it were that easy-she cares for her dogs more than she does her kids (probably not really true but that is the running joke). We currently have 3 children; a 14 yo boy, 11 yo girl, and 7 yo boy. By law my daughter can room with her brothers. I would never compromise that. Her only option is to stay with our daughter....We also live in a smaller 3 bdrm mobile home, in a park, that has rules and regulations. :/ My DH is blinded by all of this because it is his mom....I was just looking for advice on how to rationalize with him.

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Answered by relieved - Dec. 24, 2016 9:49am
Say no to the dogs at least; and then ask her which kid she would like to share her bedroom with....

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