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Category: Is It Safe?

Asked by Hollena

Q: 50mg Sleep Aid?

Is it safe to take walmart sleep aid quality plus? 50mg diphenhydramine. I am in FIRST trimester so I am super careful but I haven't felt rested at all on benadryl. If not this sleep aid any other suggestions? I have anxiety/insomnia every night.

This question was asked Apr. 9, 2017 3:21am
Category: Is It Safe?

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Answered by andycooper5 - Aug. 21, 2017 10:38am
You can go on walk before going to bed, or, listen to some sleep inducing nerve calming music available on various music player sites. You must try meditating and practise yoga, it is nof only good for calming your mind but also later in pregnancy it will help you with various body aches that are very usual in entire pregnancy. Try napping during the day like having power naps for 20-30 minutes in every 5-6 hours.

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Answered by andycooper5 - Aug. 21, 2017 10:30am
Good Afternoon,
Congratulations! I understand your concern, and why you felt the need to ask about the same. What we as mothers to yet-to-be-born is that we should not take their health for granted. Every mother takes care of the same, though. But unknowingly we sometimes forget that even the tiniest of the things can affect the health of the baby. From everything to anything. Because he feeds and ecvretes through us, it is only legit that they get affected from every thing that we eat or feel. I will never suggest you to do anything unusual even if someone has claimed that to be safe. You never know any food material or medicine mighy affect the growth of the child, and iy can be both mental or physical. It is fine if you are feeling insomniac or stressed. During early pregnancy, due to sudden change in her surroundings and her body, as well! The boosting motherly hormones can cause a lot of anxiety in her body and mind. You can find other ways to resolve your sleep rleated issues.

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Answered by Mammoth - Apr. 11, 2017 10:37am
I would avoid taking anything in the first tri - except meditation, hypnosis, pregnancy yoga, acupuncture, massage, taking a bath etc. My friend is an aromatherapist and wouldn't use any essential oils on me in the first tri - just carriers. Similarly, my yoga teacher wouldn't see me again until after the first tri - but suggested a book which says what is safe for each trimester. It's called Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood.

If you want some meditative music to relax to, there's plenty on youtube - such as yellow brick cinema.

Poor sleep is extremely common in pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimester. I have slept very poorly throughout most of my pregnancy, but I have got used to getting by on less sleep. Some nights I just manage 3-4 hours and other nights are a bit better. My body has been sore - sometimes my back, sometimes my abdomen. Then I've needed the toilet at least once a night.

Nap during the day, even for 20 mins and just slow down!

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