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Category: Expecting Multiples

Asked by LinnyBuck

Q: Twin Symptoms?

My first ultrasound isn't for two more weeks, but I have a deep suspicion that I have twins (they run in the family so I wouldn't be surprised). My hCG tends to run on the lower side, but this time it's much higher for my DPO; I've never had morning sickness before but this time I'm nauseous all day (hard boiled eggs and saltines are my staple)... I was wondering if any Mom's of twins out there can share some of their symptoms for me to compare to (though I do understand that every woman, and pregnancy, is different I'm starting to get super excited)

This question was asked Jul. 14, 2017 1:35pm
Category: Expecting Multiples

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Answered by dazzyshahu - Aug. 25, 2017 4:44am
I never experienced such situation. I have only 1 son and never thought of twins. Can you please tell me what exactly is the feeling of twins?

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Answered by andycooper5 - Aug. 18, 2017 9:30am
Hello Linny,
Congratulations to you. There is every possible chance of you being pregnant with the twins. Perhaps you can even verify that with your HCG count. Generally, the HCG level is highest and on their peak during 2nd and 3rd week. If you have your HCG high during the 1st month itself, then it is very much likely to be a twin pregnancy. If you are still confused, wait for your ultrasound.Have a happy and safe pregnancy.

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Answered by Emmamannuel - Jul. 20, 2017 3:15am
Hi LinnyBuck,
Voila, you sure are going to give birth to twins. The first reason is that of family history of having twins. Anyways twins mean double joy. I am sharing a few of my experiences when I was pregnant with twins.
Moodiness, tears and mentally unstable feelings were extreme. Early babies movement I felt earlier than the normal 15-16 weeks. Higher levels of HCG. Very exhausted and a feeling of not being able to go through every day. Magnified need and wants to pass urine frequently. I felt extreme tenderness on both my breasts to the level that I could not wear bras. Was feeling very sick from early on during my pregnancy. This was at times so severe that I use to find it hard to bear anything but the most savorless, lightest to absorb foods. Intense mental attitude to appearance, smells textures of some foods. Generally, I used to hate meat, seafood, coffee plus tea. Pelvic pain and cramping were severe.

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Answered by alexas - Jul. 19, 2017 8:50pm
Hello everybody.
Do you think that this is bad?
It's great to have twins. Two more joy. Two more opportunity to show your love. And this is very important.
In addition, you are waiting for a lot of testing. In this way, you can grow out of yourself, become the best.
I hope I inspired you.

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Answered by pbc910 - Jul. 16, 2017 2:39pm
My symptoms were pretty mild actually and I would have never thought I was pregnant with twins. My hcg was 1700 around 16/17 dpo.

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