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Category: Expecting Multiples

Asked by MidnightMystery

Q: Twins?

Hello ladies congractulations on all the bfp!!
I Am currently 8weeks pregnant 3rd pregnancy and i have this mad feeling that i Am having twins! No specific reason Just like a Gut feeling also People have Said maybe ul have twins one Day jokingly as no one knows im pregnant yet! Also as soon as i signed up Here the 1st post i Saw was about twins Lol might be coindidence. Have any of you had a feeling Then turnt out you are infact having twins?

This question was asked Feb. 14, 2018 7:24pm
Category: Expecting Multiples

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Answered by Wolfie08 - Mar. 19, 2019 12:57am
I had the same thing at 14dpo it was 386 how crazy Is that I don't know what I'm having yet im really hoping it's a single pregnancy this time. @coelh102

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Answered by coelh102 - Feb. 15, 2018 1:51pm
Well my situation is slightly different. We were going through a frozen embryo transfer and transferred two embryos but I had a feeling it would be twins at the beginning of the cycle. So it was a VERY real possibility of their being twins because we transferred two. Then four days after the transfer I got a positive pregnancy test which is SUPER early. Then the line double in intensity within 24hrs instead of 48hrs, so I had a strong feeling it was twins. When I got my beta results back on 9dp5dt(14dpo) it was 386, with my son it was 122. It pretty much confirmed it was twins in my mind. Then we did another blood draw 48hrs later to ensure it was doubling and 778 would have been just doubling, it was 895. The U/S at 5w1d confirmed it was twins, which is really the only way to confirm but I did have a gut feeling from the beginning, then everything just confirmed it, it wasn't because of what people said or anything.

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