19 weeks and counting

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so here i am…..19 weeks!

Some days are better than others…today is a blah kind of day.
aah…feeling a tad bit better….Baby has been kicking up a storm!! I have been trying for weeks to be able to get husband to feel baby and every time baby moves i call him over and he puts his hand on my belly and baby stops moving! won’t even move until he m0ves his hand.

I still have absolutely no idea what baby is and to be honest, sometimes it doesn’t bother me.

I have recently noticed that my sub-conscious has started showing me that i am in fact quiet bothered by it….I have started having dreams about baby and pregnancy…I’ve actually had several all throughout out but never focused on what i was having exactly..
Now that’s all my dreams are about. I so desperately want to have a baby girl! that is the reason why we tried for one more…I have two boys and i really wanted to be able to have two girls! ahh any who, i have lately been dreaming that it’s a girl! I’ve heard that if your dream girl then it’s a boy and vise versa….i had a dream bout a week ago that it was a boy…grr…..i dunno i think holding out may be unable to happen for much longer.. my next dr. app is Oct. 13!!!


My pregnancy has gone by fairly fast! I am quiet relieved by that. with the holidays coming i am anxious to see how fast time flies by. lets see…Halloween…my youngest and i will be at the door passing out candy while husband and older kids are trick or treating!
Thanksgiving is with family in ky..then again with family at my parents….Christmas is at home again this year as i will be 7 months pregnant and have no desire to sit in a car for 7 hours…Sighs we will see….

i guess that;s about all for now

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