1st Ultrasound

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UltrasoundSo, we had the ultrasound and, things looked great!

I can’t tell you how relieved I was when she said that.  At the same moment the Mr. hopped up from his chair and stood behind the tech looking at the screen.  Then he began asking questions and the tech laughed and told him to hang on while she finished doing the initial stuff.

I of course couldn’t see the screen this whole time so was anxiously waiting for the Mr. to give me some sort of idea of what he was seeing but then, she turned the screen for me to see and, there it was.  The heart beat, fluttering like crazy and a little lima bean shaped baby.    After I took a good look, I looked up at the Mr. and saw that he was smiling ear to ear.

You know when people say to look at the groom at weddings when the bride is coming down the aisle?  It was like that, I have gotten to feel everything.  The dizziness, vomiting, and all the rest of what comes with the 1st trimester and the husband just gets to look on and “I’m sorry you feel bad…” but at that moment in the room while staring at the ultrasound screen, the Mr. got to experience it.  He got to see what has been causing everything and see what the two of us created.

With that being said,  after the ultrasound we went home and made the phone calls to family.  Okay, to be honest all I had to do was call my mom and give her the go ahead to tell others.  She quite literally hung up on me and I didn’t hear back from her for 2 hours, but I did have 22 emails within about 20 minutes and tons of text messages.  See, I have a large family on my moms side and we’re all pretty close.  Our baby to be makes number 19 great grandchild.  (I told you I had a big family) My dads side and husbands family was just as excited and it was fun getting to tell all of them as well.

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  1. I am so happy to hear the good news!! Nausea not so bad once you get the hang of it! Hope things are going well and continue to!!!

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