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Remember that pressure I assumed was gas and moved on about? Well Tuesday, while at work I still felt a bit of pressure just sitting in my chair. So I called my OB’s office and they had me come in that afternoon. Sure enough it wasn’t gas. Well the first part on Sunday might have been but the rest wasn’t. It was a UTI. I had kind of played with the idea of a kidney infection in my head but not a bladder infection. I mean, I didn’t have the basic symptoms for that. No pain during urination. I had taken my temperature, no fever. And no more than usual frequent urination. I drink a decent amount of water and the only drinks I have other than water is tea which is just tea leaves and water. So it just wasn’t what I thought it could be… something so simple.

My doctor prescribed an antibiotic called Macrobid and since I stay sick most of the time even now at 15 weeks, she said to get the brand name only because the generic causes nausea. Something I don’t need help with. After work that evening I head to my usually pharmacy and get it filled only to have them not read my prescription all the way and tries to give me generic. No biggie, easy fix. Except they don’t carry the brand name and the pharmacists says shes never had anyone ask for the brand name. She calls around to all the big places around town for me and can’t find it. I ask for my prescription back and decide I’m going to call around myself. My first call is to a pharmacy around the corner from my house where my husband and I frequent because they have a little breakfast and lunch grill and ice cream shop inside. I always forget it’s an actual pharmacy too, their primary reason for business. They don’t have it but they direct me to their sister store a few miles away who tends to carry more brand stuff. Sure enough they have it. 2 phone calls and I find it. The pharmacy I normally would go to made numerous and I make 2. When I told the Mr. he laughed and said “we go out of our way normally to support local small businesses and for whatever reason we always go to nationwide chains for pharmacy needs, now when we actually need something a local place is able to help us much easier than the chains….”

It made me love to live where we live. Yes we talk about moving away all the time, but there are so many “mom and pop” type stores in the area we live in, places that have been here for 50+ years. We live in the biggest city in our state, so we have complete access to the big chains some of which are closer than the mom and pop shops, but its nice that we still have a lot of the local places here too. For one thing, I wouldn’t have been able to get my antibiotic easily without their help.

On a side note, while I was in with my doctor and I had an appointment scheduled later in the week for my down syndrome screening and such. So she bumped it all up for me and went ahead did it all while I was there. She also had my ultrasound for gender scheduled. I was hoping it would be the end of this month because we’re going to a wedding the first weekend of October and I’d love to be able to share our news with friends. However my appointment is with a doctor next door and he didn’t have a lot of wiggle room for appointments. My doctor described it as “my machines are great for measurements and such; they’re like $100,000.00 machines. His office has machines worth $500,000.00 and he gets better anatomy screenings.” So I’m headed there on October 4th. As my cousin pointed out that’s seriously close. I leave for vacation on Saturday and when I come back it will only be 2 weeks until my appointment. Time will fly!

I’m so dang excited. I think it’s a girl, well at least all the wives tales point to girl. My husband has had 2 dreams that’s a boy but he is hoping for a girl. He wants a little daddy’s girl. And the majority of our friends have boys so he said it would just be fun and exciting for a new girl. We’ll obviously be excited for either and I figure there is a 50/50 chance it will be one or the other.

Happy pregnancy!

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