Attack of the Leg Cramps!

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Leg CrampsOuch! Leg cramps are just awful! Nothing worse than being ripped awake in the middle of the night because of mind blowing leg and foot cramps! It’s kinda freaky to see your legs and feet crumpled into a twisted knot. Doesn’t look normal – that’s for sure. But apparently it is very normal during pregnancy. Sheesh! The things we endure to become mothers! My cramps were so bad that it took several days before the muscles would heal after an attack. This made standing at work almost impossible!

I had tried stretching my legs before sleep… not much help. I tried a warm bath… nothing. But I found my savior! Calcium & Magnesium supplements! I love you Cal-Mag! Took one pill before bed 2 nights in a row and BAM – legs cramps GONE! Hooray! I am going to continue to take them everyday for the rest of my pregnancy, not only for the leg and foot cramps, but because calcium is very important during pregnancy.

The ones I take (by Natural Factors) have:
250mg Calcium (Citrate)
250mg Magnesium (Citrate/Oxide)
20mg Potassium
5mg Zinc
1mg Manganese
and some horsetail and Vitamin D3.

If you are suffering from leg or foot cramps, talk to your doctor about Cal-Mag! It helped me and so quickly!

NOTE: Make sure you talk to your ob/gyn or midwife before taking any supplements during pregnancy (which I did).

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