A sigh of relief

12 weeks 4 days Pregnant - Ultrasound

Horray!!! I finally got to see my baby!!! I watched my baby take a gulp of amniotic fluid and swallow it!!! The heartbeat is 156!! Oh I am overjoyed!! God is amazing! It is incredible to see the photo of when I was 6weeks 4days to 12 weeks 4 days! So much has changed!

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being humbled…

Today i have been humbled… far beyond what i expected… Here is the site and blog post that took me for a spin in re-appreciating my growing baby and the glory of God. http://eeasling.blogspot.com/2011/08/making-angel.html?spref=fb I didn’t have my dr. appointment as planned because they had to reschedule… again… My ultrasound technician who have done all […]

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11 weeks and exhausted

So I’m 11 weeks! horray! I am almost out of my first trimester!! Once again I have gone and hit the crummy road… I expected that as they all say… Once nearing the second trimester things with morning sickness start to ease up… bahaha! Hasn’t for me things actually seem to have gotten worse. My […]

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I have no intentions of typing everything right now but… here goes my day: My husband stayed home today because he was feeling sick from our day out in the sun at the zoo… it has been a very nice day for us just a crummy feeling one. My husband and I made a yummy […]

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Things have been pretty busy this last week. My youngest turned 1 and we had his party… I must say getting a party ready is exhausting. On a good note though… Today we had a family day! First, my husband let me sleep in!! Oh how wonderful it is to not have to get up […]

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Here’s a little to share…

Hi, It’s about me time… I’ve never really had a blog before or felt i had the time for one… The closest thing I’ve had was a Xanga. Yes, I know those are old now. Okay, so here we go……   My name is Jordan, but I go by Jo a lot. I’m 23 years […]

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