Doodles and baginas….

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So here i am. 17 weeks pregnant, drinking a cup of tea and eating a milky way bar. I’m turning in to an old lady.

I nap frequently, I have to pee all the time, I almost pee myself when i sneeze and I get out of bed like an invalid. Yep, I’m an old lady. I’m 26 years old!

Why does being pregnant make you into an old lady? Or is it that you revert a little bit back to a baby? I vomit frequently, sometimes as i get out of bed, I cry often, burp as often as I pee and i like my back patted while i fall asleep. One good thing is you get treated like a princess and the trolley is being filled with all your favourite foods (for that week anyway).

It's a boy! UltrasoundI have a doodle… in my belly. That is strange. I went to this ultrasound where this lady made you feel like you were the only pregnant person in the world, in only 10 minutes and in that 10 minutes she shows us this doodle in my belly! I have a Bagina and a doodle… so I tell my son (who is 6). He thinks this is amazing. ‘Mums are so amazing’, he tells me. So after being convinced that it really is in fact a boy fetus, we find that we are incredibly all of a sudden in love with this strange looking 2d child with a huge doodle in my belly.

This week i vomited in an airport, if you think about it its probably the most grossest place to vomit, but it sure helps the process along when you need to check in in 5 minutes. Any public toilet in fact helps the vomiting when you struggle to get it out. EVEN better when you decide using the disabled toilets (common I’m pretty much disabled) to vomit in because you hate vomiting while people listen, BUT then realise once your in there that the previous person doesn’t like to flush, So resorting to the sink is the next best thing.

My husband Shaun says my nipples look like chocolate subway cookies with a macadamia nut on top. YUM. These things that used to be decent D sized boobs have turned in to melons with cookies on top, my husband stares at me frequently. As do some strange men at the shops.

Sleep is something that i don’t enjoy these days, its in my grasp and it slides through my fingers like rice in a really big holey strainer. I cant breathe because some silly WHOREmone is playing games with my nose, I actually scared myself last night with snore like sounds, my belly is getting to large to lie on, almost as if i have at least 10 doodles in there, the amount of times i get up to pee in amazing, i amaze myself because now i can pretty much do it asleep. Pregnancy makes you a talented individual.

Somehow after all these thing happen you still can’t believe you are having a baby and every day that you wake up feels like this amazing dream. Pregnancy and children make you in to this different person. A person who tolerates vomiting for 17 weeks straight, sleepless nights, soreness and huge subway cookies on you chest, all before he’s even born, yet you still wouldn’t have it any other way.

We cant wait to meet this lill Baby.


Till next time ………..

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