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I went in today for my 24 week check- up and I called a few days earlier about how my 20 week¬† ultrasound picture was a bit blurry and if I could by any chance get another one… well I got one and baby is deff a boy!

So the ultrasound tech pretty much did a full work up and baby is in the 67th percentile for growth and measures 3 days further along!!!

The only concern they had was some extra fluid in baby’s brain. Dr. says that it’s in normal range but something that needs to be looked at a lot closer to make sure something is not wrong. So, as I sit here I am waiting to hear from my dr’s office about my appointment with some specialist to get an in depth ultrasound and then to see my dr and get another ultrasound with them.

I know it is easier said then done about trying not to stress…..

On other news I have my glucose testing right before Thanksgiving! I am pretty bummed to say the last. It actually ruins my feasting plans. On one hand I will find out if the results are positive or negative… either way I’m gonna have to watch what I eat.

I mean they said baby is fine… just a cause for concern..

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