Feeling Blue

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I just spent my 5 year wedding anniversary! I had a wonderful dinner. Joe’s Crabshack!
mmm… I have been craving crab legs for a month now, and I got to satisfy that!

I am 1 day shy of 16 weeks… I am honestly at a loss for words. I sit here trying to come up with what to type… I have the TV on and turns out there is an episode for the two towers. Hard to think that 10 years ago I was 13!


I have finally talked to the husbs. about how I feel about the gender…

I want to know! To bond better with my baby! A friend of mine just found out… She went to Peek a belly… we are due the same day and discovered that she is having a girl. I really really want a girl! I have two boys and I love them! They are sweet and super cuddly (sp?) I would be honored to have another boy… but, my 4 year old daughter and I both want a little girl! She is so determined that I am carrying her baby sister!! We have tried talking to her to let her know the possibility that is might be a boy… another brother… she says it’s a girl and that’s it.

So, the only reason I am not finding out is for my husband. He believes that I will appreciate it down the road.

Bla bla bla……. I am 16 weeks sometimes I feel the baby move or I believe that is what I feel..
Thankfully, I have not throw up since week 13!!! yay! I have however, been nauseous still… hmmm. That is something new. I’ve not experienced nausea lasting this long… I rarely have any cravings… still at this point… I sleep pretty fine except all the peeing, maybe 3 or 4 times a night.

My new problem I have come to notice is that I miss being able to have a glass of wine… I am not a huge fan of drinking, but I find that I miss having that occasional glass. I also find the one thing I crave is chocolate… mmm… I’ll drink chocolate milk, java chip ice cream… york patty’s. Other than chocolate I like squash, steak, I dunno I have been picky this time around. I have no interest in fast food ie., little cesar’s, taco bell, Mc. Donalds, (the only thing from there I’ll eat are french fries) burger king, wendy’s, arbys… I dunno… It’s different this time.

I guess that’s all for now, will post again sometime¬† this week.

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  1. Wine.. Ohh, just a week ago I was talking to my cousin telling her the first thing I wanted to do post nursing was go to a winery she said she would drive into town (she lives in another state) and come along. When I told my husband he smiled and said “whenever..I know its driving you crazy watching wine bottles get dusty!” He knows me all to well.

    However last week we went on vacation with my best friends family. One night after putting their son to bed we all went out by the pool with the monitors and she opened a bottle of a white wine. (I’m personally more of a red person) I had to get up and sit beside someone else. The wine had the worst smell. I know its just pregnancy since I’ll drink that with her at her house (its her favorite) but it amazed me that my body is basically forcing me to stay away from one of my favorite things currently.

    Any way, post baby and nursing go for it. Get a good bottle and enjoy the heck out of it! :)

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