Is that a beer gut?

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11 weeks pregnantAnd 11 weeks are down!!!

I can’t tell you how exciting that feels.  Tomorrow is day one of week 12, the final week of my 1st trimester.  My next appointment is the beginning of week 13 and we finally get to hear the heartbeat.  I’m practically counting down the days.  Not only that but I’m also noticing that my morning sickness is much less than it was a few weeks ago.  The end of this 1st trimester is a very welcomed event.

My brother lives across the country (US) and has lived out there since I was 10 (he is 10 years older) and he has been feeling slightly left out.  He said that it is strange not to be able to watch his baby sister experience this life changing event so every couple of days we’ve been chatting about all the little things that are happening.  So mid-week I took a self portrait on my phone of my belly to show him how much I’ve grown.  When I look down, I notice barely a bump.  When I look in the mirror I notice a tiny little bump.  However, in the photo I took, I realized that I have a baby pooch.  My brother cracked up when he received it at 7 in the morning via text message and immediately began making jokes.

Are you sure that’s not just a beer gut?

Ha-ha, my dear brother.  Too bad I’ve never been a beer girl, I have a soft spot for red wine.

That’s my brother though, always making jokes.

My family is big, loud, and obnoxious, but I adore it.

I’ve already added my 11.5 week baby bump photo to my profile here on Countdown My Pregnancy but I also thought I’d share by itty-bitty bump on here as well.

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  1. Beer gut-lol, if only it was that easy & simple..haha!

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