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Today I found myself listening to music all day. Music calms me & enriches my soul. Music in some ways, is what brought my boyfriend & I together and by extension the reason I am pregnant today. We met through a mutual music lover & friend back in 2005 and we were instantly friends. I felt an immediate connection with this man and we began a friendship that I knew would be forever. We both went thru a series of relationships since 2005 but always remained close friends. He was one of those guys I could always count on for anything & who accepted me for exactly who & what I was. People came & went in my life but he was a constant, not a variable.

I never thought that our friendship ,which I knew would be forever, would NOW be solidified with a child. We began dating last year and now we will be parents in 3 months! The wonderful & mysterious rides life takes us on is just amazing! Now back to the music; my partner, lover & friend is a very talented musician-drummer to be exact and comes from a very musical family where father and uncles all play some sort of instrument. I am not a musician by trade but think I am one at heart. My grandfather ,in Nicaragua, was an Orchestra leader and played many instruments and as a child I grew up with lots of music all around me all the time. As fate would have it, my family migrated to the U.S. to the most musical city in America- New Orleans. I always surround myself with music lovers, I’ve written about music and still currently write for a local newspaper about music and promote music as much as I can. Music as whole is a huge character in my life.

I began thinking today ,as I daydreamed about my baby girl who will be here on December 13, how this child will have a tremendous musical gene pool! THIS makes me excited because she will be supported towards any musical endeavors her heart might lead her to. I always loved music and sang in various choirs but growing up with a single mom, she could not afford music lessons or instruments & such. I take it as a BIG sign that whenever I play music, my belly looks like a rolling hill as the baby moves up & down & side to side. I’m also happy by the fact that both of us combined have vast musical knowledge from varying countries & languages. Myself being latina, I have a love for all music within my language such as Salsa, merengue, Spanish Rock, etc. I also love Brazilian, African and certain Oriental music.  My  boyfriend has played in various bands with different styles of music. He toured with a band very much steeped in latin rhythms and loves & studies Brazilian music. I have a feeling this child will come out dancing or playing music straight out of the womb.

I received some fabulous news today as I called Touro Hospital and verified they have wireless or WiFi. The SOLE reason I am happy to discover this is because I want to be able to play the various Playlists I’ve made with my delivery in mind. I have a “BabyLove” playlist which includes many baby themed songs such as “Zion” by Ms. Lauren Hill, “Baby Mine” from Dumbo, “You are the Sunshine of my Life” by Stevie Wonder and “We are gonna be Friends” by the White Stripes. I’ve also included many other  songs which aren’t so well known or songs that just made me think of my lil squiggly worm such as “Lullaby” by Jack Johnson & Matt Costa, “Capri” by Colbi Calliat, ” I Love you too” by Ziggy Marley, ” Can’t Take my Eyes off of You” by Frankie Valli and my personal favorite “BABY” by Bobbie McFarrin. I plan to have these songs by my side in the background in my hospital room because I fully believe they will comfort me if I’m feeling nervous and I want my child to come right into a musical environment.

What will your baby playlist look like? Do you guys have a playlist? I’m curious as to this because the power of music to calm and heal is amazing! I think everyone should have the options to have songs in their hospital room just for this reason.

Today I am grateful for making it to 27 weeks, for the opportunity & blessing to be a mother and for the MUSIC which brought me my best friend and father of my child and ultimately my second baby girl!


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  1. Loved this Blog post.

    Music is such an amazing thing, it can make you feel things in a particular moment just by sitting a listening. Love it.
    I love hearing about women who want their kids to be influenced by music because i think it is a really important part of life.
    My husband is a musician, and has his own one man band and we play his music to our unborn son almost everyday.
    We haven’t a play list as such but just going to put on what ever i feel like hearing at the time. Because im assuming it will vary :D

  2. So happy to hear that Antanika, YES music is key in my life & will be central theme in my child’s life. It helps children develop in so many ways and the effects of playing an instrument or just music appreciation is far reaching. Where do you live?

    Keep on grooving

  3. I feel that most musicians i know have this vibe around them. They truely appreciate something that sometimes others don’t always grasp.

    Im from Australia :D

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