Oh boy….

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I guess I’m going to keep this pretty short….

I had my 16 week check up today! All was said to be good! heard heartbeat on a doppler  up in the 150’s!! such a good sound to hear. I also have been feel the baby moving around some.

Now for the not so good news… me and dh ended up spending some personal time together and now as a result I have been pretty much stuck on bed rest for a little bit… I honestly am a little terrified, but I spoke with my dr.’s nurse and she said that it is common…

We thought that our poor house cat who has no front claws had gotten outside and we all had to go on a search for him… not a good thing for me to be doing… turns out my walking made it worse! booo! not cool

I have three children so it’s pretty tough for me to be stuck in bed but I do feel that this is necessary for the safety of the baby. This baby is my last and I am so excited to be able to hold and snuggle it and have our final addition. We even bought it another outfit and little stuffed duckie.

Ducks are my theme for this one… partly because I have no idea if  we are going to find out the gender… I have that appointment already scheduled! It’s in 4 weeks Oct. 13!!! I really am not sure what to do about my predicament… to find out or not to… hmm…

Hoping this baby stays stuck and stays where it is safe until it is time in February 2012!!

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  1. I found the cutest duck onezies while down in Duck NC this past week. I fell in love – my husband too. I think next year we’ll go and get a few!

  2. Maybe you can order them online! ducks are cute and go either way!

  3. Bedrest is NOT fun. The feeling of being confined or limited is the worse but as we all know if it’s better for the health of your baby, then its a must. Sending you much positive light & energy for your time in the bed.

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