Slipping down the stairs

Posted on August 25th, 2011. Written by .

Today I am 13 weeks and 3days!!

I am feeling so much better!! Although, sometimes I still get sick….

I also feels so bad. My husband comes home and really wants some loving and i do try but his breath smells so bad!! I always get like this when pregnant… poor guy! We have been married just about 5 years and I have probably been pregnant for half of it! Oh my, and I must say that it’s not just his breath… It’s everyone’s!

So my life has gotten busier. I am tired and I have started going to bed around 9. but it’s alright. I get up at 6:45. I have to get my daughter to school in the mornings. It’s actually not too bad, I get to spend the day with just my boys and I really need to say that is is much more relaxing!! My morning are peaceful and quiet and just wow!

On another note… I was in the process of leaving to pick her up from school yesterday and I slipped down the stairs! I always end up slipping down the stairs while pregnant! It was only 2 and I landed on my butt so I  didn’t call my Dr. I let my husband know and he said to just do what the Dr.’s have told me previously… lay down and get plenty of rest. I believe things are fine and I don’t really have the money to got to the Dr… the baby has amniotic fluid to cushion it and I landed on my rear.

I have been getting hungrier lately! I really enjoy eggs and bacon!! They are soo good!!
I haven’t had too many cravings but I have been eating much better. Ice cream, Green olives, Cheetoes! Oh, yum!! I’ve been peeing a bunch  more and I am finally able to take my pre-natal vitamins!

I think it’s nap time!!!

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  1. Try to be carfeful as we do loose our balance as we get further along, I think you will be okay and the fluid does help cushion the baby, but you never onow, so as long as you feel ok then you should be okay. I hope you do take it a little eady for now on, this should of opened your eyes not to rush. I also have two boys, I feed and dress and walk to school, and one goes for 2 hours and 45 minutes and then i have to pick him up from Kindergarden then my seven year old gets out at 3 pm and i have to go back and pick him up. So we do do alot, and we have to remember we have to take it easy and take our time. Leave 10 minutes earlier so your not rushed. It seems to help me. I can take my time. Hope this helped.

    • Thanks. It just happens sometimes… She gets out at 2:30 and i lave by 2:15……I am pretty tired, still getting used to the whole routine. I talked to the Dr. about it and she said i should be fine….Now I’m just doing my best to be careful.

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