Swimming upstream in vomit land…

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I am 15 weeks pregnant, on to my second baby after 6 years of living with a kid who says hes cooler than me. My husband sometimes uses words like “Dirty pirate hooker” and “jiminy bootsa did a big bootsa” (What this means I’ll never know). I’m 26 going on 80 at the moment. Ive said my “I Do’s”, my “I will’s” and I’m doing them well! I also live on an island in South Australia which consists of old lady drivers and a lot of road kill (I think these thing may all be relative?)

I’m here because I’m a stay at home mum, I clean sometimes and maybe do some washing too. Most of all i whinge and sook (I think that’s Husby’s favourite part of me). I worked once and I also had perkier boobs too. That’s why I’m here. To document what life is like before this little fetus comes and changes everything i knew about being a mum.

When you imagine being pregnant it is never how you imagine. I mean seriously, no one told me I would vomit next to random peoples cars, then burst into tears OR That I would have to have a hair tie with me at all times to prevent ‘vomit in hair syndrome’ or that every time the vomiting goes away for a short time you freak out and have horrid dreams of bloody miscarriages and wake up petrified!

You really do feel like a mother-ship to lots of little battle ships, the little ships being the symptoms of pregnancy. There are many and they are in abundance. Rashes, growths, leaks and strange noises attacking your once supple and beautiful bosoms, thighs and Vagina. These little ships invade your brain too. Making you walk around the kitchen with a purpose, but man could you ever know what that was? No. No you wouldn’t. And Kettles do not belong in the cupboard once they boil and undies go on with the tag at the back. I promise, its comfier this way.

Battleships aside, I love being pregnant. I love the flutters, I love my belly and I love how it makes me feel like I have a purpose. I love the way it makes my struggles in this life all worth the while and it makes me understand what being mum should be: Protective, adoring, helpful and loving. You are the person they need forever.

I love being someones forever.


So join with me every one and a while as I share the joys, the downfalls, the crying, the laughter, the fear AND the excitement of motherhood (a second time around).

Here is my weekly YouTube Vlog that I’ll be tying in with my entries on here! The mother-ship is landing soon, so lets have our welcome wagons ready and get this little fetus out of me!


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My name is Antanika Holton and I'm up the Duff! I was born and raised in South Australia, had my first son Tosh when I was 20 years old and married my YouTube Rockstar Husband Shaun (Projected Twin) in November last year! We've settled into a happy little coastal town called Goolwa and are EXTREMELY excited to be awaiting the arrival of our first child together and Tosh's first little brother or sister! We had been trying to conceive since the middle of 2010 and unfortunately had to go through the ordeal of 2 early term miscarriages. BUT! We're in the clear and I'm here to count down to our beautiful baby with you!

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  1. Hahaha lurrrrrve the written blog just as much as the vlog! I’ve got mega veins on my boobs too!
    Hahahah Shaun’s editing is so funny!

  2. Ur soo cute hehe! Yay i love all this stuff! Xx

  3. Hahahahahaa! I love it!!
    My husband sometimes uses words like “Dirty pirate hooker” and “jiminy bootsa did a big bootsa” (What this means I’ll never know).
    I agree, it’s a girl – the lines are heaps clearer than they were on CJ’s though!

  4. I was meant to say that quote is awesome!!!

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