The end of a process … or the beginning?

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Tuesday, 3/29/11 10:09am

So at 5am on Saturday, after my husbands alarm went off, I went into our bathroom to try another frer digital. I had to know for sure before the baby shower.

So I unwrapped it, read the directions (as I always do, as if peeing on a stick is a difficult process) and took the test. I sat. The few minutes while you are waiting for an hpt to show a result are some of the longest of your life. I told myself to be thankful for the negative. It would mean we would get to try again soon. I imagined reading the negative, pitching it in the garbage, and diving into my warm covers until my alarm went off at 8. I showed restraint by not looking too soon. I hate the little rotating hourglass that tells me, “I haven’t decided your fate yet”.

So, with a sad heart and disappointed sigh, I turned to the test sitting flat on the back of the toilet. “Pregnant”? I squinted. Where was the “Not” in front of it? the “not” that I had seen just 3 days earlier on a frer digital, said to be the MOST accurate outside of a doctors blood test. I gasped, my hand went to my open mouth, and tears welled up in my eyes. I read it over and over again, incredulous: pregnant, pregnant, pregnant. You are pregnant – it was telling me.
I cried.
I couldn’t believe it.
I still have a hard time believing it.
I am 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. My baby is starting to grow a heart and liver and is the size of an apple seed. My first appointment will be at 9 weeks on April 25th.

We haven’t told my parents yet, and I don’t plan to until after my appointment at 9 weeks. Any number of things could go wrong before then. I really hope and pray that they don’t but I am just as nervous as I am excited.

My edd (estimated due date) is between Nov 28th – Dec 3rd. I’m sure the midwife RN will tell me more accurately on April 25th. Both dh and I are pretty excited.

When I told him Saturday morning that I was pregnant, his first words were, “Really?” I nodded. “That was fast.” I laughed. “We had sex plenty of times.” I replied.
“Hmm … wow.” He said. “Guess I’m just a baby-making machine.”
lol “Yes, you are.”
“Now you don’t have to go to the baby shower all sad.” he said.

I had told him the night before that I was looking forward to the shower but that it was going to be hard for me. “Why?” he asked.
“Because I want a baby so bad.”
“Who knows?” he replied. “You might be pregnant already.”

I’m still walking on a cloud.
Hope he/she sticks.

After ttc women say *baby dust*
they say

*sticky vibes*

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