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Reply by Ladysg » Jul. 15, 2014 11:14am

knicole27 Welcome dear!

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Jul. 15, 2014 2:37pm

Hi Ladies,

Was wondering if I could join the group. I just got my BFP this morning. I am due around the 21st of March. I am beyond happy right now. I have already gone for blood work to confirm pregnancy and will have the results tomorrow morning. I am having a little nausea today with a little bit of cramping in my lower abdomen. Also very sore boobs and sensitive nipps. I hope you all don't mind me joining. Thank you in advance, and look forward to sharing this experience with everyone!!!

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Reply by Romanka621 » Jul. 15, 2014 3:03pm

Great! Congratulations! :-) I wish you lot of health in your pregnancy! And now when you are pregnant you must visit the websites behappypregnant.com:-) it´s the best site for us,pregnant mums:-)
Have a nice day:-)

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Reply by Ladysg » Jul. 16, 2014 5:11am

DanielleK2014 Congratulations on the and Welcome! Keep us posted!

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Reply by knicole27 » Jul. 16, 2014 10:52am

Ladysg- thank you !!

Daniellek- happy to see you here .

I too came from ctp to here however I was more active on that site ttc my son in 2011. This pregnancy was not planned nor did I expect to be pregnant so quickly as it did not happen this way with my son . This was merely an "oops" on a contraceptive end but we were going to ttc again 2015 so I'll take it as a great blessing . I feel very lucky as I know the woes of infertility in the past.

It's so early for me still I don't have many symptoms yet but my nips are def sore and I feel bloated . With my son I got nausea instantly at 13 dpo . It never let up and I was in and out of the ER the first trimester. Until finally 16 weeks I started feeling better . I pray I'm not AS sick as that because that makes keeping up with a toddler so hard !

How are you ladies feeling today ?!

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Jul. 16, 2014 10:54am

Thank you everyone for welcoming me! So I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from my doctors office to confirm that yes I am pregnant!! I am so happy still that I am still in shock. Thank you and glad I'll have great people to share this experience with!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Jul. 16, 2014 11:02am

Danielle- yay!!!! This website is awesome I remember how much I bonded with the ladies here in my pregnancy with my son.

And sorry ladies I totally like almost wrote my last two posts verbatim heh . Pregnancy brain already ! Lol

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Reply by hlemons » Jul. 16, 2014 5:09pm

well my "all day sickness" is literally kicking my butt..lost 4lbs in the last week or so, the only thing that seems to help is my unisom concoction, but working full time, I wont be of any use to anyone zonked out on my desk :)

Hopefully it will fly by, im wanting my normal self back

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Jul. 17, 2014 12:51pm

Hey ladies, Hope everyone is doing well today! So I'm 5 weeks today. I go August 1st for my first appointment and can not wait. I'm having some cramping still and nausea, but otherwise feeling pretty good. Just wanted to say hi and hope you all have a great day!!!

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Reply by TXkadams » Jul. 17, 2014 4:53pm

I'm five weeks today too. It's still like a dream. I'm feeling remarkably good. Every few days I take a HPT again just to make sure that line hasn't disappeared. Paranoid I know. It's still getting darker so far. My first appointment is less than two weeks away! I can't wait! I wasn't prepared for how long the wait for the first US would be.

I have slight round ligament pains already, wouldn't have guessed those would arrive so early. And I wake up every night between 3 and 4 having to pee. Slight nausea when I'm hungry, but I keep snacks on hand, so that's not a big deal. I still have a goofy face grin on, just so happy to be pregnant again.

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Jul. 18, 2014 2:55pm

I couldn't agree with you more about being paranoid. I haven't taken anymore tests, but i'm staying positive and just have that feeling that everything is still going well. I still have the same grin on my face. I'm still in shock this is all happening.

I'm feeling pretty good today as well. Light cramping, nausea every so often, gassy and very sore boobs still. I also feel very bloated today though. But I really don't care about the symptoms. I'm just so happy this is happening for me. Well I have to get back to work!!!

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Reply by michellemayfield98 » Jul. 18, 2014 11:02pm

Hi Ladies.... I just found out this morning that I am pregnant and I am still in shock. I was on the board March 2015 due date on CTP. I moved over to CMP today. It's nice to see some familiar people from CTP boards. I have been cramping in my a lower stomach. I know some cramping is normal, but it worries be still a little bit. I'm just going to keep an eye on it and make sure it subsides. I have a son who will be 15 next month and this is my second child, 15 yrs later and I have to admit I have some mixed feelings about this pregnancy, and I'm also scared. I never thought I'd be starting all over this many yrs later. I thought I was done. This will be my husband's 1st child and he's happy but he's also worried about me bc I don't know how to feel. I think I'm just in shock and mostly scared, but given some time after it sinks in. I hope to come to terms w/this pregnancy. I'm due March 29th. Congratulations to all you ladies and a happy and healthy 9 months.

Reply by clararoft18 » Jul. 21, 2014 9:38am

Hi Ladies!
So sorry I haven't been checking CMP for over a week!

Here's the link to my ultrasound at 4wks3days:


The gestational sac is already visible but by the mean gestational diameter (it was 0.61 cm) they estimated that I am about 4w3d pregnant.

I am PCOS and i ovulate irregularly. If it were based on my LMP alone, I would have been 5w3d at the time i had my TV ultrasound.

Now, I'm holding my breath for the next ultrasound where we have to check for "viability." The word "viability" sends shivers down my spine :( I wish they just call it something else! :(

Meanwhile my bbs are really tender and painful and I've been very gassy but no spotting or cramping so i am hoping for the best.

My OB has me on duphaston, follic acid and asked me to continue with my metformin at 1000 mg/day.

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Reply by Ladysg » Jul. 21, 2014 12:13pm

michellemayfield98 Welcome and lots and lots of !!!!!! We are all here for you and it will be another fun journey! The shock will soon subside and you will soon be filled with joy and excitement!

clararoft18 Yay on the early scan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You doing great! Just keep your chin up and update us once you have been to the second scan.

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Reply by linktol220 » Jul. 22, 2014 6:30pm

Due March 21st. Sore boobs and nausea off and on.

Beta hcg:

11 dpo 26
15 dpo 284
18 dpo 841
22 dpo 3641

Currently on crinone and baby aspirin.

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Reply by Ladysg » Jul. 23, 2014 5:11am

linktol220 and Welcome! Your levels look very good!

AFM: I caught the flu bug...for some odd reason! Blocked nose, coughing every 5 seconds...and blowing my nose like all the time! Had some weird cramping about two days ago and yesterday I was nauseous the entire day! Got worse when I got home (after I took a long bath and relaxed in bed). DH had to force me to have dinner because I just couldn't...Hope today goes much better than yesterday.

How's everyone keeping up?

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Jul. 23, 2014 12:52pm

Ladysg i hope you feel better soon. It's never fun being sick. I had the flu the whole week before the 4th. It sucked so bad.

I'm holding up pretty good. Having some severe nausea and my migraines are starting to kick in. The nausea was so bad this morning I had to sit down when I was trying to get ready for work. Sometimes I wish I would actually vomit and then maybe I would feel better for a little. But anyways hope everyone else is hanging in there!!!

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Reply by HisLadyBug » Jul. 24, 2014 5:27pm

I finally called and made my 1st doctors appointment. It's going to be Aug. 6th. I should be 10 weeks by then. These next 2 weeks are going to go by so slow!

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Reply by Ladysg » Jul. 25, 2014 12:30pm

Hi HisLadyBug! Glad to hear you got your first appo booked!

Not sure if all the ladies here know but there's another March 2015 thread and I've seen most of the ladies there were here too...so for those who don't know...Here's the link. Please do come join us.


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Reply by RNMOMMY3314 » Aug. 3, 2014 12:34am

Hi Everyone!
Found out about 3.5 weeks ago that I was pregnant, and just got it confirmed with blood test on Friday. I have a 3yr old and a 1.5 yr old here at home already, so it will be interesting with how not so great I have been feeling. I am severely constipated, and nauseas it seems every day but no vomiting. Also, I am exhausted all day long and the bloating makes me look about 6 months along, and I'm bloated probably 90% of the day. Scheduled my first appointment for August 12, but am going to have to reschedule (hopefully it's not September before I can get seen). Today I'm 7 weeks 1 day! Looking forward to having other mommies to be to chat with while we experience this miracle of life together!

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