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Reply by Mama_Squid » Aug. 5, 2014 4:09pm

Hi everybody. I just found out this week I am pregnant with my first child. I have wanted to be a mother for 8 years at least, but my husband is a Ph.D. student and it just wasn't feasible until now. We planned to have this child, but we didn't expect me to get pregnant within a month of going off the pill! When I started feeling sick it didn't even occur to me it was due to pregnancy until about 20 people made the suggestion. We have been in a state of shock these last few days.

I've had the worst nausea, and since I just moved to a new state and started a new job I am feeling terrible about how this has impacted my ability to work. A couple of days ago I started taking Vitamin B6 and Unisom before bed and that seems to be helping... yesterday I made it until lunchtime before I got sick and today I haven't been sick yet *fingers crossed* My fitness coach is eager for me to get back to working out but I usually just come home and collapse on the couch in exhaustion.

I get to meet my baby tomorrow! I'm going for my first doctor's visit and they will do an ultrasound. I estimate myself to be at 9 weeks right now. I really wish my husband could be there but he has to work (he is finally almost done with his program... just one year of internship to go.) I would have held off for a time he could make it, but I'm on antidepressants and I really need to talk to a doctor about that ASAP. I also want to find out what exercise is safe because I'm paranoid to do much of anything right now.

It was hard waiting 8 years, but unlike many who post here I never had to deal with the loss of an unborn child, or multiple children. I am truly humbled by what some women have gone through to bring children into the world, and even though this happened a lot faster than expected I consider myself very fortunate.

I'm also terrified. Is anyone else terrified? This is the sort of decision you can never un-make!

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Reply by baby_bean » Aug. 20, 2014 4:35pm

Hello lovely ladies,

I am thrilled to join you here, my due date is 13 March (Friday!) and I'm 10 weeks 5 days today, feeling incredibly blessed after an early loss in January.
This is baby no 4 and we are very anxious to meet the little bean :)
Had a bit of a scare at 6 weeks but 9 weeks scan confirmed everything was looking good
I feel quite lucky as I never really suffer any major pregnancy discomforts, quite the opposite, I feel much better, no headaches, no usual backaches, no sickness
(please don't hate me!) but it also makes me question all the time whether I'm really pregnant!

Congratulations to all and !

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Reply by dreamcicle » Aug. 22, 2014 3:42pm

Hi! My little alien is due March 13 as well. :) Been dealing with horrible nausea, ligament pain and exhaustion - but taking it as a good sign this time. This tough little one survived a lap surgery for stage 4 endometriosis - so I know he wants to stick in there the whole 9 months! I'll take the nausea and everything else to bring him home. Best wishes to everyone on here. I love reading everyone's stories.

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