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September 2012 Babies -Part 6! The Final Chapter? - Page 6

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 17, 2012 10:00pm

Ugh well I'm learning that with a baby in the nicu the nature of things as far as progression are this : two steps forward and two steps back. Liam has been doing awesome....then he caught a cold. He had to be put on oxygen two days ago and now every time we try to feed by bottle or boob he coughs and gags so now he's strictly on tube feeds for 48 hrs..this pushes back any sort of time line for home coming. But he Is steadily gaining weight. His face is starting to fill out more and more every day. The cold def set him back but we are still hopeful . Praying so much that he comes home by the end of the month.

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Reply by gppacen » Aug. 19, 2012 9:11pm

knicole - that is so hard - the ups and downs... Hang in there - I can't wait for when you are able to take him home!!!

I hope the rest of you ladies are well!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 19, 2012 11:51pm

Sorry I haven't been on ladies...my computer has had nothing but viruses ..I managed to get them under control but this computer needs to get in for a total clean out!

After reading all of the updates I missed over the past few days I realize just how close everyone is to having their little bundles of joy! It's so exciting!

knicole - I'm sorry to hear little Liam caught a cold..praying for you he is home by the end of the month like you wish.

Coomy - Crazy about the weight....have you come out and asked the doc is there is any reason to be concerned (I'm sure you have, but just wondering). Seems odd the doc doesn't explain to you why you shouldn't be worried...I looked at your baby bump pics and your belly has grown over time so it seems so weird your weight hasn't gone up, but you look to have a healthy bump going to me! .

AFM - Baby has been SUPER quiet last few days and it's worrying me. Today I only felt hiccups at 6am and then nothing except for a slight (and I mean very minute) movement around 5pm. Other than that nothing. It is making me nervous. I have an appt on wednesday with the OB so I'm anxious for wed to get here so I can hear the baby and know he/she is ok! I'm really noticing now when I roll over in bed the weight in my belly seems much heavier! Like a 10lb bowling ball every time I have to turn! 3 weeks left of work . Oh and funny story, today I got an invite from a friend for bday party for her 1yr old son that she said in the invite she planned "last minute" and it's the day of MY baby shower! She is supposed to be coming to!! I was so annoyed...normally I don't get bothered over these things, but her husband was just here last week saying she was coming and then I get that invite. Kinda brutal....

Anyhow, hope you are all doing well and can't wait to find out who will have their babe next!! :)

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Reply by dsdaye » Aug. 20, 2012 12:53am


knicole - my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and Liam. Before you know it you will be taking that little guy home.

Coomy- I also looked at your baby bump photos and think that you have been gaining in your size. My sister didn't gain much with her first pregnancy either and she gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.

Mrs. Mom- I have days where I don't really feel the baby move at all either. I get worried each time and then everything is just fine. We are getting to the end of our pregnancies and the baby has less and less room to move around in. This may be why there is not as much movement.
I also had many people say they were going to come to my babyshower and then not show up and not even mention itl. It got on my nerves too. Makes you wonder how much some people really like you. The ones who did come were great and I know that they are my true friends.

I have been feeling nauseous again here and there. My heartburn has been horrible. I feel bad for my DH since it seems like all I do is complain about not feeling good.

We have pretty much gotten everything in order for the baby's arrival. Our bags are packed, the car seat is installed, the baby's room is ready, the bassinet is ready in our room, breast pump and a few bottles are sterilized and we have a stock of newborn and size diapers.

I hope that you all had a good weekend.

Take care.

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Aug. 20, 2012 11:45am

Mrs. Mom -- That would totally irritate me too...a friend scheduling something last minute on a day I had something already planned. Ah well though. Your shower will be great!!! As for baby moving, I too have periods where I don't feel her much. But, I do the kick counting then and try to get her moving with cold water or juice or food. If you notice a decrease in or no movement, it's always best to err on the side of caution though and call the doc. After two days of noticeable decreased activity, I went a few hours without feeling her move around 28 weeks. I tried everything to get her going and nothing. So they sent me to L&D to be sure. Everything was OK, but it took them forever to get her moving too. They monitored me and nothing, then gave me juice and still nothing, then made me eat. After about two hours, she was finally moving enough to go home. Peace of mind is a great thing!

Daye -- Sounds like you are all set!! How exciting! I'm about where you are. The room is ready just needs some last minute touches here and there. Just bought a Rock n' Play Sleeper in case she won't do the crib. Plus, I figure it will come in handy when we visit people or if family watches her. I have enough diapers to last much of her first year. Bottles are sterilized, but I need to put them in the pantry my husband just built. I ordered new parts for my breastpump but need to clean them. The car seat is installed, but it's too tight in my car after moving the seats to the side. Ordered a smaller Graco seat and matching stroller to see how that works. Got 20 percent off, so I'm happy. We're going to give our bigger seat and stroller to my FIL because he watches our other daughter a lot.

Met two very precious newborns yesterday...so tiny! Getting very excited to meet my own! But I need her to wait a bit! My husband and I are taking a very late babymoon, and I'm a bit nervous. We leave Thursday morning and come back Friday evening and it's only an hour away, BUT it's on an island. You have to take a 20 minute ferry ride to get to it. I don't mind being over there during the day when the ferry is running, but the 12-hour period the ferry shuts down at night makes me nervous. I'll be 36 weeks. I have a doc appointment Wednesday, so I'll ask his opinion. I called the office a few weeks ago and asked about it. The staff said it's fine, but I want the doc's opinion. Maybe I can get him to check my cervix too. Our stay is all free with a certificate we have, but there's a limited time frame to use it. I'm sure it's fine, but you never know.

It is hard to believe how close we all are!!

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 20, 2012 1:09pm

knicole--still praying for you! I know it's hard, my BFF had all her children with NICU stays, two extended. Try to keep your head up!

Mom--wow, a b'day party on your shower date? Talk about tacky. I'd be ticked too!! People have no sense of common courtesy anymore! RE movement: Critter moves when critter moves...some days it's crazy (like 4 hours straight crazy!) then others its like not much of anything. But I agree, if it starts to worry you, call just to be safe!

AFM: our last shower Friday was awesome! We have pretty much everything--all the big stuff (yay!) and everything else to get us through the first few months I'd think.

We installed the carseat base yesterday, which was frustrating. The LATCH system straps won't reach to my LATCH hooks in my car, so we just had to use the belt system, which wasn't secure enough in the middle, so the seat's on the driver side backseat. But it's in!

And I just need a place to vent...if it's TMI, I'm sorry, I'm just upset. Last night, DH and I got "romantic." It's been a week or so...well he went downtown, then was like goodnight...I was like umm...don't you want to, you know...tab A to slot B and he said no, he was fine. He said it was cause he's paranoid about hurting the baby, but of course, I take it as I'm a unattractive whale. He assured me that's not it, that's it's not me, that he's just paranoid. I'm sure it is and he's just a worried, cautious daddy, but still, nothing makes a hormonal huge preggo woman feel more unattractive! This morning I could barely look at him afraid I would just start bawling. Oh well, sorry, just needed to vent! I know I'm just being overreactive crazy...ugh!! 18 days!!!!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 20, 2012 5:23pm

Wow leniana I just noticed your 38 weeks....! Any day now for you ladies! I'm getting anxious for you! Can't wait to hear about your labor and delivery stories! And see pictures! What is sad though is everyone seems to disappear once the lil ones are born. Boo. Lol.

Auburnmama- don't worry Hun I think we have all been there. I know my hubby was not here for most of the pregnancy but when he would be deployed in the past I would maybe send him some sexy photos in lingerie etc but that did not happen at all this time and it made me feel weird . I felt like such a cow so didn't send much for even rated g photos. So I have felt disconnected then add the fact that my hubby is home now and we can't do squat! Blahhh. Which speaking of...

I'm now 15 days post partum and the bleeding has stopped for the most part. Just spotting now but still not feeling the same down there feels sore, (I had a second degree tear) ...and uhm ...don't feel so "fresh" down there either.

Jambolna- have fun at your baby moon sounds like fun but yeah I would maybe ask to be checked too at your appt and ask the doc for your peace of mind.

Dsdaye- thank you Hun , sounds like your ready! Getting so close! Can't wait to find out what you have! What an exciting surprise :)

Mrs mom- if ever in doubt record kick counts. If he/she is not moving much try drinking some cold juice and see if you can feel ten movements in two hours if not...call l&d although def not uncommon for the babies to slow down quite a bit just before birth.

afm - Liam is doing better. He is gaining an oz a day. He's still small ... He was 4 lbs 6 oz but that's been about three days ago now so thinking he must be closer to 4 lbs 9 oz ...getting closer and closer to 5 lbs. :). The cold really did set him back however about four days. He needed to be put on oxygen and only tube fed because anytime he would try to nipple feed he would choke and gag. We are to bring in our car seat this week and set him up in it to see how his oxygen levels are while in it. Luckily our car seat fits a baby from 4-22 lbs. idk how I worked that one out. Most are 5-22 lbs. anyways today is bath day for the lil man. Excited to go give him a bath! Love bath days. Still pumping every 3-4 hrs ...I got me some sore nipples here recently also having a bit of a hard time producing enough milk for him because we are separated. Soooo I made lactation cookies yesterday, they taste really good actually and keep you regular because they are high in fiber. So...double bonus.

I have been stressing on when they will let him come home because my hubby cannot stay here forever.....but I decided as of yesterday to let that go. He will be home when he is ready. I don't want him home before he is ready so...if he's not home until his due date than so be it. And if my hubby is not home either than so be it too...I'm not going to stress. I have a lot of family that plan to come help if needed and I have had an awesome social worker working with me and helping us out with whatever we need. So it's reassuring.

Thinking of you ladies almost time! :)

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Reply by Britney » Aug. 20, 2012 7:10pm

Hey ladies! Just a quick check in :) as of now I'm dilated to a 4 and my water bag is "bulging". But not much else :/ Im miserable and always so crampy. Her head is so low that I can feel her when I sit. I hope you are all good and we don't have long!!

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Reply by damebacker » Aug. 20, 2012 7:51pm

Hey guys! I only check in every once in a while, so I'm never good at personals. It's so exciting to see that we're all so close!!! I go in tomorrow for my first exam to see if I'm dilated or if my cervix is thinning. I'd honestly be surprised if I wasn't because of the constant contractions I'm having and the horrific pressure I feel in my hoo-haw! I tell you what....it HURTS!!!! I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and I delivered my first son at 38 weeks 3 days. We'll see how this one goes! It's kind of funny though because I figured that at 38 weeks 3 days for me it will be August 31st and it's supposed to be a full moon! Should be exciting! May have to do some extra walking and lots of sex that day! HA! I'm just eager to get past all this pain and be with my little man!

As we continue to get closer, I'll try to get on here an monitor more often. Knicole, I went and saw your pics of baby Liam....he's absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way!!! Keep your chin up, he'll be home with you soon and this time will be soon forgotten :)>

As for all you other ladies! Best of luck to you for happy, healthy deliveries! If I have exciting news after tomorrow, I'll be sure to post an update! :)

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Reply by Leniana » Aug. 20, 2012 8:18pm

Hey everyone... super tired today, but hey, 38 weeks! I am so ready to go, everything is pretty much ready for baby. I spend most of my nesting energy on cleaning ridiculous things like washing the curtains.

I also cleaned out the fridge and the freezer as well, and my freezer is full of easy meals -I made a huge batch of tuna casserole the other day, enough for 2 freezer meals and dinner for us. I ended up with 5 casseroles that I've made, and I may make a couple more, time and energy permitting, I have 4 more pans. Plus I splurged and bought a frozen lasagna and some potato thing with ham and cheese, and a big bag of the frozen pierogies that makes like 4 meals for us. So I have probably three weeks easy of toss in the oven/frying pan stuff. I still need to pick up some fridge pie crusts to use with my frozen pot pie fillings, I have three of those; and I have things for stuff I can throw together and just let simmer in a pot like a pack of kielbasa I froze to make potatoes, green beans, and kielbasa later, which when you used canned veggies takes literally just the time you need to cut up the sausage, dump the cans on top, and heat it up. Salt + Pepper (and maybe a little onion/garlic if you like) and it's yummy!

But yes so ready to hear about everyone's birth experiences... Brit it sounds like you are ready to go, you might be the next one of us to pop! Are you having any real/BH contractions or just the crampiness?

Nicole - I might be 38 weeks but I still keep feeling like I may go a bit early, like around Aug 27-28th. At this point I would not mind it, it is getting hard to sleep.

I think you are taking a good approach to everything, as long as Liam is gaining weight and staying strong everything will work out. I'm glad you have people to help you out with hubby does have to leave before Liam gets to come home.

Have you tried having a dark beer to help increase your milk? My mom always swore by it, the alcohol from one beer in your breast milk is very minimal and it can help you relax to make it easier and less sore to pump. I didn't try it with my first son but I am planning on having one beer after I get home this time, if nothing else just to celebrate!

Auburn - ugh we keep putting off installing the car seat.. I just want it done, but I suspect hubby and my dad will be out in the parking lot of the hospital trying to get it in while I wait to be discharged! We can't use LATCH with hubby's truck because we need to put the seat in the center (only place it will fit), and it only has LATCH on the two sides. Kinda silly. At least it will be usable for booster seats later I guess.

Sorry about the "romance" with hubby I am feeling the same, he's just not that interested. He's not worried about hurting the baby though, he is just stressed and tired and doesn't want to put forth the effort.. but of course it doesn't help my self-esteem any! Maybe point out that sex is supposed to help move things along a little quicker? Of course that hasn't motivated my hubby any so it might not work hehe. But really, at this point baby is ready to go, so if anything happened there shouldn't be a problem.

Jambolina - Wyatt's also been pretty quiet as well, I can tell he is getting very cramped! He will move but they are a lot more slow, rolling movements, sometimes hard to tell he is moving at all unless I am very still and paying attention. It's rare that I get a real kick anymore, though he does still get plenty of hiccups, at least a couple times a day it seems. My doc said that their sleep patterns start changing as they get closer to birth and they start sleeping a lot more deeply.. maybe she was just having some really awesome dreams!

DS - wow that sounds lame, don't say you are coming then don't show up. At least the people who didn't come to my shower didn't RSVP hehe. Sounds like you are ready to go though! I wish I had my crib but at least it is ordered, and we have a bassinet so no biggie if it's not here/setup before he comes.

Mrs. Mom - Your friend setting up that party like that is just ridiculous. There was no reason she couldn't set it up for Friday night or Sunday afternoon (assuming you are having a Saturday shower etc). A one year old doesn't know the difference!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by Coomy08 » Aug. 21, 2012 9:47am

Just a quick check in, about to head to work at the fair for the day.
Over the weekend I had a very watery discharge, I thought I peed myself my undies were so wet(this happened twice in the same day) then the next day I found a snot like discharge when I wiped. Not sure if itâ??s a big deal or not, but I think Iâ??ll mention it Thursday at my 35 week appointment just to be safe. Also it felt like lil man was beating around in my vagina, but yet his butt was up by my belly button, not sure what this kid is doing, but itâ??s not very comfortable!
Other than that just the same old tiredness,BH, and just really uncomfortable!

Mrs. Mom- Thanks for the healthy bump comment :) I get so many people making comments about my bump itâ??s irritating at times: either Iâ??m too little or am I sure Iâ??m as far along as I am, or ppl like my mom that make me feel like a cow. My husbandsâ?? theory on why my bumps growing but Iâ??m not gaining weight is that lil man is going to be huge and is just taking everything I consume for himself.
I have days where zane is quiet too, about the time I think I need to call my doctor he starts rolling around.


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Zane Daniel:C-Section scheduled September 19th

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 21, 2012 1:36pm

Coomy- sounds as if you maybe starting to lose your mucus plug. Which can happen weeks before birth and the mucus can even rebuild itself, but to be safe I would mention it. :)

Leniana- the lactation cookies I made have a fair amount of brewers yeast in them . They do seem to be working so far...

Damebacker- thank you Hun :)

Britney- thinking of you! I know that lil girl of yours has been trying to make an early appearance now for a while now !

Afm- Liam has a car seat oxygen test today to see if his oxygen levels stay stable while sitting up in it. Praying he passes.

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 21, 2012 2:09pm

Wow Brit! Sounds like you're close!! Keep us posted!!

Dame: Hope your appt goes well! It's always great to hear that SOMETHING is going on!!

Len: I've heard from a lot of people that the LATCH system will only work on the outlying seats, even in brand new 2011-2012 cars...how crazy is that??

knicole: hope the test goes well! Liam's pics are too cute!! It's also great that he's putting on weight. It will be over soon and your little angel will be home!!

AFM: Last night had a lot of false labor contractions...the most solid I've had. Pretty steady for about an hour or so, every 5-10 mins. No pain, although they did push Critter down, giving me pelvic pressure. DH kinda freaked, but I told him they were just BH. He was still worried, so we took a walk and they went away. That night had some more mucusy discharge, so I'm thinking I've dialated a bit more. DH is betting I'm at 3, but I'm just hoping for 2. Checkup is Friday along with an U/S! I haven't seen him since 20wks so I can't wait to see the US!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 21, 2012 4:07pm

Ohhh Auburnmama sounds like you maybe making progress though. My what I thought were bh's were actually productive , dilated me a finger tip and 50% effaced ..but then I did start getting the pressure with not painful just uncomfortable contractions 5 mins apart and in about 8 hrs I was dilated to a full 1 centimeter. Its like Liam knew my body was shutting down because I did go into beginning stages of labor on my own before I was given pitocin. Then honestly the pit ended up slowing things down for me but that was because of the stupid magnesium ...that stuff is awful. I don't even wish it on my enemies!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 21, 2012 6:20pm

ok ladies.. i need to know if i am overreacting from hormones or what ever. I know I am very emotional still being post partum and then this whole nicu experience is tough stuff too so I am emotional. So idk.

So last night my husband was told by one of the nurses that liam was doing so well to bring in his car seat tomorrow so they can do an oxygen test with it. Now it IS possible there was a misscommunication about it and she was just telling him to bring it in to have on hand. It is possible but there was still no reason for the nurse he is assigned to today to be so insensitive about it. I will get to that in a minute but... ok..

So I call the nicu this morning to ask when I good time would be to bring in the car seat. The nurse said to me "we wont do the oxygen test today, the only way we do the oxygen test is when they are close to coming home in a few days *which i actually did NOT know* and he is not even close to that yet.. you can bring it here and it can sit in the corner but we would not do that today because he is not nipple feeding all his meals yet.. he only took 10 ccs from me this morning" so then i tell her that "lisa had said from the night before to bring it in today" and she says "again you can bring it in but we wont put him in it" ...

ok this is already so emotional for me so.. please dont go get my hopes up one day only to tell me something different another and like i said if it was a misscommunication or whatever meaning lisa just meant you can bring in your car seat till he is ready.. than please tell me that. There is no need to tell me you will put it in the corner or to tell me "he is no where near ready" or however she worded it. I am already so emotional about this whole thing... please dont add to this roller coaster ride....

ANOTHER thing is THIS: He is a very sleepy baby when it comes to feeding. He does great for the first 15 mins nippling either at the breast or bottle and then falls asleep well i have watched the nurses and some of them have him swaddled up so tight that if he falls asleep they are quick to tube him and not attempt some things to wake him up to save time and effort ... and that really does piss me off. First off .. unwrap him and try to stimulate him. but no... so when i have this nurse telling me he is not closer to going home because he is not "nipple feeding all his feedings" THAT is pissing me off and i have noticed that some nurses he is awesome for takes all the bottle by nipple and then there are two younger nurses that he does not. he gets sleepy and so they just tube feed him and then tell me his progress is not good enough... really!??!

Am I wrong to be so emotional about this or upset? I am about to go to every single one of his feedings when he is with these two other certain nurses.... idk... i have been crying all day on and off about this. I hate being lead on to think one thing when its another thing...ugh.. this sucks.

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Reply by tyesmommy115 » Aug. 21, 2012 9:26pm

Hey ladies I know I don't post here lots as having 2 LO s and a puppy lol no real time lol. Hope you are all doing well . We are all getting so close ...... Just a question for ya all . Have you ever been told OH "your so tiny for 37 weeks or whatever".. I was at Walmart last night n the cashier had the decency to say that to me. I asked her if she was joking as I've gainned 40 lbs!! Jesus I was offended now I am worried my baby is going to be small :(! Both my other children were born at 38 and 6 and 40 weeks 1 day 7lbs and 7lbs 8oz .... But I think I Am smaller than what I was for my daughter and son. Ahhh sometimes I really hate people!!

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 22, 2012 1:59am

Knicole, if you're concerned about the feeding and lack of trying to wake him up, speak to the doc/head nurse. One, it could fix this issue, or two, there may be a reason for it? I can only imagine how stressed to the max you are! Every part of your being says "protect my boy!" but then you are just on the sidelines, at the mercy of others, who may lack the social skills of a wombat.

I know when my BFF's daughter was in the NICU, there was one doc who upset her, but she later realized he was just doing his job, just without any form of tact. I've also learned that many NICU nurses kinda have a "battle axe" personality. They're there for the babies, not anyone else, including the parents.and since they deal with little speechless people, they aren't good with adult interaction. Which seems stupid.

Hang in there girl!!! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 22, 2012 2:39am

Auburnmama - thank you ...your response made me laugh a lil for the first time today, I totally get that they know what's best for him and I do not, I also don't want him home before he is ready either but it really does suck and is hard on me with post partum hormones to boot. It's a very emotionally draining roller coaster ride.

Tyesmommy- I got that a lot this pregnancy about how small I was but at around 32 weeks he stopped growing. :/. However I have seen your pics and I think you look right on track not too small or too big.

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Reply by Coomy08 » Aug. 22, 2012 9:45am

By time this kid comes my pelvis is going to be bruised and broken! For like an hour straight last night it felt like he was dancing a jig or fist-pumping as hard as he could in my pelvis. I feel like he has no room in there, it is just so uncomfortable anymore that when he moves it sometimes gets to the point that it hurts. Doesn't help that I'm getting sick, my son started it. The whole house is coughing,stuffed up, throat is all scratchy and dry...I swear if it's not one thing it's another. At least tomorrow I don't have to be up at 4am so I can sleep in and get some rest before a busy day of trying to straighten up the house, doctors appointment,and then work. Ready for the time to start flying here so I can meet baby Zane and be comfortable again.

Knicole- You are definitely not over reacting. I know how it is to feel so close to the finish line then to have to restart all over again, it sucks...just being a NICU mom period sucks.Does Liam have a primary nurse, that does most of his care? If he does I would talk to her about your concerns,since she is the one that would be taking care of him the most, either her or the primary doctor would be the most reliable to talk to on Liams condition and when such things such as the car-seat test will be done and so on and so forth.
Hang in there like Auburn said there's light at the end of the tunnel,just with a NICU baby it takes some time to see it. Hopefully his feedings will get straightened out soon and then get all the going home tests over with so you can take your lil man home.

Tyes- Yes,I get asked a lot if I'm sure I'm as far along as I am. Can't ever please anyone, either your bumps too big or too small so so on and so forth.

Off to the fair grounds to work for the day then get to spend my night working at my regular job...hope you ladies have a good day.


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Zane Daniel:C-Section scheduled September 19th

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Aug. 22, 2012 11:45pm

Knicole -- I can't imagine what you are going through. But I agree that you will be a stronger mother and woman for it. Just remember that all this is only temporary. I really believe that Liam will be home soon. I'm praying for you, him and your husband. :(

Britney -- Wow, 4 cm! That's crazy!

AFM -- Had a doc appointment today. Wish it would have been my doc because she would have checked my cervix. This doc was going to do the Group B test but changed his mind and said my doc could do it next week. My husband and I are going on a babymoon to an island an hour away tomorrow and Friday. Probably not the wisest thing we have ever done but the doc felt comfortable letting me go overnight. There's only a 7-hour period where a ferry isn't running. It should be fine. Just makes us a little nervous. But we have a free certificate for a room, lunch and a golf cart rental to bum around in that has to be used by Aug. 30. I am excited about it though. We need a vaca! Hopefully next week's appointment will be much more interesting. Can't wait to see if I'm starting to dialate or not :)

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