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September 2012 Babies -Part 6! The Final Chapter? - Page 7

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 23, 2012 1:18pm

Knicole--hope you're still hanging in there! When you get quiet I get worried you might have snapped and killed a nurse...

Jam- Enjoy your babymoon!! Some time away is a great idea, but I understand the nervous part. This is the last weekend DH is off Sat/Sunday for a while and when I asked what he wanted to do he said it depended on how our appt goes tomorrow. But you guys will be fine! Enjoy every moment, especially with the golf cart!!!

Coomy- I hope you got some rest! And I'm still a TAD jealous over the fair food...I could go beast on a funnel cake right now!!

AFM: still getting consistent BH in the afternoons. Lower back hurts. Pooping a lot. Ready for our U/S tomorrow to see how big Critter is, and just to see him!

My doc pre-filed for my IUD to see what we might have to pay, and shockingly, insurance will pay for it all. So at my 6wk check up, I'm getting it done. It's kinda nice to already have that out of the way and planned.

Also, I ordered my post-partem girdle yesterday. A lot of people have told me to get something after baby, it makes a HUGE difference in recovery. So after much research, I ordered the Bellefit corset. The testimonials are unbeleivable! And I got $10 off with a coupon code.

So here I am, everything ready to go...just need a baby! Come on kid!!!

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My rants and random thoughts...

I'm having a Boy!
EDD: Sept. 7--Being Induced Sept. 3!!

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Reply by Coomy08 » Aug. 23, 2012 7:07pm

Had my 35 week appointment a little bit ago. I gained 1/2 lb since last week putting me up to 3lbs total, doctor didn't say anything so I'm not going to worry anymore. HB was 136, fundal height still right on the dot. They did the strep B swab today just encase I go into labor before the c-section(which I think I will). I was hoping while he was down there he would have checked me to see if I was dilating or anything but nope he didn't, even after I told him and the nurse about my vaginal pains(past 2-3 days been getting sharp and stabbing pains in the nether region, must look a bit odd when I grab myself in public when a pain hits!)
My husband and I are both getting nervous, the last day of fair is saturday and with my vaginal pains, the fact I can actually poop like 3-4 times a day, increased BH and back pain, we're both nervous this baby is going to pull a stunt like his brother and decide to come the day after the fair. My husband told me last night when he seen me grab myself when a pain hit that I better close my legs sunday and make sure this one waits till at least monday to come so he can actually get some sleep this time around(he helps a friend tear down their booth every year at fair, and when I went into labor with Tucker he was up till 4am-ish helping them and got maybe 3-4 hrs sleep and was up from the time we got up for the day till about 2-3am the next day) I guess we'll see what happens...fingers crossed this one waits at least a week so I can be home with Tucker for his 3rd birthday.

Auburn- had an elephant ear and it wasn't that great, but the funnel cakes are looking pretty good been trying to control myself...may have to get a caramel apple because those just sound amazing right now.If it wouldn't get gross I'd send ya a funnel cake, maybe it would tempt that baby of yours to make an appearance already :)

Jambolina- enjoy your babymoon!


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Zane Daniel:C-Section scheduled September 19th

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Reply by Leniana » Aug. 23, 2012 7:29pm

Howdy ladies! Hope everyone is having a nice week. Had my appointment today, everything looks good, but unfortunately I was positive for the Group B strep Even better, I am allergic to penicillin so they will have to watch me a little closer to make sure I don't have a reaction to their alternative antibiotics. On the plus side since I was probably going to get the epi anyways I would have had to have an IV anyways, so not a huge deal.

I still wasn't checked for dilation either. I feel like I have to have some, I have had so much crampiness and BHs over the last few weeks, I would just like to know LOL. On the other hand I haven't seen a mucus plug or show or anything yet, though granted at this point I don't even bother turning the lights on when I get up 50 times to go pee in the night so possible it fell out and I didn't see. I'm just ready for this baby to be ready to come out! Last night I was thinking this might be it, I was having cramps and contractions all afternoon but they never really got stronger and when I woke up they were gone.

Got my bag to the 99% mark, the only things to throw in will be the cell charger and my toothbrush. I went ahead and "splurged" on some little travel samples of toiletries just so I wouldn't have to worry about trying to get my normal stuff rounded up, especially if I can take a shower before heading over to the hospital and it's all wet and stuff.

Car seat still not installed - no surprise there! Hubby has been cute though, I think he's finally excited a little bit for the baby. He wanted to come to my appointment today (kind of silly since I told him it would be super short) but it was sweet of him and we went and got breakfast together. He also picked up some clothes for Wyatt, a set of overalls and some PJs and a Star Trek onesie (total nerd LOL). I'm just glad he's finally come around, though he still likes to say he's not changing diapers (yeah right )

Everyone keeps saying I've dropped, but I didn't think you dropped on the second + kids, maybe I am wrong though. I definitely think he is sitting lower though, Heartburn not as bad though I still get some acid reflux from time to time.

Oh yeah, so I found out that unless there's a serious complication I won't get to get my 8 weeks disability - in the event of a normal birth/c-section you only get 6 weeks, and even if my doc signed a form saying I should get 8 they'd only "take it into consideration." Pretty BS . I still get to take my vacation time though at least.

Auburn - Good luck on the u/s! That's awesome your insurance will pay for your IUD. Still haven't decided exactly what i'm gonna do for mine, I still would prefer the IUD but we will see. Also funnel cakes sound amazing!! I have to wait til October for our local fest to get my fix!

jambolina - I think you'll be fine as well, seven hours isn't too much time... heck hubby was telling me I ought to skip taking my son to his tae kwon do class Monday (five minutes away) just in case my water broke in the 2 hours I was there! hehe enjoy your babymoon, it sounds like lots of fun!

coomy - Once he figures out he has no more room maybe he will get the idea that it's time to move out!

nicole - I agree, I suspect the nurses aren't trying to be inconsiderate, they are just trying to make sure everything that needs done for Liam )and their other babies) is done, they probably just don't realize that they are giving you conflicting information. There's nothing wrong with asking questions and perhaps talking to the head nurse may help, sounds like there are some inconsistencies in his care and that should be addressed because it doesn't help him or you know what to expect when things are constantly changing. It doesn't mean you are over reacting, it just means that you aren't being kept up to date and that is their job, though it is one that they may be overlooking.

tye - Hehe if you aren't too small you are too big... one lovely man at my work asked if I was sure I wasn't carrying a surprise twin... yeah no like 5 ultrasounds later, I'm pretty sure, thanks for the tact a**hole. People can't keep their noses out other peoples business! It's not like we preggos don't have enough to worry about!

Just got a call that my crib came in! Looks like hubby and I will have a project for the evening, whenever he wakes up hehe. At least I will have an excuse to get the rest of the bedroom floor vacuumed and carpet cleaned!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 24, 2012 12:11am

Hey ladies I'm thinking of you all. Getting anxious for you. Afm I have post partum depression. No denying it. All I do is cry and feel worthless....now I'm even too depressed to go see my son because every time I do I feel so incompetent. Today too was the worst.... I was feeding him with a dr browns bottle when he stopped breathing,. It was awful. He went limp and turned blue and his mouth opened and all the breast milk came out of his mouth like he was drowning ...a bunch of alarms went off and he recovered but it was so scary, I immediately handed him to my husband and started bawling. I can't help but think it was my fault because there was too much milk he was gulping and he forgot to breath... So now I'm traumatized and too scared to do much of anything for him. I feel so worthless . :/

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Reply by tyesmommy115 » Aug. 24, 2012 10:14am

Nicole - I can't imagine what you are going through , that had to have been scary. But it isn't your fault it happend to my nephew as well more than once and he was 1 lb 15oz when he was born. It takes a toll out on you and your body I'm sorry you have to go through this rough rollcoaster ride it surely sucks up and downs constantly. Keep your head up and if u need anyone to chat with u can inbox me! I seen my SIL go through it all and it def wasn't pleasent !!

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Reply by tyesmommy115 » Aug. 24, 2012 10:27am

Any of you momms ever been Group b positive and not gotten the full dose of antibiotics???? I know for a fact unless induced I won't make it in time. I am scared after reading stuff online about it I have never been positive before in my other two babies everything went smoothly. This was a kick in the butt to because I didn't want to be hooked up to anything I wanted everything to be perfect this time and now I'm left with worry! :( ... My hospital here seams to make mistakes constantly so I'm also scared they will give me the darn Penecillin and try cause serious problems. I asked my doctors why she never did the swab and my UTI back in July was caused from GBS so I'm automatically high risk :(! She did however do the swab yesterday to see what anitbotics will work best I think they used the word ristance. . Leniana.- I am also group B positive and deadly allergic to Penecillin, Keflex and another one but it starts with a C and ends with cillin lol. I am scared out of my mind because I deliver so quick that I won't get the Anit botics in time.

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Reply by dsdaye » Aug. 24, 2012 1:51pm

knicole- I think we can all understand why you feel so sad. You have had a lot to deal with in the last few months and your true journey has just begun. Just know that there are people there to help you and that Liam is getting stronger and healthier because of you. I can completely understand that you would be nervous to do anything after that feeding episode, but you can do this. Look at everything you have done so far! You have been a true inspiration to all of us.

Leniana- I had my swab done the other day and have not heard back about the results, but my midwife said that she hopes that everything checks out ok because I am allergic to Penicillin too. I'm sure they have something else that they can give us that will work and not make us sick or have allergic reactions (here's hoping anyway).
I also feel like I have droped. My MIL asked me the other day and I was like "I don't know". But now I am starting to feel like my belly is leaning on my legs when I sit. All my pants are feeling super tight too. Guess it won't be long now.

Auburn- good luck with your ultrasound. That's great that your insurance is going to pay for everything. I live in Canada so we don't really have to worry about a lot of those things. I'm sorry that all of you have to deal with all these things.

Jambolina- Enjoy your trip. I think you'll be fine. Seven hours may seem like a long time, but I think you'll be able to relax and have fun. Make sure you do too!

Coomy- I have been getting those same pains in my nether regions. They definitely make you stop and grab yourself. Also, congrats on the weight gain. I know that this is not something that most people say, but I'm sure it was a relief to see that you had gained some. The baby seems perfectly healthy though. If your fundal height is on track then I don't think there is anything to worry about.

Tyesmommy- Like I said to Leniana, I too am allergic to Penicillin and a couple of other medications. I have not gotten my results back yet so I may not need to worry about any of it at all. But if I do I'm hoping that they find something that we could take that we will not have an allergic reaction to. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So the drama here never ends. I went and got a dump trailer from my BIL and then cleaned out our back closed in porch. I threw a bunch of stuff in the trailer to go to the dump and then cleaned up the garage to put the rest of the stuff out there. The sunroom/porch looks loads better. But, when we woke up this morning we found mouse poop in our recently finished basement. Apparently a mouse might have been living in either the Christmas tree box or the bag that holds the Christmas wreath because I brought them in yeasterday and put them in the basement. Now we have a stupid mouse in the house and I do not want to go into the basement until that mouse is dead. I can't stand mice!! Here I think I'm doing a good thing and we get this nasty surprise. I just started to cry when we saw the poop because it just feels like we get one thing accomplished and something blows up in our faces. I do not want to bring a baby home with a nasty mouse running around. I know that may be overreacting, but I just hate having a mouse in the house.
Anyway, I hope that you are all doing well.

Take care.

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Reply by Leniana » Aug. 24, 2012 4:02pm

About the Group B stuff - I am pretty sure if you don't get the full course of antibiotics they will either continue the antibiotics with the baby or possibly just monitor them extra closely for fever or any other symptoms. They can also apparently do some testing for it but it takes a couple of days for it to come back, which is why they usually just test the mom beforehand. Found some CDC stats which states that women who aren't treated for it have babies with a 1 in 200 chance of getting it, while women who are treated it is more like 1 in 4000. So even if you don't get the full amount, there's still a decent chance you won't pass it on. I can ask my doc next week though, if I remember (or before then if I finally start popping lol).

I am not super allergic to penicillin but I do get shortness of breath, feeling flushed, and hives/itchiness. Actually a little bit worried about it since that is the main way I know I am having BHs is that I feel short of breath (I don't always feel the tightening, but when I feel short of breath I put my hand on my stomach and it's rock hard). So will that confuse me during labor if i start having a reaction to the antibiotics? I dunno.

So we got the crib home and out of the box (trash day was today so didn't want that huge box hanging around for a week hehe). Think hubby said he was going to work on it today. It was so heavy we had to call my dad to help get it inside hehe. I can't wait til it is set up, everything will be all ready!

I got lots of cleaning done yesterday - the kitchen looks great! Need to sweep and mop this weekend, gotta hit the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, and a couple spots in the living room. I also still want to get our bedroom vacuumed and carpet cleaned (we got home too late to do it last night), and the rug in the living room and probably the couch needs at least a once over with the vacuum as well to keep the dog hair to a minimum. Then it's just a few little things to get hubby to do like hang a lamp and replace a few lightbulbs hehe. This baby will be coming home to a pretty immaculate house!

nicole - is there anyone you can talk to about your emotions, like a counselor or therapist? maybe your social worker for Liam can recommend someone. You have been through a lot of different stresses and having a way to talk it out may help you resolve some of these feelings. I just want to double-down on the "it's not your fault!" Every day Liam gets a little bit stronger and a little bit closer to coming home, and you are a huge part of that.

ds - Yes, the feeling like my belly is sitting on my legs is exactly what I feel... and when I stand up I have a sudden urge to pee from the pressure. I am able to bend over a bit easier (when leaning over my belly) but getting up from the couch got a lot harder LOL.

About the mouse - maybe you can get hubby to take the tree box and bags back outside and shake them out or empty them outside and see if he is hiding in there? If he does it during the day then you might find out if he was in there hiding or if he maybe came in some other way - they can fit through tiny holes. It's also possible he just came in, looked around, and left, they don't usually hang around unless they find a good nesting spot or food. So if you got the poop cleaned up just keep an eye out for more, and maybe eliminate any possible hiding spots with plastic tubs to replace cardboard, etc.

tye - if you are worried about them giving you penicillin accidentally just ask them what they are doing/putting in when they add something to your IV rack (or maybe make that hubby's job, since you will be busy!). Don't let them brush you off, since it is your right to ask questions (and get answers!). When you go in for labor you can also make sure the admitting nurse or the nurse that gets you setup in your room knows the deal and hopefully that will help. As I said above as long as you get some antibiotics that should be okay, they will watch the baby and you can too, if baby is not acting normally then you have the power to demand he get checked and tested.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 24, 2012 4:39pm

knicole: You've been through so much, you have the right to feel depressed. But please, contact your OB/Doc or a couselor. You don't have to go through this alone and without help.


Well, u/s went great, he's in the right position (those are feet that have been doing most of the action!!) and estimated to be at 7lb 10 oz right now. No more progress, actually, I slipped back a bit, a little less of 1cm now. Boo!

So Doc and I talked about it and we've set an induction date...LABOR DAY! This works, since all our family is out of town, so we're able to give them a heads up. Although, my Doc said most of his patients go early/naturally before their induction date after he gives one...less stress/relief from worry seems to make you more prone to go into labor.

So here's to 10 days and counting!!!!!

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My rants and random thoughts...

I'm having a Boy!
EDD: Sept. 7--Being Induced Sept. 3!!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 24, 2012 4:47pm

Hi Ladies - Once again I've been slacking on here lately...I've just not felt like being on the computer, I don't know why.

I read up on everyone...

knicole - sweety you are going through a lot...it's not unreasonable you are emotional and feeling down. The darn nurses need to get their shit together! They deal with this stuff daily so some I'm sure are insensitive to what the mother is going through. If you need to, find out where you can make a complaint about your treatment. You don't have to put up with that crap! I hope you build your confidence back up about feeding the baby....that could have happened with anyone, even a nurse....as someone else noted, YOU are the biggest reason for him getting better...you're the mama, nothing is better for him than that.

Coomy - That could be...that baby is taking what it needs from you, leaving you left with not much else. But it's just odd to me the baby would be about 5lbs right now...so the idea you've only put on 3lbs I don't get. But as you say, doc isn't concerned and you are almost there, so just concentrate on being happy and healthy! :)

AFM - Had an OB appt yesterday....it had been 3 weeks since I had seen her since she was on vacation...and I put on 4.5lbs!!! I'm so upset by this. The LAST thing I want is to get HUGE right near the end, I've done so well up til now. But I admit, I have eaten candy, poutine, whatever I want the past few weeks and it showed on the scale I guess. I've put on 25lbs total, which I know is pretty normal, but I still have 5 weeks to go so I'm worried at this rate I'm going to be HUGE! My mother asked me yesterday how much I weigh, I told her and she said "oh" and laughed. PFFT! Thanks a lot! I know exactly what that meant!! I'm not even that overly BIG so that annoyed me, but that's typical of my mother. Baby shower is this sunday...I'm feeling sad...my dear friend Jessica isn't able to make it and several others. I just feel "friendless". Since moving an hour away from my hometown I never see anyone and don't have friends who will come stay for the night with me or who would go for a lunch date. I see my sister and others with all these close friends and I just don't have that. Kinda sucks. I'm overall feeling more down lately about my life and just wish I could down a bottle of wine! lol Hubby is away AGAIN this weekend (left thursday), that makes this the third weekend alone for me...*sigh*...sooo boring.

2 weeks left til my one year mat leave starts...cannot come soon enough for me since I never sleep anymore. OB confirmed gravol is safe for me to take so I'm going to be taking it every single night! She also said "or just down a glass of wine" and laughed ...she is old school and I love it! Not overly paranoid about things...I may just treat myself to a glass of wine this weekend

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Reply by gppacen » Aug. 25, 2012 1:32pm

Hi ladies,

I don't why but it's so hard for me to write anything for the past week or so. It seems like everyone is doing ok for the last stretch;)

I'm a few weeks behind most of the ladies and I can't wait to hear the stories before my LO comes!!!

Have a great weekend everyone:)

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 25, 2012 4:46pm

oh and Auburn...regarding the "intimacy" dept...I was thinkin "wow he still goes downtown....luck girl!" lol. I haven't been touched in over 4 months!

Just remember, this is an adjustment for the daddy too so there's going to be "bumps" (no pun intended) along the road. You're almost there!!

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Aug. 26, 2012 6:16am

Knicole -- I wish I could give you a big hug. :( I think it's our first reaction sometimes as moms to beat ourselves up over things and second guess. But, like everyone else said, what happened could have happened to anyone. It's just a very sensitive, stressful time right now, but it WILL pass. I am praying for you and baby. Hang in there.

Mrs. Mom -- A year maternity leave...nice! That will be a great experience for you! I work from home, and it's been a blessing.

Auburn -- I have been having vag pains too, though not as bad as yours from the sounds of it. It seems like you might be meeting your new little guy sooner rather than later. :)

Leniana -- I hear ya on the pressure upon standing. Every time I stand up recently, I experience pressure for a few minutes. I've heard too that second time moms usually don't drop, but I'm convinced I have and doc said it sounds like it could be. Also said us second timers aren't as "tight" as we once were, which increases the pressure :( Congrats on the crib!!

AFM -- Vacation was awesome! I love the island life! It was great to reconnect with hubby too. I did finally settle down and relax about the ferry shutting down. The second day we did do a LOT of walking. I log about 10+ miles a week on my elliptical, but even so, the walking eventually got to me. I started feeling crampy. And just before we boarded the ferry to leave. I went to the bathroom and noticed some blood in the toilet. We called the doc just to be safe. She said if it got worse, to go to L&D. She told me to take it easy the rest of the night, and if it didn't worsen, that it was likely a combination of irritation from sex and the walking and my cervix starting to make some progress. It never got worse, and the pains eased up. I did have some cramping tonight, but I figure that comes with the territory at this stage of the game. I sure hope my cervix is starting to thin and open. Started my raspberry leaf regimen at 32 weeks with a cup a day, uped it to 2 cups at 34 weeks and am now drinking 3 cups at 36 weeks. I'll up it to 4 cups at 38 weeks. I have also read that dates can help dilate you if you consume 6 a day starting at 36 weeks, so I figured I'd give that a shot. Of course, in my opinion, sex is the best medicine. I was walking around at 4 cm before I went into labor last time! It actually put me into labor! Today I accomplished some major cleaning. Got the bottles all put away finally in our new pantry. Cleared off our dining room table, which was full of mail and other miscellaneous stuff. I also organized an area of my room that has gotten out of hand recently. Had to order a new infant carrier because ours is too big with two seats in the backseat now. It came in while we were away, so hubby installed it today. We put the stroller together too and my nursing stool for my rocking chair. I just have a few odds and ends in the nursery and have to get some thigns together for work, and I'm all set! Getting very excited! Only 26 more days!!!

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Aug. 26, 2012 10:26am

Oops, my comment to Auburn was meant for Coomy ;)

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Reply by Leniana » Aug. 26, 2012 4:30pm

So nesting is no fun anymore, it's getting ridiculous!

I stayed up til 3 am last night, the first time I have seen 3 am in over a year! I could not get to sleep. I admit I had a 2 -3 hour nap but it was around noonish, and normally a nap does nothing to prevent me from falling asleep! I didn't even have any caffeine yesterday either. I cleaned for 3 hours before that nap, woke up, ate some and surfed the net a little then went back to cleaning! I cleaned until like 8 pm, made a late dinner, and afterwards went upstairs, cleaned a touch more, and started feeling really crampy.

I was like yes, maybe this is it! I did some squatting and sitting cross-legged to try to encourage it, and for a while I was getting pretty regular contractions and pressure every 6 minutes or so lasting around 45 seconds. I tried to sleep and couldn't, so I ended up reading about labor positions on my phone for a while and then finally went downstairs, did some laundry, cut up a watermelon, and took a shower and had a little snack before I finally passed out on the couch next to hubby (he was playing a video game). I dunno when he woke up me up to go to bed but I was still having contractions at the time and when I woke up to pee later. But nothing now. My pelvis feels bruised in between my legs though, hoping that is from the pressure of baby moving down and not from almost slipping last night (I caught myself but it did pull some).

Either way, come out baby!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 27, 2012 11:18pm

Jambolina - Yes I'm super excited. Especially after today...the owner (who is 76yrs old) of the company I work for said to me "pregnancy has been rough on you...you were a pretty young thing when you started here and now you're just a beat up old hag"....no lie! Just before that he had yelled at me over asking for clarification on something...he's such a friggin prick so this mat leave can't come soon enough for me!

Glad you made it through your vacation without going into labour! Everyone is getting sooo close, it's very exciting....I keep waiting for someone to come on and say "I've had the baby" or "I'm in labour!"

Leniana - I will pray to the "labour" gods for ya!! lol It's so exciting to be so close!

I've noticed I've been super emotional this past week and I see it continuing into this week. I feel down and lonley ...hoping my mood improves soon!

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Aug. 28, 2012 12:36am

Mom -- I know!! We are getting close! I'm laying bets on Leniana or Aurburn to be next, followed by Britney. Can't wait!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 28, 2012 12:49am

Ugh...my first bout of swollen feet happened tonight! SUCKS

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Reply by Leniana » Aug. 28, 2012 1:51pm

Morning ladies!

Still no baby here yet! Been having more crampiness and pressure still, no more real contractions though, besides a random one now and then. Last night and this morning I have been feeling a bit nauseated though, so crossing my fingers that things are continuing to gear up for labor soon. Nesting hasn't been back, think I have been too tired; I have not been able to sleep well since Saturday night's little adventure, plus getting my son back to school means waking up earlier than I've been used to over the summer. I'm gonna try to hit the hay earlier tonight and hope that helps.

Don't worry I will totally post an update when I finally go into labor, unless I have one of those miraculous speed deliveries! I am super excited to hear everyone's labor stories (and see those beautiful baby pics)!

Been having drama with my son's dad. Last school year I picked Gabe up from his dad's house every morning to go to school and dropped him off again in the evening. This was because he was an idiot and moved outside of the area where Gabe's school is (probably on purpose, because it is near where the middle school is that Gabe will attend next year and Gabe could walk himself so he wouldn't have to be bothered with it, but I digress). I told him I would only do it that year, and I reminded him of that several times, especially once I announced i was pregnant and over the summer. He insisted the bus would drop Gabe off at his house cause he's still in the school district, but I tried to explain that doesn't matter, and told him to call the bus dept for himself. Of course, he didn't ask about that, he just asked about splitting the bus schedule. Then he tells me they said they could (he tells me this Friday btw, which is too late to change the bus for the first day.. I told him to call about this weeks ago).

When I google to get the phone number of the dept to set up the change (because I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he asked the right question), the first page (which is the official page with the phone number on it) straight out says both stops must be "in the building's attendance area." So he's either an idiot or he ignored what he didn't want to hear (or imo both). So at this point I emailed him and told him that Gabe will just continue at his current bus stop (which is at my mom's house, cause Gabe hangs out there after school while I am finishing up work) and he can pick Gabe up at night at my house when I bring him home. No response yet, of course.

I am just done being walked all over by him. I have been doing 75% of the pick up and drop offs (95% last year because of the school thing) since we split (when Gabe was 18m old), and he has continually taken advantage of me trying to be nice and cooperate with him. We have a weird stupid 50/50 schedule (I have Gabe Friday night - Tuesday night) because that was what worked for him at the time (he worked a shit retail job and had to have free weekends, while I was going to school and worked during the week). While I love having weekends with Gabe, at this point I feel like his school work is suffering from having to switch midweek and the lack of consistency between our homes.

He tried to get me to switch Gabe's elementary school (to the one close to his house) which I refused because my son really did not want to switch (if Gabe had been okay with it I might have done it, because I'm too f***ing nice tbh). That's what brought about the "compromise" of me picking Gabe up every time last year. I am the primary parent, even though time is 50/50, and the court order currently states that he will attend school in my school district. So at this point I have nothing to gain by going any further with trying to help his incompetent ass out, and if he doesn't like it then he can spend the $ and file for a remediation.

If Gabe starts missing school because his dad can't be bothered to figure out an arrangement to get him there, that is not my problem, though I will use it as evidence to file for another mediation (because at that point it is affecting Gabe and I will spend the few hundred bucks to set it up) and get Gabe during the week if I must.

Mrs. Mom - Sorry about the swollen feet! They totally suck! Also about your boss... wow what a jerk! I would totally sock him (or not cause like I said above I'm too dang nice lol). The year maternity leave is awesome though!

Jambolina - I have a little baby pool for my family and I put that I would deliver yesterday or today.. I guess I still have a little time but at this rate I will be out!

nicole - Just lots of for you hun! Things will keep getting better!

gp - No worries, everyone is getting busy with the final loose ends before we deliver I think, just post when you can!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 28, 2012 3:08pm

Gosh Leniana, that sounds like a whole hot mess to be dealing with at anytime, but especially now! Geez, way to be considerate "dad of the year"

I've also been getting more crampy and a little nautious, strong BH and, an apparently, ticked off son who is running out of room and letting me know it by wiggling like crazy and putting all sorts of pressure down on the hoo-ha.

Also a lot more boob leakage in the last week or so along with CM discharge.

Only 6 days till the induction...I'm ready to get this show on the road. I'm not nervous about labor, but more of dealing with families in town. They don't always get along, but hopefully I'll be blissfully unaware!

Just tying up loose ends here at work, it's nice to have a D-Day so everyone knows when I have to have stuff done by. Although I'm taking my laptop with me, so I can work from home if needed during the next 6 weeks and take that off my sicktime.

I'm just exctied to meet this little fella, and to see my husband's reaction. I'll update as I can on Monday, unless I go in before.

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