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September 2012 Babies -Part 6! The Final Chapter? - Page 8

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 28, 2012 6:14pm

Wow Auburn - 6 days!!! So crazy. I have had collostrum leakage too...but only cause I did a "test" lol So I'm not really leaking, just if I squeeze, stuff comes out. I just wanted to see if I had it or not! lol

Leniana - It's never good for the child when you have an immature ex like that...poor Gabe! Good thing he has you! The swelling is just as bad as I thought it would be...this morning walking around getting ready for work I felt so much pressure on them with each step...and they were swollen at work again so I've got them up on the hard drive right now lol. I can't believe I thought I would be the lucky one NOT to have swelling...no such luck!

As for my boss...I honestly cried a lot last night. I've been so down ...almost feel depressed so that happening really wasn't good for me. I started a fight with my sweet husband last night for NO reason...he didn't even do anything, I just flew off the handle over something small. I bawled my eyes out pretty hard for most of the night! I had to put ice on my eyes to make the swelling of them go down enough for work! I am just a mess lately!

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Reply by courtney12 » Aug. 29, 2012 2:11am

Hi everyone!! I haven't posted on here in forever! Glad to still see everyone doing good! Knicole hugs to you and congrats on baby:) stay strong mamma.
I can't believe it's almost time I've been battling my bp the last few weeks and trying to keep it under control so this is my last week of work! Maybe then I'll have more time to really catch up on everyone's post. Good luck and I can't wait to see everyone's lo pics and birth stories:)

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Reply by Leniana » Aug. 29, 2012 3:53am

Just a short update because I'm super sad and need to vent. My son's dad never showed up to get him ( honestly never expected it, I figured he'd show up at the last minute). My son was pretty devestated :(. He finally called after ten pm but I didn't answer because I had already put him to bed. It hurts to see my little guy so upset, I think he understood the reasons I can't drive him any more but it is still so hard to get let down by a parent. I can only hope maybe his dad will wake up and get his butt in gear, but I think I may be too hopeful there.

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 29, 2012 3:48pm

Just a quick note. The hospital had us room in last night with Liam. Let the fun of parenting begin. Hubby and I got maybe four hrs of sleep. As of the last couple days they were supplementing in some formula and his poor lil gut does not like it. So he had some of the nastiest blow out poops that stank something awful from 11pm to about 1am. Breast milk poos. Are so much less stinky! Good news. .he comes home with us today! He's being sent home on oxygen however. They believe.he is having breathing issues due to the altitude here. But I'm very happy to get to bring the boy home after 25 days in the nicu. :)

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Reply by gppacen » Aug. 29, 2012 4:04pm

I'm so excited for you Knicole!!!!! That is HUGE!!!!! Hopefully in just a few days he'll be off the oxygen. :)

Leniana - That totally sucks - such an a-hole thing to do:( I can never understand how people can be so thoughtless when it comes to children and letting them down with things like that. Thankful your little man has you!

courtney - hang in there. Take it easy and hope your bp doesn't lead to any emergent treatment...

Mrs. Mom - Swelling sucks big time!!!! I have to use those TED stockings at work to help with the swelling - I also have to stop crossing my legs:( I've been crying a lot more too - though it doesn't help when you have an idiot boss.

AuburnMama - 5 days now for you!!! GL with everything:)

Just had the group b test done and had my cervix checked. Not dilated but thinning out and the little one is head down so that's good. After the doc checked my cervix am def having some spotting. Seems to be more than what I would think was normal but no bright red so I'll just keep an eye on it. The BH have been getting more uncomfortable lately despite how much water I drink:(

Have a wonderful day ladies!!!

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Aug. 29, 2012 5:33pm

Knicole -- Yay!!! So excited for you!!!! Glad he is finally home in your arms! God is good!!!!

Leniana -- I'm sorry you are having to deal with that drama especially when you are on the brink of delivery :(

Aurburn -- Good luck with everything! I'll definitely keep you in my prayers!

AFM -- Been having more and more pressure and vaginal pains especially when I stand. I'm crampy on and off too. Can't wait to hopefully get checked on Friday!! I'm thinking and willing big numbers ;)

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Reply by Coomy08 » Aug. 29, 2012 7:13pm

Really not feeling the greatest the past week, nausea and diarrhea keep making random appearances, really tired, been waking up in the middle of the night with menstrual like back pains and some nights it's accompanied with a hard stomach. Noticed baby boy is slowing in movements, started yesterday and he's only moved a little bit today. See my doctor tomorrow for my 36 week appointment so hopefully he'll check me this time. My boss refuses to put me on the schedule for next week until my doc gives the okay...I understand he's worried I'm going to go into labor before my c-section especially after I had some false labor Thursday at work(had a lot of pressure on pelvis and butt region..felt like I had to poop even after I already went...contractions that were regular[didn't get better with walking or rest] and were accompanied with the menstrual like cramping and lower back pain...lasted about an hr-hr 1/2 and then just went away)
My sons 3rd b-day is tomorrow so we went and got stuff to make him an elmo b-day cake, started on the elmo picture today so all I'll have to do tomorrow is make the cake and put the picture on it. He still is insisting that baby brother will be here for his birthday, we'll see he's pretty determined even told baby boy yesterday to get out of mommies belly button lol.

Knicole- I am so happy for you! I got teary eyed when i read he gets to come home, again so happy for you guys and hopefully the oxygen doesn't have to be used for long :)

Auburn- looks like you'll be our next birth story unless someone else pops first. Excited for you to get to meet Andon finally!

Jambolina- they check you friday and for some dilation.


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Reply by dsdaye » Aug. 29, 2012 8:19pm

Knicole- congrats on getting to bring Liam home. I hope that he doesn't have to be on the oxygen too long.

Coomy08- I have been having a lot of the same feelings with the back pain and pressure. I will definitely be thinking of you and your little one with the little movement. I hope that everything is fine. Mine is not moving around quite as much anymore either. There is very little room for them to move around in though. Just talk to your doctor to make sure everything cheks out ok.

Jambolina- Let us know what the doctor says on Friday. I'm thinking that you are dialated a little, but I really have no idea what to expect when it comes to all this stuff since this is my first pregnancy.

gppacen- I hope that everything is ok. Your doctor must not be too concerened with everything though. I hope the spotting stops soon.

Leniana- I can't believe some people. I'm so sorry that you have deal with all of this. My dad was not a huge part of my life and put getting drunk ahead of us. I can completely understand your son's feelings. Thank goodness he has you. I have a great mom and a wonderful step-dad who filled in where my dad should have been. I'm sure your son has the same thing with you and you can know that that is going to make all the difference in his life.

Mrs. Mom- I'm so sorry that you have to deal with a boss like that. He sounds horrible. I hope that your swelling goes down soon too.

Auburn- Good luck with everything. We'll all be thinking of you!

I have been feeling pretty good other than some pressure and cramps here and there. I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday. My iron levels have gone up since I started taking iron pills and my Group B test came back negative. The baby's heartbeat was only 125 this week when it was 150 last week. She didn't seem worried, but I am just wondering if that is ok for it to change so much. She even said that it was moving all over the place when she checked it. Anyone else have such a change from one week to the next?

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Reply by tyesmommy115 » Aug. 29, 2012 8:33pm

Knicole woohoo good news :) I'm so happy he finally gets to come home :):)!! Good news and so happy for you :)! .................. Small update I go to the drs tomorrow to have my sweep done and see if I'm dilated at all. Hopefully I am and we jump start this whole thing :):)! I've been having back pain and BH here n there so maybe Alyssa will be here sooner than later !! Ahhh we are all getting so close!! 8 days for me ( your chart has the 3rd but I'm due the 6th ) lol! Who's going to be first any bets?? Lol

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 29, 2012 11:50pm

Leniana - I'm so sorry to hear about your ex not picking up your son. The pain your son felt hurts mom just as much I am sure. I think if he sees you remaining positive and just being that shining light in his life is what will keep him happy in the end. He will always remember the wonderful mom you are to him and it will mean more when he gets older.

knicole - Well isn't that the best news you ever heard?! I'm so happy for you sweety. After all you've been through, this is such a great chapter to your new life at home with baby and hubby...even though I know your hubby will be shipping off again soon. You are one tough lady! Hoping he does well and can go off the oxygen sooner than later! xo

Coomy - I mentioned that my babe's movement has slowed down and OB said that's normal, not to worry. I still feel wiggles throughout the day but it is much less than what I was used to....guess that is a part of being so close to the end! :)

dsdaye - My baby's HB went from 152 to 136 and I was told that is normal for baby's HB to slow down at this point. If they aren't worried, I wouldn't be either...I know easier said than done

gppacen - Yeah swelling sucks big time! But I will take it over the sickness i had in the first trimester ANY DAY :) Sorry to hear about the spotting...hope it goes away soon!

AFM - Not much swelling today. My right foot did a bit, but nowhere near what it was the past two days so that's a relief. It did feel tingly though and my calf in the right leg has been sore too. Today I am exactly ONE month away from my due date...I am further behind you ladies so I can't wait to hear about all of your birth stories and to see pics of your sweet babies!!! Next week is my last week of work...I may have mentioned that about 100 times by now lol...I am just too excited! I have NEVER not worked in my life so this is going to be a huge change for me.

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Reply by tyesmommy115 » Aug. 30, 2012 2:50pm

Hi ladies hope everyones doing well .. I went to the drs this morning and I am almost 3cm dilated however my cervix is still bout a cm thick I have no idea what that means lol She did the sweep so I am hoping within the next few days ill get to meet my baby girl :)

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 30, 2012 4:15pm

knicole, that's awesome!!! I hope you guys are settling in! Nothing like being at home and I know it's a huge releif off your shoulders to be home!!!!!

tyes: that sounds awesome! I'm sure with the sweep, you could go any day now!!

AFM: Andon had been moving like a madman last night...I seriously thought he was going to try to come out between that and the BH!! Went in this morning (he was active this morning too, which he's not normally...) and I'm still 1cm but 50% effaced. ALSO had a major clarification of my induction on Monday.

The hospital scheduled us to come in at 6 a.m. Monday, so when I asked my Doc "you will be there Monday right?" He was like "No, Tuesday..."

Yep, they gave us the wrong time!! So instead we go in Monday afternoon at 3 p.m., get the softening meds, stay the night and start the Pit Tuesday morning! Glad we got that straightened out!! Contacted all family and let them know, so now he won't be a Labor Daby baby, but a Sept. 4 baby! Either way, my last day of work is tomorrow and I have to admit, I'm quite excited about that!!!

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Reply by tallesss » Aug. 30, 2012 6:57pm

Hi Ladies,

It's been a while, but i'm just so ridiculously exhausted waddling around with the belly!

At my last OB appt i weighed in at 199lbs YIKES!!!!!!\

i put myself on a diet. prunto.

gppacen - I can definitely relate to having an idiot boss. I am being forced out of my job, but I'm not gonna stress, I serve a faithful God, he won't forsake me.

Knicole - Amen, Liam is home! Relax, breathe and just snuggle your precious bundle. It is well.

To everyone else approaching their due dates, I wish us all smoothe deliveries and plenty of rest afterward.

I have just been feeling weird lately. lots of pressure in my pelvis and pain (back, pelvis and butt) my belly just feels extra heavy and I am actually waddling (goodness i'm a sad sight).

had my sono last thursday and was told she's head down, (yep they said she's still a she!) i'm at peace with it. I told my doctor i don't want another C-section unless it can't be avoided.

I'm slacking as i need to haul out the car seat and bases from the basement, wash her clothes and finish packing my hospital bag!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 30, 2012 7:53pm

tyesmommy - sounds like you are on your way!!! SO exciting!! Keep us updated and when you have your little one, can't wait to see photos! :)

Auburn - Sept 4 ...I mean how exciting to know you will meet this bundle of joy in 5 days! I'm so jealous lol I want to meet my baby now!!

AFM - No swelling really today ....I do feel like my right foot WANTS to swell ...feels tingly somewhat but so far it's held off. 4 days left of work!

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Reply by tallesss » Aug. 30, 2012 8:07pm

I forgot to add that at my sono appt last thursday my BP was higher than usual so i had to do a 24hr urine collection Yay!....NOT

I going back in tomorrow for the follow up.

she is measuring 5lbs 10oz and very long. not surprised at the length, given, that i'm 6ft and papa is 7ft 3in. I'd have been floored had they said she was measuring short!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Aug. 31, 2012 1:57pm

Just have to vent to ladies I know will understand...

So this morning my sister messages me asking how I'm feeling. I said "good, have some swelling but starting to feel HUGE". Her response "oh you'll get way bigger lol"....grrrr! That bugged me SO much...maybe it's my emotions are running high, but I thought, why do people say this crap to a pregnant woman??! Especially when she just complained about feeling huge! Annoying....

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Reply by Coomy08 » Aug. 31, 2012 2:39pm

Had my 36 week appointment yesterday, HB was 152, doc said I had a nice calm baby and that movement slowing down was normal at this point. My group B swab came back negative. Didnâ??t check me...yet againâ?¦I tried to explain about the False labor I had at work and how my boss is worried that Iâ??ll pop this kid out at work and my doc just made a joke about it saying heâ??ll give them an in-service on how to deliver a babyâ?¦wasnâ??t very happy when I left. He did say if the strong contractions start up to come in and get checked out, and that if I go into labor now he wouldnâ??t stop it.
Got my boss to compromise with me on working next week and we agreed on 3 days instead of my usual 5(better than none), but his part of the agreement was that the 3 days would be in the beginning of the week since it would be easier to replace me if I did go into labor (he thinks itâ??ll be Sept 5th). Some family and friends have started placing bets on when Iâ??ll have this baby; I have Sept 7th as my guess. I hope he waits till at least Sunday to try and come out since my husband is supposed to go out of town Saturday for the night for a bachelor party...my husbandâ??s iffy if heâ??s even going to go now with how Iâ??ve been feeling.
Have my bag for hospital like 98% packed all Iâ??ll have to add is just my phone, book, hair brush and hair spray. Need to get some grippy socks and a nursing cami to add and then Iâ??ll be ready to go. Baby boy just needs some socks, 0/3 month going out outfit, and baby book and his bag will be good to go. Going to clean out my car tomorrow and get the car seat set up so thatâ??ll be done then all weâ??ll have left to do is just wait on baby to come.
My son turned 3 yesterday, I made him an Elmo cake (tried the icing picture transfer) he really liked it. He really wanted his baby brother for his b-day though, he yelled at my stomach again telling baby boy to get out of momâ??s belly button lol silly kid.
AFM- still getting sharp pains in my pelvic area, pressure in pelvic/butt area, random bouts of nausea and diarrhea, BH are still coming in frequent and intense, menstrual like cramping, lower back painâ?¦all in all Iâ??m just tired and uncomfortable 24/7 these daysâ?¦just ready to meet my baby boy ï?? and be able to spend the month off work with my boys.

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Aug. 31, 2012 5:06pm

Mrs. Mom -- People always say crap like that to pregnant women. She probably said that because she feels huge too. Misery loves company.

Coomy -- I think it won't be much longer for you either. I have a lot of the same symptoms as you...sharp pelvic and vaginal pains, pressure, backache. And, I don't think it will be much longer for me. Can't believe doc didn't check you. :/

AFM -- Well, I am 37 weeks today. Doc did the Group B test and checked my cervix. I am almost 3 cm and am 50% effaced! Woohoo! I'm thinking next weekend maybe -- the 8th or 9th. Been saying that for awhile. My husband has a huge test he has to take on the 7th. He's been studying for weeks. He was supposed to take it Aug. 18 but he pushed it back, which I wasn't happy about. So we're hoping this baby at least waits until after his test. Once I was 3 cm with my daughter, it wasn't much longer. Getting super excited =)

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Reply by Leniana » Aug. 31, 2012 10:59pm

Hi ladies...

Thank you for all the kind words about my son and his idiot father. He did come to get him on Wednesday (after he asked me to call him when I got home... I get home the same time pretty much every day, but whatever) and we of course had a big blow up about it (well I did at least). Of course I'm supposed to do everything apparently cause the court order says it (actually it doesn't, he is delusional).

But anyway we are going to "compromise" and he will drop Gabe off in the mornings and I will get him on the bus (which I will move to my house to make it easier, it is currently a block from my mom's and apparently he can't handle being that close to her for five minutes a day), and on his evenings he will pick him up at the bus stop and take him home. On my evenings he can just walk down the hill to our house.

So I still have to get him to school every day but at least I don't have to be responsible for picking him up and running him to my mom's, and on days he fucks up Gabe can just stay at my house. I'm not excessively happy about it but my husband says it's fair, and since he isn't too emotionally charged about it like I am I will take his word for it. I'm personally just tired of dealing with the stupid jerk.

So I had my last day of "work" today, and yesterday was my last day in the office. (I worked from home today so mainly that meant checking my emails hehe). If I don't have the baby over the weekend then I'll just use a couple sick and personal days to cover the last few days, or if I need to answer any emails I'm gonna count it as a work from home day, hehe.

Appointment was good, still no cervical check /pout. Had to get more blood drawn to recheck my thyroid levels but I didn't hear back so they are probably stable. My last appointment is on the 6th. Midwife said if I haven't given birth by then they will go ahead and schedule my induction (which I'd guess they'd schedule for early the following week). I'm feeling like I will never have this kid so at this point it's kind of a relief to know there is a definite end in sight. Hubby doesn't help by asking me every morning why I haven't had that baby yet?

Still getting lots of contractions and pressure but nothing regular. Had a few bouts of feeling a touch nauseated but nothing major and no loose stools, show or any other symptoms of labor except for maybe more and thicker discharge.

jambolina - Yikes, hubby wanted to push it to the limit didn't he? I hope baby holds out! Congrats on the 3 cm!

coomy - Eh your boss sounds like a worry wart but your doc could be a little more considerate of your feelings.. at least your boss is letting you come in for the three days. Your son sounds adorable, even if they don't share the same birthday they will always feel special to have them close together; two of my sisters are a week apart and one of my brothers and another sister are on consecutive days hehe.

Mrs Mom - ugh because that is so helpful! I wish people would just keep their mouth shut LOL.

talless - how did your 24 hr pee test go? Fingers crossed for you!

auburn - LOL good thing you asked the doc!

Nicole - congrats on bringing Liam home!! I hope he is off the oxygen very soon!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by beckster » Sep. 1, 2012 7:12pm

Hi ladies. Sorry I haven't posted anything in a long time, been super busy with everything. I'll try and catch up on your earlier posts when I can. I did see that you've had your little boy Knicole so congratulations, im so happy he's home with you now. From what i've read you've certainly been through alot these past few weeks.

AFM im 37 weeks today! I really think these last few weeks seem to go on forever!! Over all with this being my second baby it has gone quickly so far, but now that im so desperate to meet my little boy its dragging so bad.

I've been pretty well throughout this pregnancy but these last few weeks i've not been myself. Been extremely tired and finding the smallest of things a real struggle to do. I had so fluid leak on Tuesday so went to my Labour ward to get checked and they couldn't see any evidence of it being my waters. I have to be extra careful because i have group B strep so could be a real problem if they had gone. They did say i had a trace of blood and protein in my urine but didn't seem too concerned about it as my blood presure was normal. I have been having more headaches lately so just been told to keep an eye on how i feel and to go back in straight away if im concerned.
My next midwife appointment is on wednesday so will see how things are going then.

One thing thats been really bothering me lately is how annoying people can be! Not a day goes by where someone will say "you not had him yet then?" or "are you sure there's only one in there?!" I just smile and prentend everything is fine but in side I just want to scream at them. Do people not realise what they are saying sometimes!!

Anyway, I think i've rambled on enough for now. I'll try to update when I can, especially now we're all getting so close. Cannot wait to hear all your birth stories and see pics of everyones little ones.

Beckster xx

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