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Natural Pregnancy Miracle - How is this possible?

Category: General - Newly Pregnant
Posted by Mammoth » 16 weeks ago

So we had Henry back in May 2017. This was after 6 years of trying anything and everything. I didn't respond well to IVF and gradually we worked out that I had diminished ovarian reserve (poor eggs) along with adenomyosis (which affects the uterus), endometriosis (which affects the bowel, ovaries and vagina/ cervix in my case) and a hydrosalpinx (blocked tube). We used an egg donor and despite some understandable fears, everything worked beautifully. Except I did need a c-section because he was breech.

Roll on to the end of 2019 and here I am looking after a lively, intelligent pre-schooler. I hadn't tracked my cycles because I'd done that to death when I was TTC and it never seemed like there was time! I did have a vague sense that my cycles were more regular than they used to be, that they were sort of following the full moon and I was in a bit less pain than before.

We'd been house-sitting for 4 weeks and as we packed up, it occurred to me that I hadn't had a period in that time. And actually, when was it that I last had one? My best guess was maybe a week or so before the house-sitting. I took a test, expecting it to be negative.

Almost immediately, one strong line came back and then I could see another one, more faint. I tried to make sense of it. Actually the faint line was the CONTROL line, which meant that this was no squinter; it was a dye-stealer. I had enough HcG in my system that the test line couldn't be dark enough without robbing some colour from the control.

No question; I was 'very' pregnant.

Now I'm 41 years old so this is no sure thing (miscarriage rate is 50%) but I NEVER thought this would happen. I have no idea if anyone is actually still on this site, but if you are, hello.

First 'booking in' appointment with the midwife on Xmas Eve. Hoping to talk them into an early scan for reassurance.

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Reply by cmere84 » 15 weeks ago

I had always followed you on the other site I was mill Barnett over there... had a baby girl after 4 years. Habe now been trying 18 months for #2

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Reply by calvingirl » 15 weeks ago

Congratulations!! What a great story!! I'll be crossing my fingers for you, but a strong line is always a beautiful thing.

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Reply by starburstice » 15 weeks ago

I've heard of this happening quite a lot. Congratulations mama, praying for you!

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