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IVF - eggs retrieved

Category: General - General Chatter
Posted by AshleyK » 2 weeks ago

How many eggs did you get out of your retrieval!?

Based on recent consults some doctors like to keep numbers lower at around 15 and some will take 30+. One doctor told me quality decreases with too many, anyone knows what's a good number!?

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Reply by Daliard » 2 weeks ago

Age and reason for infertility will factor into this. While number can increase your odds on paper, quality is more important as you mentioned. Over 10 is a good number. 30+ gets into dangerous I would say. Best not to be overstimmed.
I had 14 eggs retrieved and only 4 fertilized. I had two high quality embryos transferred fresh on day 2 and am 17 weeks with a healthy singleton girl on the first IVF try. It’s a bit of a cliche, but for a reason: “it only takes one!”

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Reply by ZasAsd » 2 weeks ago

Def only takes one! I have unexplained and we expected someone my age/numbers/etc to get at least 15-20 eggs but we only got FIVE! I was heartbroken. But 4 made it to blast (day 5 and 6). Did an FET and currently 38 weeks! It only takes 1!!!

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Reply by SinclairSong » 2 weeks ago

My both doctors (British and Ukrainian) told me not to focus on the number. I know it’s difficult, but even one egg is already great. In Ukraine, they didn’t even tell their patients how many follicles were retrieved. I only know that I had four eggs, 2 of which made it to blast. To say I was upset would be a considerable understatement. I thought it was a failure! But please don’t get too attached to numbers! That’s what my doctors tried to put in my head. Stress is no good !!! And yes, everything went smoothly. My daughter was born 3 months ago! So stay calm and good luck to all those ttc now!

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Reply by AshleyK » 2 weeks ago

How is it possible not to tell the number of follicles retrieved? I would go crazy! 5 days would become eternity for me

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Reply by SinclairSong » 2 weeks ago

Well, maybe the reason they didn’t tell me the number was not to add more stress to the whole process. I had the first IVF in Britain and I had only 5 follicles retrieved back then. I met an Irish couple during our stay at the hotel and the woman told me that she didn’t know the number of her follicles either. Maybe it’s just our clinic Biotex that does so, I am not sure :)

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