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5weeks 3days no baby in ultrasound ?

Category: General - Newly Pregnant
Posted by lovehopepraywish » Dec. 30, 2013 6:10am

was at er last night and they did an ultrasound the gestational sac was there but the baby and yolk sac was not there is this normal my hcg is 3997 and the gestational sac is .69cm my cervix is closed uterus is good it not in my tube that they could see so is the baby gonna be ok or is it gonna be another mc

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Reply by sjones1230 » Jan. 8, 2014 9:32pm

Im not sure hun, I have never had an ultrasound so soon. This time was my first Planned TTC journey, so its the earliest I have ever found out. I was anywhere from 6-8 weeks with previous pregnancies, and never had an ultrasound before 13 weeks...

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Reply by EightIsEnough4Me » Jan. 9, 2014 2:57am

With my last pregnancy, I had an u/s at 5 weeks and could not see baby; only a sac. My doctor said sometimes it's too early. When I returned a few weeks latter for a 9 week u/s baby was visible, and she is now 17 months.

With my current pregnancy, I had an u/s at 5 weeks and we saw baby in her sac and I asked, Isn't that soon? Doctor said again, Sometimes it's too early, but not always. Baby is due in 34 days.

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Reply by Paolen » Jan. 10, 2014 6:44pm

According to my LMP I should be 6W5D today. According to ovulation I am only 5W. I went yesturday to my first ultrasound since my last pregnancy ended in MC at 8W. My OB wants to be sure everything's ok. We saw nothing! Not even the gestational sac. I am very confused and worried. I read many of you saw your babys at 5W. Where is mine? My OB says it's normal since the pregnancy is too early. I should go back in a couple of weeks. So now I will have another round of a TWW....

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