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Finally! The Third Trimester and I am still alive!!!

Category: Trimesters - Third Trimester
Posted by Queenmommy0914 » Feb. 17, 2014 4:30pm

Finally reached the 3rd Trimester! I have had my fill of pregnancy. I've had a rough pregnancy so far. I don't know about you other 3rd Trimesters. My uterus is so big that I feel like I'm going to pop like a balloon! :z

I'm due May 1st. The finish line seems so far away :( The symptoms are getting worse and worse. Heart-burn, "gassiness" (not a word), body aches, and frequent urination. There is much more to add to the list but that would take "forever" to list.

This morning I found out that my four year is sick...again. I'm praying that I don't get sick again!!! I do feel really tired and that's how it usually starts :( The hubs was sick first so I blame him (poor hubs).

I'm counting down the days until my due date but we all know that a great amount of babies aren't born on their due dates. My first baby was 3 days late. I'm hoping that this baby comes a little early (not too early) or on time. I'm ready to go!

Good luck to you ladies and healthy babies to us all! <3

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