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EPO. Yes or no?

Category: Trimesters - Third Trimester
Posted by Fahrbaby » Mar. 4, 2014 2:42am

I took 1,000mg orally About 3 hours ago. I know you can take it vaginally as well, but that makes me nervous. Mostly because I get yeast infections easily. If I use a dryer sheet or even a different soap, I get a yeast infection. So if it's irritating, it may be a bad idea. I have only taken 1 gel tab today, and I haven't had any undesirable side effects from it. Not sure how much I'm supposed to take honestly. I have heard that it helps you efface. I was only 1/2 cm dilated at my last appointment, and I'm due in 3 days. So I'm looking to give my body a little nudge. My last pregnancy, they had to break my water for me, because my body just wouldn't get over the labor hump. So this time, I want it to start on it's own! I have walked, had sex, bounced on a ball, ate pineapple, drank RRL tea, and walked up and down stairs. no dice! I'm not willing to try castor oil since I've heard horror stories, but I have seen mixed opinions on EPO.

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Reply by calvingirl » May. 8, 2015 2:13pm

I'm 35 weeks and have bad cervical scarring, so the midwife has started me on EPO vaginally this week. I've had no symptoms so far after three days. I think I have a 1500mg capsule and I put it in the end of a clean tampon applicator - pop that sucker right in at night before bed with a pantyliner on.

At 36 weeks she wants me to ALSO take it orally - one pill in the morning. EPO doesn't dilate you but will ripen the cervix. In my case, it will soften up scar tissue and let me dilate when it's time. I've heard good things about it but this is my first time using it.

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