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MC'd in this week in my last pg... - Page 2

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 13, 2011 5:52pm

That's really hard, not to have definite answers... I'm really hoping things work out for you. At least your numbers are rising. When I went to the ER she explained that they worry more if numbers are going down or are staying the same. So I'll stay positive for you over here.

Things are okay over here, I've had some more spotting here and there, but no waterfalls again, thank goodness. I'm totally exhausted, though. Hubby ran in the "Warrior Dash" today, so it was 4 hours in the car and three hours moving around the site which was a little much, so I'm hoping to get to kick my feet up and relax (I suggest you do the same). I have another doctor's apt. Monday, with my new OB since I "graduated" from me RE. This guy has experience with twins at least, so hopefully that will help. All in all, I'm feeling good minus the normal aches of pregnancy.

Keep us posted. You're in my prayers!

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Reply by Briansgirl » Aug. 13, 2011 9:09pm

Glad to hear things are good on your end! Horray for your appt monday with the new guy! Whats the warrior dash? Hope u get to rest and hubby pampers you!
Take care, talk to you soon!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 13, 2011 10:03pm


It's this fun run with obstacles and mud, with beer at the end. lol. Okay- no beer for me, obviously, but I stole hubby's shirt, and got to watch him win an extra one for doing pull ups. *swoon*

He's totally pampering me, and giving into every whim...

BTW, I thought of you today at the grocery store. I HAD TO go buy more cheesedoodles, but I bought a knock off brand... 2 pounds for 2 dollars. Awesomeness. ;)

Take it easy over (up) there!

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Reply by Briansgirl » Aug. 14, 2011 4:08pm

Lol! That warrior dash sounds fun! So, I'm not sure how similar those cheesedoodles are to the cheesies we have, but I love to dip my cheesies in mustard (even when I'm nop pg) you should try it! Let me know if it actually tastes good or if I'm just a weirdo!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 14, 2011 4:42pm

yeesh. I don't like mustard in the first place really. I used to gag filling up the mustards when I was a waitress. lol. I only like the whole brown mustard from boars head really. It's weird...

I'm more of a weirdo when in comes to food I think. I HATED peanut butter until about two years ago, hubby had to slowly get me to like it by getting me addicted to nutella... yum.....

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Reply by Briansgirl » Aug. 14, 2011 7:07pm

Ya, I love mustard. I have 4 different kinds in my fridge, lol! Hate ketchup tho. Don't even like the smell of it. I'm not a very picky eater, I eat things other people wouldn't, but I have some weird food aversions. Like meat with bones in it or any type of cake (including pancakes, excluding ice cream cake) I never liked eggs until my 1st pg when I started craving omelettes. Still eat em, or scrambled eggs with cheese once in a while. Its weird how pregnancy can change your taste buds!
I read a list of foods to avoid during pg and was thrown off to see deli meat. Theres apparantly a risk for lysteria. They say it's ok if you heat it to the point of steaming 1st. I ate so much subway in my 1st pg and had zero complications, perfectly healthy baby. Actually the ob told me at my last appt that my son was sideways! They never told me before and I had no idea! (Probably thanks to the epidural!) Found out 8yrs later, my son just turned 8 last monday!
Anyway, (after that ramble) hope all is well, take care!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 16, 2011 3:13pm

I've been craving subway, but only when I smell it. I can't have it anyway because of the bread, but turkey cold cuts would be nice... Oh well, I can't stand the thought of them hot unless they are in a grilled cheese sammy. YUM! (I've been on the most wicked cheese kick... all sorts of cheese products, even nacho cheese!)

Anyway.. How are you feeling today? I went to the Dr. yesterday (first time new, "regular" OB) when I gave him the run down he was totally shocked that they didn't give me the rhogam shot considering I've had lots of spotting and that bout of bleeding and I have type O negative blood. Hm.... Made me think of you, actually, do you know your blood type? I guess any negative with bleeding (especially second pregnancies) SHOULD get the shot. Just a thought...

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Reply by Briansgirl » Aug. 17, 2011 9:31pm

Its official, blighted ovum. They r going to keep running my hcg's just to make sure I won't need a d&c. So I will be leaving this site.
I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and delivery. I will make sure to check in with you now and then. Thank you for everything!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 17, 2011 10:21pm

Oh honey!!!!!! I'm so sorry! *HUG*

You'll still be in my prayers and hopefully we'll see you back here soon....

I wish there was more I could say.

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Reply by dmpage » Aug. 17, 2011 11:00pm

Oh man!! I'm sorry! Having had 3 losses of my own, I know there's nothing that can be said to comfort you. I can say my favorite thing to decompress was to go and scream/cry sitting down in a hot shower! We'll see you back here for sure!!! God bless!!

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