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End of June/July babies! Please join!

Category: Trimesters - Third Trimester
Posted by Love00 » May. 12, 2012 10:12pm

Hello ladies,

My name is Nathalie, this is my first pregnancy and I am due July 4th! We are super excited...having a baby girl. I would love to chat with some of you who are due around the same time. Hope some of you join!

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Reply by cjpalaska » May. 13, 2012 1:18pm

Hi Nathalie...... I am technically due June 19th.... but I think ours will come early June instead! But it is definately getting closer!

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Reply by Love00 » May. 14, 2012 5:27am

So close!!

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Reply by Jelly-Bean » May. 14, 2012 11:47am

My original due date is 2nd July but I have a C section scheduled for 21st of June!

This is my first and I am expecting a girl.

I am getting very excited for her arrival - regardless of all the discomfort and soreness .

Hi to all who is feeling the strain of third trimester!

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Reply by Love00 » May. 15, 2012 9:54pm

Hello and welcome! C-section is so close! Why a c-section? Was it your choice?

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Reply by GypsyTasya » May. 16, 2012 11:29am

hi there. i'm also expecting a girl, and this is my first pregnancy :) we're due july 2 but i also think she's coming earlier ... just a feeling i have.

i feel like a moose and i can't sleep for more than 1.5 - 2 hrs at a time for the last 3-4 weeks now, lol. and, i'm desperately sick of having to pee all the time :P

my little girl is a strong little kicker! she likes to put on a show .... we're going to put the tv remote on my belly and measure how far she can kick it, haha.

anyone else having SUPER vivid dreams about labor???

/hugs to all!

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Reply by Jelly-Bean » May. 16, 2012 1:49pm

@Love00: Baby is measuring a bit bigger and I have a small frame.. but yes the C-section at this stage is my choice. I have done LOADS of research though..
I am an engineer by profession and I tend to get seriously stressed out at the unexpected.. the C-section takes some of the anxiety out it for me.. (Murphy's law she will come early now to remind me I can't REALLY plan this! hahaha)

@Gypsy: I am having really vivid dreams about the baby.. some of them quite upsetting! - Not about labour but just general concerns or things going wrong..
My mom says it's just because we are anxious and generally worried at this stage and these dreams are the brain's way of dealing with it!

I'm getting so excited / anxious now! only 5 more weeks for me.......

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Reply by cjpalaska » May. 17, 2012 7:21pm

Just got back from my dr. appointment ....... He checked me and said I am almost 2cm dialted and very loose! I asked him if that was normal and he said not for first time moms..... . I won't make it to 40 weeks ..... and I could deliver / go into labor any day after now! He said basically call when I have contractions five minutes apart or my water breaks...... He said now that I am almost 36 weeks he isn't concerned about me delivering now. Or I could last another week or two but that would be about it. He could feel the baby's head and hair today!!!!!

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Reply by GypsyTasya » May. 19, 2012 11:27am

VERY exciting!

i still have 2w and a day or two to hit week 36. not much longer now!

today is the prepared childbirth class and tweaking of my birth plan afterwards. yay!

i have not had one single BH contraction. i hope i don't get fooled at the last minute! lol.

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Reply by Love00 » May. 19, 2012 10:43pm

Yaaay! I am so glad some of you joined. I didn't think anybody would. Welcome peanut and gypsy! I know Carolyn (CJP) from CTP.

Peanut- I have had some very vivid dreams as well. Not often though. I have had some good ones and some upsetting ones like you. I think it is normal though, just like your mom said. Plus we are getting closer and closer.

Gyspy- Your comment about feeling like a moose made me laugh. I also cannot sleep for than 2-3 hours at a time. I get up to pee constantly but more than anything heartburn is extremely uncomfortable at night. I have decided to go through this entire pregnancy without taking any meds (meds that are considered safe). It is silly I know but I suffered this long with the heartburn, I might as well go all the way now. If I get the epidural during labor, then it kills the whole purpose but I don't want to think about it right now since I don't have to. I was talking to a nurse about the BH contractions and she said that it is possible not to know that you are having them. She said if your entire belly gets hard like your forehead then it is a BH contraction and that no more than 4 in an hour should be felt. But I feel the same way as you about getting fooled the last minute! Oh and I wanted to mention, your 4D pic looks amazing! Wow what a clear shot! We did not get one clear shot like that. We diid get great pics and a video but yours is super clear!

Carolyn- I hope your little one stays put for a little longer. How cool that your ob was able to feel the head and hair, I wonder if that is a common thing.

AFM: 34 weeks on Wednesday! To think that I will be full term in about 3 and a half weeks is crazy! I also have this crazy feeling that she will come before week 40.

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Reply by cjpalaska » May. 20, 2012 4:51pm

I asked the same thing!! I asked my dr. if that was common at 36 weeks.... to be 1 cm dialated ect. and he said not common for first time moms! He said they are usually closed and tight cervix. He just said I will delivery earlier than 40 weeks...... not going to last that long!

But OMG today I am in super nesting / cleaning mode.... I don't usually have a big desire to clean in general... I am usually pretty laid back about it but the past few days I have been going crazy wanting to clean and sterilize everything! Also having bad mood swings... that could be from lack of sleep also though.... just feel not myself.... out of control and super uncomfortable! I hope this doesn't last for 4 more weeks that would be my worst nightmare. I really hope it isn't more than two weeks or so...... getting very tired, frustrated, and uncomfortable!

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Reply by GypsyTasya » May. 20, 2012 6:55pm

yeah, the lack of sleep combined w/discomfort is making me a little nuts also. i WANT to nest like crazy too ... but i THINK baby has dropped and i've got crazy pelvic pressure. bending over is nearly impossible b/c my belly is all in the way... like feels as it's on my lap! plus, it feels like she is playing havoc w/my bladder ... i have to pee ALL THE TIME now ... even moreso than ever before and it hurts! and it even feels like i need to go when i don't! i had the OB do a full urinalysis on me b/c i thought it was an infection, lol. it wasn't (although i did have trace amounts of blood in my urine - they said it's normal in 3rd trimester) but that pain feeling is still there. the last clue is that i can feel her moving way lower now ... like just above my pubic bone. i still feel her up higher too though so that's a little confusing - maybe she's got long legs, lol! all that combined and i swear it's like every movement is a chore, LOL ... ugh, 6 more weeks?!?!?!? o.0 ....

love - thank you for the compliment on her pics :) we had them done at a place right up the road from the house. the lady that does these is AWESOME! in the larger images, you can even see her eyelashes and fingernails. we could see on her blk/white images that she's already got hair ... i was totally amazed. we got really lucky finding them.

i've been lucky w/not too much heartburn. i feel bad for you if you're plagued by it, ugh. you're brave not taking ANY meds ... i couldn't stand it and had to take the tums, lol. how are you managing it w/o taking anything though?

peanut - my dreams have been silly and irrational. for example, i frequently dream that labor is not painful enough ... LOL, right?!?!? or, that they send me home b/c i can't possibly be having contactions b/c i'm not in enough pain. i always wake-up before the pushing part though.

/hugs ladies ... i hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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Reply by asabrina » May. 22, 2012 4:57pm

Hi Everyone! I am Due July 12 but having a repeat c-section July 5th! We are waiting to find out what we are having, but have just recently purchased a going home outfit for baby whether a boy or girl! Makes it seem so real to see those little baby things! Time is flying by although im sure @ same point in the next few weeks it will start to drag as the final countdown begins!! Nice to find a group where everyone is so close in dates :)

Nathalie - Thanks for starting this group, i havent been able to find an active group with people around the same date as me! I am shocked by how fast this all seems! When I see people just @ the beginning of their pregnancy I feel like I was just there, but now im at the other end! 6 weeks 2 days until I meet my darling!

Gypsy - My dreams have been that Im having a girrl and I can see her in my stomach, like my skin is transparent. very odd...I could just pull up my shirt and show people the baby!! I also feel like s/he has dropped, my hips and sciatic are extra sore and the kicking seems to be more around my belly button and just above than my ribs like before! also feel pinching around my cervix, which has just started.

Peanut - I am choosing a repeat c-section as well even with the option of a VBAC because i know the pain, and healing process assocaited and I know that natural labour did not produce the desicred effect the first time around! i just like knowing what will happen!

Carolyn - Glad to hear that baby is hanging in there as long as possible, I hope you get to go home again, I hated being in the hospital after my 1st csection!

AFM -So far im having terrible heart burn @ night even when I try and eat dinner early. My feet have started swelling and ive developed some beautiful vericose veins on my upper thighs! I hope they disappear after delivery!

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Reply by mummy82 » May. 22, 2012 5:42pm

Hi!! I am 34 weeks pregnant an expecting a baby boy!! So excited, cant wait to meet him. I am also having trouble with sleeping(i get up every hour and half to pee), and have terible heartburn. I also have vivid dreams about both labour and the baby, both pleasant and upsetting ones. I am also due on july 4th but i just have a feeling i might pop earlier...

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Reply by mummy82 » May. 22, 2012 6:08pm

Has anyone been having back aches? Last weekend i had the mother of all backaches i actually thought i had gone into labour!! But after lying dowm for an hour or so, the paib dissapeared..

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Reply by Jelly-Bean » May. 24, 2012 1:36pm

@ mummy 82:
I had a LOT of pain at the beginning of this week - from my lower (and upper) back to very strong (BH?) contractions.

I phoned my doctor (for the first time during the whole pregnancy which wasn't an appointment) who told me to go home and rest and come in if it didn't get better.

well.. it's 2 days later now, i took 2 days of sick leave and feel a TINY bit better now..

thinking it's just another something that reminds us we're in the home stretch.. * sigh * ..

So I'm back at work and trying to suck it up.

Just doing a lot of research to be prepared..
you know.. "just in case" :)

Hope you feel better soon!!

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Reply by Love00 » May. 24, 2012 4:31pm

Asabrina- Welcome! I am glad you joined. Tell me about the heartburn. I know how you feel. I am trying to take my prenatal vitamins at a diff time instead of at night because I have noticed that they only make heartburn worse.

Peanut- Sorry to hear you we're in pain. I hope that the pain goes away soon. Looks like we are all experiencing 3rd tri symptoms. O am getting more and more anxious but trying t stay calm.

Carolyn- How are you feeling?

Gypsy- Sleepless nights are getting very annoying. Am always exhausted now. Everyone says that it is our body's natural way of preparing for when the baby wakes up at night.

Afm: Have a 60 people Baby Shower on Saturday that my mom is throwing for me but I planned everything since am home and she only has one day off a week. We have yet to paint the baby's room and assemble all the furniture! Am in the nesting mode like crazy! I want it all done!

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Reply by cjpalaska » May. 24, 2012 4:51pm

I was in the hosptial for 24 hours on Mon. and Tues. because my blood pressure was elavated. But all is well now and no protein in urine so just chronic high blood pressure with pregnancy induced hypertension. I went in for another non stress test today and the baby was too active! I had to have an ultrasound but everything was fine! Amniotic fluid was good; baby was practicing breathing; and moving like crazy! So I have to go to the hospital on Mon.... because my dr. office isn't open and have a 24 hr. urine done as well as non stress test..... But at least I get to be at home otherwise.... just on bedrest for now. It cheered me up to get to unexpectedly see my little one today at the ultrasound! The technican kept saying "how cute is that baby!" Made all the other stresses this week go away!

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Reply by asabrina » May. 25, 2012 12:45am

Hi ladies!

Mummy 82/Peanut - I had some pretty rough back pain while I was away camping, sleeping on a 3 inch matress for a week, but seem to have gotten better since I have been home! Definetly feel the BH contractions after I do too much though! Glad yours have both slowed down now! The end is in near :)

Nathalie - I might try and take my prenatals @ night as well, the only reason i stopped taking them in the morning was morning sickness, then when that went away I was put on iron pills which my doc said I should take @ night on an emty stomach. i have my next Dr approintment tomorrow so I might check if I can take them in the morning instead...there is no way I will remember to take pills both in the am and pm right now, I am such a space cadet lately!!

Carolyn - there is only one positive thing to having high blood pressure during pregnancy and its all the extra reassurance that everything is ok!! I had high blood pressure with my son and was in for nonstress tests every 2 weeks and extra ultrasounds too! I dont have high blood pressure this time but my GD is gettting me the extra ultrasounds! I have my next and probably last on June 14th!

AFm - got in the cleaning mode today and now am completely exhausted! SOmetimes i forget just how huge I am and to do things in smaller doses! Maybe I will remember after my c-section when I am sleep deprived and healing from major surgery


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Reply by Jelly-Bean » May. 25, 2012 6:19am

Afm an Love00:
I couldn't take waiting for hubby to finish painting baby's room so I did it over the previous weekend.

As you say.. I forget that I am not supposed / cannot do all the things I used to.. which is hard since I'm a "do it yourself' type of woman..

But it's (mostly) done now and everytime I walk past the room I have to stop for 5 minutes! :)

Hubby says baby will come early now since her room is already waiting! LOL..

He's helping a lot with other stuff -I have to add.

Love00: Good luck with the shower! it's a LOT of people!

I had one with the in-laws (all the aunties and grandma's etc..) and a GORGEOUS one at work last week :)

Don't know if my mum is planning anything but everytime I see her she has something new for the baby! It will be her 6th grandchild (I'm youngest of 3 daughters..) even though it's MY first baby :)

Getting SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only 4 more weeks for me..

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Reply by Jelly-Bean » May. 28, 2012 9:10am

Anybody have any news?

The 36th week! yay!
I have my next appointment on Thursday and I'm looking forward to the checkup (although they're a bit anti-climatic for me at this stage.. so quick!!)

Getting REALLY very sore.. I've burst into tears spontaneously twice over the weekend.. partly tired, partly (very) sore, partly probably just hormones..

Have 2 more weeks of work although I think I'm going to ask the doc to book me off for the last of the 2.. (so I'll hold out for one more...)

Getting very excited!! 24 days to go.. IF she doesn't decide to make an earlier arrival.

I've been having some pre-labour / last month symptoms:
(TMI alert..):
Menstrual like cramps (comes and goes without pattern)
Loose stools.. (told ya TMI)
Increased pelvic pressure
Hip and back pain (comes and goes)
REALLY strong BH
Strong stabbing pains getting more frequent..

Probably just my body preparing and/or going through the motions.. but as uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) as they are, it's exciting to feel my body doing SOMETHING.

It almost feels like the TWW when I was also watching symptoms like crazy and trying not to read into anything but not managing NOT to! :)

So what's new with you..??!

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