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Any mommas joining me in May?

Category: Due Date Clubs - May
Posted by ProudMomma89 » Aug. 19, 2014 1:32pm

Hey lovely ladies!
I've just had my positive pregnancy test and I'm over the moon, I had a chemical last month so fingers crossed things go well this month! ( not due AF till 2mz) so looking at my dates baba no3 should be due early May or late august! I was on this site when pregnant with Chloe last year! Her first birthdays 21st sept and I found it very helpful. So I'm looking foward to sharing my final pregnancy journey with you all! As this is my final baba no more lol! So comment away and let's chat this horrid first trimester away haha love to you all xxxxx

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Reply by cosmoholic » Aug. 22, 2014 4:48pm

Me!! I'm here with you. :)

Our last pregnancy was also a chemical. Prior to that we had two MMC. Here's hoping that these ones stick for us both!!!

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Reply by xxjtxx » Aug. 23, 2014 6:48pm

Hiya I'm due 3rd May! ! Got my bfp today x

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Reply by cofomostwanted » Aug. 24, 2014 12:30pm

I'm due May 7th with baby #3 as well and possibly our last. Just got my BFP last night. We are so excited.

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Reply by mrsfergie » Aug. 26, 2014 5:56am

I'm due 1st may with #2 so I am on the fence of April and May LOL.

Already have a DD who is 3 in September and am not sure how I am going to go being pregnant during summer....

fun fact though DH and DD both September and myself and #2 born April/due May - weird we managed those timings.

I had a m/c in April this year so very thrilled to join your club.

Sticky vibes and congratulations!

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Reply by drummermarinesgirl » Sep. 8, 2014 4:16pm

Congratulations to you all!!! I am in the same boat as most of you. We are now pregnant with baby #3, super excited, our due date is May 15th. Just last month I had a chemical pregnancy at only 4 weeks 2 days. So I am very hopeful this time. I have already taken 7 pregnancy tests. I have taken one every morning to see if the line is getting darker. It is getting darker everyday so that is making me feel a whole lot better. I have already scheduled my first appt but not for another 2 weeks so I was thinking of calling my Dr. and seeing if she would do HCG testing now just in case. Do any of you think that might be a good idea? I am just praying and hoping that this little bean is super sticky and sticks!! Any updates on anyone else?

Reply by Bindy48 » Sep. 9, 2014 12:49pm

Hello Ladies,

I was wondering if I could join? I'm due 13th May with my first.
I have PCOS and DH has low morphology we had been trying for the last yr and a half. We had a chemical last cycle on our first round of clomid and am now 5 weeks after my second clomid cycle and hoping this little one sticks.
We had our first beta at 12dpo and came back HCG 83 our second beta was done at 15dpo and HCG came back at 550. I don't go back to the doc till next week Friday.

I think I'm a very nervous first time mummy to be :)

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Reply by moominmama » Sep. 10, 2014 3:14pm

Hi all, wondering if I can join too.
We got a bfp a few days ago and I'm due the 17th May.
Feeling nervous as they'll be a 10 year age gap between children, I was experience headaches, tiredness and cramps the week pre af but these have disappeared now so hoping all is ok still.

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Reply by drummermarinesgirl » Sep. 10, 2014 4:45pm

Welcome all hopefully we can all have little sticky ones this time around. moominmama my kids will have a decent age gap as well. My oldest will be 9 and my youngest will be 6. I think it will be good though. I have pretty much just been having to pee a lot and a little more tired than normal but other than that I have had lots of times where I don't feel pregnant. I of course always worry about that but this occurred as well with my daughter so hopefully all goes well this time around.

Reply by aal2014 » Sep. 10, 2014 6:00pm

I am due May 2nd but both my boys came a week early so it's very possible this one will show in April but excited none the less :)

My boys are 9 and 4, I lost a little girl at 18 weeks pregnant in April 2013 and then 4 early miscarriages after her only making it to 4-5 weeks in a span of 1 year and 3 months so very hopeful this is my rainbow baby as I am currently 6 weeks and 5 days and everything is going well :)

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Reply by xSharky7 » Oct. 18, 2014 7:09pm

my Name is Sarah and this is my first pregnancy
am 11 weeks now and due on the 10th of may or maybe later
I currently experiencing most of the symptoms like nausea , exhausted , dizziness and such
and I'm really hoping all gets better

any luck from anyone who is feeling better now ?

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