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HCG and Progesterone

Category: Special - Pregnant With Twins or More
Posted by SJKAX35 » Aug. 22, 2014 12:37pm

Well, first time ever posting a question on any webpage. :-) Was going to give a little info about myself. I'm a mom to 3 beautiful daughters (1st 2 from previous marriage and hubby and I have 1 together) Needless to say, after having 3 healthy, easy pregnancies, finding out that I was miscarrying in April, was devastating! It took years(LOL) to convince hubby to have another one. We were so excited. Waited the prescribed time before trying again(or should I say not trying, just not preventing) I am 35, and after the miscarriage my doc said to come in to get bloodwork as soon as I got a +. So I did, AF isn't due until Fri, and had + Sat-Mon, and thought I was seeing things. Got the results yesterday, HCG 313, Progesterone 25.59. They said this is great, u r definitely pregnant, just really early. I ovulated Aug7(I think) got + @10DPO, labs @12 DPO. Was just wondering about it being so early, my age and family history of twins(both sides) is the progesterone is an indicator of twins? Anyone have an opinion?? I go for a redraw of labs today. Hoping for just 1 healthy baby, but just curious. Oh, by the way, I will keep u posted and sorry for the rant. Will find out today the results from the redraw of bloodwork. Opinions appreciated. Thanks

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Reply by Bindy48 » Oct. 3, 2014 11:16am

I don't think progesterone is really an indicator but I could be wrong. My progesterone at 15dpo was 59 and I had my 7 week scan last week and we are only having the one baby. Hope this helps. Let me know if you end up having twins :)

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