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Countdown is On - End of July/Beginning August Babies - Page 5

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Reply by sageviolet » Aug. 9, 2012 12:47pm

Wow, Prinny, that was really inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!!

It seems like I'm having less BH, but my bowel movements are getting much easier than they have been (hooray!) and the belly ball is definately dropping. Still no signs of increased discharge or the mucus plug. Does that always happen ahead of labor?

I'm having some mood swings, but not as bad as you two. I look at this as like the worst PMS ever -- cramps, mood swings, gas, munchies, getting extra thirsty. But at least there's a happy ending this time!

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Reply by curl_gurl » Aug. 9, 2012 7:18pm

Oh prinny how I hate that comment "Your still pregnant" I think I rolled my eyes at the lady. Heifer yes I'm still preggers b/c I'm only 38 weeks like you big old butt don't know women normally don't have their babies before 40 weeks, dang i could see if i was 43 weeks preggers or something weird, but geez i'm only 38 weeks give me a break and leave me alone and don't worry about me and my baby its not like your carrying this load.

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Reply by JuneBrideCarter » Aug. 10, 2012 1:15pm

Prinny, You are amazing!
I'm sure we all needed that one.

I have some really good news!
Tuesday (my due date) I had my first NST and another pelvic exam. I was still only just over 1 centimeter (which is where I've been for a month) and 95% effaced.

Yesterday (thurs) I was 2 days overdue, I lost a large part of my plug in the morning (I knew it HAD to be my plug because it was huge and looked like someone had hocked a loogie) and more at the MW office. Watching the monitor during my second NST, I figured out what my contractions feel like. I had this one really big one that made me sure I knew what they were. Then another pelvic, and I was dilated 2+ and she stripped my membranes for me. Then there was a little blood, which I took to be a good sign.

My sister took me up to my mom's and we sat around and played games for a while waiting for my contractions to get more regular. I didn't progress as fast as everyone thought I would.
I think they're all more impatient than I am. Though I must admit, I was expecting stronger and more frequent contractions, as well. They were averaging about 6 minutes apart and lasting between 45 sec and 1 min by the time my sister and I decided to go home. I didn't get to bed until around midnight, but here it is 6am and I'm up already. I think I may go for a walk to get them going a little more.

Yeah my clogged duct... It started on the right, but then moved to the bottom. 0_o
I don't think my pump is strong enough to unclog it. It's just a little manual medela. Now I know how an unmilked cow feels. -_-

So I'm excited! My MW said she'd be surprised if I lasted til sunday. and she said "If for some ungodly reason you are still pregnant on tuesday, come back in."
She's hilarious. I think I have the best midwife ever.

@curl, oh yeah I hear ye. People get a little nuts when you're big and preggers. I posted something about this in one of the other topics. story about the chinese woman in the asian gifts.

@Sage yeah I think you always lose it beforehand. I think it's a sign that you're dilating, am I right? I had some mucousy stuff come out when I dilated to a 1 and yesterday I'm pretty sure I lost my whole plug because I'd dilated another centimeter.

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Reply by curl_gurl » Aug. 10, 2012 2:30pm

Yayy Carter keep us posted.

I go to the doc today, hopefully I have made some progress, last week I was only 1/2 cm and still posterior. I will also, keep you ladies posted.

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Reply by curl_gurl » Aug. 10, 2012 11:27pm

nada zippo contrary to what my doc said about me being 1/2cm the back-up doc said she must have been trying to be generous b/c she can barely get her finger tip in and I'm still posterior.so I'm still scheduled to be induced on 8/20 which I would prefer for her to come on her own, but now I don't even want that b/c both doctors will be out-of-town next week and don't return until the 8/20...uggh. My baby is measuring at 33/34 weeks but doc said its probably b/c she is still dropping.so, i start my maternity leave Monday so excited I just get to rest and take it easy for a week before I go into labor and all my family gets into town.

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Reply by JuneBrideCarter » Aug. 11, 2012 12:35am

Oh good, curl. I'm glad you're taking some time off now.
Maybe you'll get real lucky and your little munchkin will decide come the day your docs get back, and then they won't have to induce you. ^_^

My contractions have slacked off since this morning. I'm wondering if I screwed up the flow or something, because they were coming at six minutes apart but now I'm barely having any.
Mom and lil bro and went for a 3 mile walk this morning, and then I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours.
We got up and Danced around like crazy people, even. nothing.

:/ now I'm confused. Does he not wan to come out today?
Maybe tomorrow.....

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Reply by inlove » Aug. 11, 2012 4:53pm

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to update.. I gave birth to my lil girl on August 9th @ 1:49 am. She is 7lbs 8 oz of perfection! :)

@June- my story starts much the same as yours! Hope things pick up for you and you deliver quick and safe!

At my OB appt I was 2 days overdue I asked to be checked since I kept experiencing contractions for days that would stall out. I was 2 cm so she did a membrane sweep. Immediately I began cramping and that evening I began contracting every 15-20 mins. I was so excited..but at 1am decided I had better try to rest in case it picked up. STALLED again! Woke up at 8am soooo frustrated! So I decided to poke things around a bit with dh lol.. OUCH! Afterwards we went for a walk, the contractions picked back up about 10-15 mins apart. Around 430 we came home and I layed down on couch to rest and BAM they got stronger, longer and more frequent. I waited 2 hours of timing them at 7 mins before we called L+D. We went in at 9pm and I was 4-5 cm so they administered my IV immediately for the strep B. At 10:45 OB came and broke my water. Contractions started coming quicker then and I was soon feeling the urge to push. After about 5 sets of pushing my baby girl was here!

As NewBeginnings said before.. While it is EXTREMELY frustrating at the end of pregnancy as you anticipate holding your baby and the end seems to be nowhere in sight.. IT will happen and everything you went through is SOoo worth it!

We are home now! Trying to adjust to breastfeeding.

I'm excited to hear more of your experiences ladies! I hope and pray for safe arrivals for your lil bundles!

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Reply by prinny307 » Aug. 11, 2012 9:35pm

Hi everyone! 40 weeks and 2 days today. I had a non-stress test yesterday which was normal. The provider tried to strip my membranes, but couldn't even reach my cervix so no stripping and no idea if I dilated. She said he's still very big and scheduled me for an ultrasound on Monday to make sure he's less than 10 pounds. I go back for another non-stress test on Tuesday. They don't want me to go beyond 41 weeks, so I am scheduled for induction on Thursday, 8/16. I hope he comes earlier than that. I really don't want a c-section or to be induced, but it is what it is.

On a positive note, I lost part of maybe all of my mucus plug today! It looked pretty much like a loogey and since that means my body is doing something to prepare for labor, it gives me a little hope that I might avoid intervention.

I get a phone call at least once a day asking if I've delivered yet. I really want to stop answering the phone! ;)

@inlove- congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your birthing experience sounds amazing! Way to go!

@June- hang in there, try not to stress out. Have sex, go for a walk, rest while you can and hopefully those contractions will come on like a freight train soon!

@ Sage- every pregnancy is different with regards to discharge and mucus plug. Some women have increased vaginal discharge for weeks and parts of the mucus plug slowly pass during that time. Some women have the mucus plug come out all at once with minimal increase in discharge beforehand. It can come and go. And mucus plugs can regrow and only indicate that you're probably either effacing or dilating, but doesn't say when labor is coming on. Increased discharge or losing the mucus plug just indicate that your body is changing a little bit and doing what it's supposed to be doing.

@curl- I know what you mean about those comments! I have people calling/texting every day "did you deliver?" Like I would just keep that to myself.. I will shout that from the rooftops when I deliver! haha! I get some pretty funny reactions in public now. I guess I don't look pregnant from behind. I was walking around a grocery store with my DH and MIL, and an employee was trying to get around me because she was carrying a box of merchandise. She rudely said "excuse me.. move aside..", so I turned, apologized and tried to get out of her way and she gushed an apology back that she didn't know I was pregnant. haha, I couldn't help but laugh. I also love when people ask when I'm due now because when I answer "oh I was due 2 days ago" their mouths just drop open and they say "you are all baby!" or they look at me like I'm going to deliver right that second. haha it is entertaining!

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Reply by prinny307 » Aug. 11, 2012 9:36pm

For the curious- once you go past your due date, the countdown ticker says "100% complete, I am X days past my due date!" Just for those who are curious like I was!

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Reply by prinny307 » Aug. 12, 2012 1:53am

Update- i went for a short walk to keep my hips moving, ate dinner, then noticed strong BH, took a shower and they started feeling like menstrual cramps or gas pain. I laid down for awhile and i felt better. An hour later i went to the bathroom and noted more mucus and this time a very small amount of blood in the bowl. Not sure if bloody show or if just from BD, but never bled with BD before and BD was early morning. anyway, i am cautiously optimistic that he may arrive before I am forced with induction on thursday. Still crampy. :-)

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Reply by JuneBrideCarter » Aug. 12, 2012 12:03pm

YAY inlove! So happy for you!

yesterday at around 3:30pm My contractions started getting more intense. I told DH he better hurry. our original plan was to go to my family reunion first, and then stop in at the hospital after to check in, but when my contractions started feeling like there was more pressure, I figured we better go there first.

Well I was still only a 2 with Sam's head real low but my cervix still high (does anyone know how that actually works?) so we decided I'd better not stay. I didn't want them to put me on a pit drip.

So I went to my reunion and everyone is suggesting things to start my labor.
"4 Tbps Castor oil, 4 tbps orange juice, put em in a soda and drink it's still fizzy!" says my aunt lynette.

at one point DH's mom called because she didn't know the difference between stripping the membranes and breaking them. She was concerned that they'd broken my water and I was susceptible to infection. And she's a Nurse!

So We went over to my mom's after the reunion and played wii sports resort, keeping track of my contractions, even sent the boys to go buy me an exercise ball to bounce on. At first they seemed to be really regular, but then then they got all weird.

We left at around midnight, I hopped into the tub when we got home, because they were getting pretty intense. The tub felt great, but when I got out they started getting more intense and uncomfortable.

I've gotten about 2 hours of broken sleep, broken because laying down is not comfortable when I have a contraction, I woke up about 4:30-ish 'cause I had to pee, and the contractions wouldn't even let me try to lay back down and get some sleep.

I've had to take several breaks while typin this, and I'm running another bath now.

Fingers crossed!

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Reply by prinny307 » Aug. 12, 2012 2:36pm

@June- SO EXCITING!!!!!!! As labor progresses, the cervix moves from posterior (way back/deep) to anterior (up front), meaning baby's head drops and the uterus drops too to make the birth canal shorter so delivery can be faster. It's just another one of those vague signs that tells if labor is coming on. The cervix can move anterior even just a few hours or weeks before labor, just like baby can drop weeks or hours before labor for a first time mom.

Castor oil! ACK! There are some theories that if you give yourself diarrhea, the irritation of the colon can irritate the uterus and maybe start contractions/labor. That's an individual choice, but me personally I don't want diarrhea if I can help it, labor is messy enough. ;) Plus women typically get diarrhea anyway, so why make that worse? It's not proven effective anyway. avoid avoid avoid in my opinion.

Exercise ball- AWESOME IDEA!!!!!! That's a supported squat. Honestly June, if I had contractions like yours, I would squat with every single contraction. Bounce on the ball, just squat where you're standing.. and definitely WALK! Those are your best tools during a contraction to get things moving. And if you're in the shower, face the shower head so that the water stimulates the nipples. PS- I love that your family ran out to get you the ball, they are awesome!

I can't wait to hear that you're admitted!! By the way, super smart to go home. Stay home as long as you can!!! When you can't talk through a contraction, that's a good time to go. Oh I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!

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Reply by sageviolet » Aug. 13, 2012 12:29pm

Ooo, it sounds like things are happening! Please keep us updated!

I have my next check-up this afternoon. Lots of BH with hardly any discomfort, and not much else going on. I also enjoy scaring the nosy strangers at the grocery store: "When are you due?" "Anytime."

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Reply by NewBeginnings79 » Aug. 13, 2012 12:39pm

Hey Ladies - Just checking in to see how things are going! @June - Sounds like things are close! Can't wait to here how it goes!

So looking forward to all your birth stories. Hang in there!

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Reply by prinny307 » Aug. 13, 2012 1:07pm

@sage- great grocery store answer! That is hilarious! Good luck at your appointment, let us know how it goes

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Reply by inlove » Aug. 13, 2012 10:11pm

Hi ladies,

@June - Hoping that we haven't heard anything from you because you've had your lil bundle and are recovering nicely ;) hope to hear from you soon!

@Prinny- any other signs? I pray that your lil man comes before you have to be induced.

@Sage- how did ur appt go today?

I'm so excited to hear all of your stories ;)
It seems that most of our August babies have a trend so far: LATE! Lol.. Maybe its all this heat keeping them hiding inside!

AFM: I brought Tiana to the pediatrician today..she is slightly jaundiced :( and down 11% of her birth weight which is a red flag! I have to take her back in 36 hrs to follow up.
I've been experiencing some major difficulties with breastfeeding; because of the jaudice she's not waking and feeding long enough..my nips are cracked and bleeding and the engorgement is crazy hurting cuz she not feeding enough :( vicious cycle!
So I wanted to share with you ladies what I've found that works EXTREMELY well for me; a god send in my opinion right now.
1- AVENT breast shells: relieves engorgement and with flat/inverted nips
2- AVENT nipple protectors: no pain!! Even with how bad mine were
3- Lanolin cream: keeps nips moisturized and heals
I couldn't have continued breastfeeding without these items! Thought I would share.

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Reply by prinny307 » Aug. 14, 2012 12:47am

In love- great advice about breastfeeding. Oh no about jaundice!!! Let us know how it goes. I will keep tiana in my prayers

I also hope june went into labor. We all have been late, haven't we!

Ultrasound today went great. He is 8.5 pounds, so no c-section required. Having lots of mucous still, now pink tinged, and having some contractions. Feels like menstrual cramps that radiate around to my lower back every 6-8 minutes for the last hour regardless of position. So.. maybe?? I guess time will tell. I tend to get a lot of braxton hicks in the evening, but they don't usually radiate to my back.

Inlove- what did your contractions feel like?

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Reply by knicole27 » Aug. 14, 2012 4:33am

Hello ladies, I wanted to post as my baby arrived in August but I was due in September. I unfortunately had to "evict". My lil boy from my womb via emergency induction due to pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. My entire birth plan crumbled to pieces in a matter of hours but we are ok and wanted to second what in love said about the breast gel thingies. I have using the lasinoh brand of breast gels along with the lanolin . Put those gels in the fridge and they are SUCH a lifesaver! Engorgement = serious discomfort. I however having a preemie have to pump my milk a long with breast feeding so pumping every three hours helps with the engorgement and as much as it sucks you gotta massage the hard spots of the breast. It does get better I promise. I'm 8 days post partum and the engorgement and pain are gone ,, except still having nipple pain. I seem to have one good boob that produces a ton more milk and drains easily and the other? Not so much and my son has poor latch on that exact bad boob so idk. Breast feeding does require patience that's for sure but be easy on yourself your both new and learning :)

Prinny I'm hopeful for you! I know you asked inlove about contractions ...I was on pitocin unfortunately but I actually was contracting before that too and for me it felt like really bad menstrual cramps with back pressure as he got closer to making his debut. The cramping was not that bad until they broke my water. The l&d nurse told me it would be a lot like the cramping I get with my period but times a hundred. She was right. N

Good luck ladies! Anxiously awaiting more birth stories :)

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Reply by inlove » Aug. 14, 2012 8:08am

Welcome knicole! Sorry to hear you bundle arrived so early and under such stressful conditions! I pray for a speedy nicu stay. My breasts sound the same as yours too..one is nice and full and she latches well, the other is a NIGhtMaRe!! Right now (tonight) I'm feeding exclusively from the one side until I can meet with a lactaction consultant tomorrow! I'm sad to say I'm almost ready to throw in the towel..that breaks my heart! :(

@Prinny- I really hope this is it for you! My contractions actually started with a tightening down in my cervix area then radiated up and around. But that could be different depending on position of baby and your uterus; that's why some women have back labour and some don't! Believe me you WILL know when its time! lol. Keep us posted!

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Reply by prinny307 » Aug. 14, 2012 9:09am

Knicole- oh no about your labor and praying your little one is ok. Thanks for input about contractions.

Inlove- don't give up!!!

Still having bad cramping every 6-8 minutes. They woke me up a few times last night, some were really painful, but they aren't picking up thr pace or getting stronger or longer. They are different than my usual, which is promising!! Not pleasant though.. will keep you all updated. Nect appointment is later today.

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