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March 2013 Babies - Page 10

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Reply by mandyp71 » Dec. 4, 2012 11:42am

Ugghh! Am now completely revolted by the thought of eating eggs, and often meat. Having been perfectly fine since 14 weeks, now I have these wee aversions kicking in - weird!

Flutters - I like Danica for your wee girl. It sounds very feminine and sweet but has a strength to it too. You have gained the same amount as me too. Feels like an awful lot doesn't it .... Just hoping it isn't too much of mine lol

Candylee you have done so well to not find out what you're having yet. I couldn't wait this time!

Lavandaarguitar - I have really stuffed up sinuses from time to time too but find they sort themselves out pretty quick. I am plagued more with headaches which hit out of the blue. Not nice but hey, we know these crazy things won't last :)

Sam - If my first had been a girl he would have been Charlotte - it's a beautiful classic name! He ended up being an Anton though :)

Yvonne - I hear you on the puffing over the smallest exertion. I have tried to get out walking but in the heat here I have to be careful. Can dehydrate so easily and end up really dizzy. I have 3 flights of stairs to climb for work each day and often more than once, plus our stairs at home. I'm hoping this helps. So much for my plans to keep dancing - my hips have been too sore so am thinking of trying a bit of yoga to see if it makes a difference. So proud of you being a team green though :)

And that's it from me until after my appointment and follow up tests I guess.

Keep blossoming and glowing girls!

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Reply by Mommy3 » Dec. 9, 2012 6:25pm

Hello :) I am excited to say its my 3rd pregnancy and i have 2 beautiful daughters. I had very hard pregnancies especially my last one a lot of scary complications that I never thought I'd do it again. But here I am and super excited!!!
I'm due march 17th so it's coming up!! We don't know the sex we want to be surprised which is so not like me at all but there are so many few good surprise in life.

Glad I found a group :)

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Reply by flutters » Dec. 10, 2012 10:21pm

welcome mommy3 ! hello girls today i been feeling great i went shopping for some baby stuff exited there is soo many cute things for baby girls wish i had more money to spend . i just want time to fly because i do feel tired all the time plus 2 kids crazy. so what are you girls up to? take care

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Reply by CandyLee » Dec. 11, 2012 8:22am

Hey Mommies so we finaly got to find out what we are having and.............. Its team PINK so happy and excited and now i cant really wait and all of a sudden time seems to be dragging! 2 and a half months left, sounds like forever, finally bought babies 1st outfit, i was so happy looking at all those small cute things, and DP just cant believe it now that he knows, its so surreal! we are inlove, now for the name, oh gosh we are absolutely lost, and you fab mommies make it look so easy with your lovely baby names. hope i think of one soon . Cant wait to close at work for the festive season, i am so exhausted, 29 Weeks! is any one else as tired as i am?

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Reply by Lucky3 » Dec. 11, 2012 3:30pm

Hey mommies!!! How is everyone doing?
Mommy3- welcome! How exciting to have another March mommy among us!
Flutters - I really like Daphne, what a cute name! I hear what you're saying about wanting everything cute in the baby sections of stores!!!
CandyLee- How exciting that you finally found out about your baby girl! There used to be an even mix of pinks and blues in this group, but I think team pink is a couple ahead at this point! Those boys better watch out!
MandyP- Weird that you all of a sudden don't like eggs, and meats. Must be a protien thing? Your body must not be needing it at this point. I'm also concerned about my weight gain. My doc says it's "ok" but you're right, they don't have to lose it after....
AFM - we got all moved, finally! Closed on the house Friday and had all the boxes in that night. I had a scary bout of spotting on Thursday, and I'm going to a neurologist for my constant and debilitating headaches, but they say the baby is good, and I believe them because she's very active... I think now that things with the house have settled down a bit things will be better. We finally get to decorate a nursery! I'm sure the time will just fly by after the holidays, too.
Sorry I didn't respond to everyone, I couldn't keep up with all that I missed in my CMP hiatus! I'm glad to see that most are doing well and enjoying their pregnancies. Just a little while longer, mommies!
Take care!

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Reply by kayjaytay » Dec. 17, 2012 6:03pm

Having to see my midwife twice a month & doctor once a month, had multiple issues already..

12week ultrasound picked up a SCH.
16week ultrasound was fine, no SCH found.
20week ultrasound picked up that my bubs placenta is 0.5cms from my cervix.. next ultrasound will be at 32weeks to see if the placenta has moved away from my cervix.. worst case scenario is i might have to get a c-section..

Having problems with severe morning sickness, reflux, heartburn, lower back pains & PGP-(pelvic girdle pains)

otherwise bubba boy is growing along nicely, heartbeat is always good, he has daily movements/kicks..

hope everyone else is well.

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Reply by CandyLee » Dec. 21, 2012 9:01am

Hi Mommies , 30 weeks and 2 days today and I felt her hiccup for the 1st time, its a weird feeling, i was kinda confused had to really concerntrate on the rythm to finally realising she was hiccuping. lol. So Ive been looking for names and came across Talia _ its hebrew for Dew of Heaven, I think its beautiful, what do yall think?

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Reply by mandyp71 » Dec. 29, 2012 12:56am

Hi ladies

Long time no see/hear.

kayjaytay - I was in a very similar place as you with my last pregnancy but all went fine in the end. By 28 weeks all had corrected itself. Will keep fingers crossed that the same happens for you.

Candylee - I also have a wee hiccupper in my belly. It is such a strange feeling, especially when he is head down! Not sure how I feel about his dance moves either :) I have always loved Talia as a girl's name too!! Such a pretty name.

Lucky3 - great news that you have moved and settled. Hope the nursery decorating is in full swing. I am lucky to have a stay home hubby who has done a fantastic job on our wee pirate's room. We also sold our house in NZ in December so have one less worry now.

flutters - I LOVE baby shopping and here in Brunei they seem to go all out on the frills and pretty things for the girls. Boys are really sweet too and my hubby has found some cute wee things for our wee guy when he is a bit bigger. We have the same issue for bubs as we do for us though. Asian clothes sizes!! Lucky for us we only need to get wee singlet stretch and grows and nappies really in this heat :)

Mommy3 welcome! You and I are due on the same day!! AND its my 3rd baby too, but actually my 4th pregnancy. I have a boy and a girl, and a stepdaughter, so now hubby is getting his boy too. That makes us even :) I wanted a surprise this time too, but with living overseas it made sense to find out and plan so we didn't end up with too much unnecessary stuff to get rid of.

AFM - This week has seen the return of nausea for me - arrgghh! I have felt awesome ever since week 15 but over the last week have not been able to eat very much at a time and when I do I feel BLAH! Was up at 1am last night in the bathroom again. On the up side - bubs has dropped a little. I now have a space between my boobs and my bump again and breathing is a little easier. Can't see my belly button now though unless looking in the mirror lol.

Only 11 weeks to go for me ladies and getting rather excited I must say! Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your pregnancies.

Take care

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Reply by veebles » Jan. 8, 2013 9:21am

Hi beautiful mummies,

how is everyone, sorry I havent been on for a while, december is a mad busy time for a hairdresser but now its time to chill a little.

kayjaytay - whats the latest honey on your placenta, one of my girlfriends didnt move up til 37 weeks and she was lucky to have a normal delivery.

mandy - you poor thing, cant believe your MS has returned, wee pirate squishing all your organs, wont be long before he's walking the plank and you get to see the little fella.

candylee - Tallia is a beautiful name. its so had choosing a name that they will have for a lifetime isnt it, but i think tallia is timeless.

AFM - Today is my first day of slowing down at work a little, I've decided to take tuesdays off from now on, so i can get a full rest day, all three children are at school and pre-school so just me and the hubby.
Baby is lying transverse and i'm very unconfortable but there is time for it to move.
completely lost sight of my girly bits so having to use a mirror to keep myself buff lol

we have chosen our name for a boy but cant decide for a girl, opinions please..

Erin Jemima
Orla Jemima
Iris Jemima (jemima is after great grandma)

keep well lovely mummies, not long now, some of us are down to single figures yay

yvonne xx

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Reply by mandyp71 » Jan. 8, 2013 12:05pm

Hi Yvonne

I was just thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing. Great to hear that you have come up with a name if you have a wee boy. I love Erin for a wee girl. Kinda classic :) We have tossed some names around for our wee pirate but haven't settled on anything yet, though hubby really likes Jake. We want to keep his name very simple.

Also great to hear that you are starting to take it easy. Having a day off during the week will do wonders. We have 20+ new teachers who have just arrived in Brunei, and being the start of the academic year we are mad busy. Still, at least I can plan my days, and if I'm feeling especially tired or sore I can opt to work from home providing I don't have any school visit planned.

My belly seems to have settled again. I just have smaller portions and avoid anything too fatty. Have had terrible sugar cravings so fighting them off with a big stick. Already gained too much lol. 9 and a half weeks for us now and actually really looking forward to the big day. Antenatal 30 week check tomorrow.

Make sure you make the most of those Tuesdays and stay happy and healthy.
All the best

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Reply by LavandaarGuitar » Jan. 9, 2013 5:40pm

9 weeks to go!

I've also been feeling bits of nausea again. It's strange. That, and I'm so tired. I'm still working full-time but just hired an intern to work with me and take over while I'm on maternity leave.

Started our birthing classes a few weeks ago for the Bradley Method. Really loving those! It's nice to connect with other moms-to-be face to face and share the story together.

Baby boy is moving so much these days. I can't wait for him to 'drop' a little so I can breathe again. Tying my shoes has become interesting.

Starting to get into baby shower mode. I have three coming up! One for each side of the family, and one for my work. I think at least one shower will be after the baby is born.

Hang in there everyone!

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Reply by CandyLee » Jan. 14, 2013 10:12am

My baby is measuring a week ahead... due date is now reading 25th feb *Confused* the earlier the better, im holding on to a thin thread, i dont know if i can do 7 more weeks... Im super tired and sick now! Please mother nature let time fly . how are you mommies holding on?

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Reply by mandyp71 » Jan. 15, 2013 9:20am

Hey ladies

Not long now!!

LavandaarGuitar - I hear ya! I have bouts of nausea and my appetite has decreased a lot. I also feel really tired a lot of the time and have had a couple of really flat hormone weepy days. Aside from that my wee wriggler is doing very well. Pleased to hear that yours keeps you out of breath too. Mine switches from transverse to head down so I sometimes get a bit of room to breath, but not often yet.

Candy lee - that is very exciting news for you! You will be the first to pop from this group! So excited for you. Make sure you get your feet up, drink lots of water and sleep when you need as much as possible. I know how hard that can be when the fatigue hits you at 9am at your office but we do what we can :)

All you other ladies, hang in there. We will all have our wee bundles to snuggle in less than 3 months!!


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Reply by LavandaarGuitar » Jan. 26, 2013 8:07pm

40 days to go.

I got up at 9am and fell asleep on the couch for two more hours. I'm exhausted.

Anyone else have body aches? I feel like I ran a marathon this week. My hip and leg muscles are sore and stiff. It's taking me awhile to get moving in the morning. No more working out for me. I'm just happy if I walk a little each day.

Pretty much just feeling run down all the time. Can't eat a lot as my stomach doesn't have much room left. I'm trying to snack throughout the day. I lost a lb last week so I'm trying to eat denser calorie foods to stay on top of my weight. (though am not too concerned nor is my doctor, as I have plenty of chunk to me to start with).

We took a tour of our birth place a few weeks ago and are going to tour one more next week just to be sure. Kind of wishing we'd hired a mid-wife to labor at home, but it seems to close now to change the plans.

Hang in there everyone.


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Reply by flutters » Jan. 31, 2013 4:10pm

well helloo ladies! let me start by telling you that i can't take it no more and still have 7 weeks to go! my body hurts allover i can't sleep no more, but in some way its good because its like a training for the long nigths ahead!! just thankfull that everything its going well for us,baby doing great moving a lot ..... ok girls lets keep in contact cauze time its almost heree!!!!!

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Reply by mandyp71 » Feb. 2, 2013 11:21am

Hey ladies

Doing great. Feeling pretty tired and heavy. Looks like I'll be having a c-section again now. The doctor has referred me to a specialist and I'm going to fight to at least go into labour naturally but not holding my breath. Just wish they'd been up front from the start instead of letting me believe right up till 32 weeks that I could go naturally VBAC2. Oh well, if I was in NZ they wouldn't have been keen either I guess.

Not long now though. Hope you are all fit and healthy, despite tired and sore. I get sore at night, changing sides often because my back and hips can't handle it lol. Wee pirate is 2.2kg from my scan last week. Not too big, not too small. 6 weeks to go today! So excited!

Please do keep in touch, even if we are all shattered, its nice to know how you are all doing.

Take care and hang in there girls!

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Reply by LavandaarGuitar » Feb. 6, 2013 6:37pm

4 weeks to go (+/- a few!)

I cried all through the night last night. I think my emotions have finally got the best of me. Nausea is back, too. Bluh.

A couple of you mentioned flipping from side-to-side throughout the night. I hear ya! It's like each hip can only handle about 90 minutes of pressure before I have to flip again. My back feels best standing. Sitting and laying down are a chore. And strangely enough, my back will be killing me if I wear flat shoes - including tennis' shoes. I do best in a low wedge heel.

mandyp71 - a c-section! hang in there!

flutters - I'm thinking the same thing - we're just being prepped now for those sleepless nights. I can stay awake an entire night, and then sort-of-sleep the next night out of exhaustion. It's like an every other day thing for me.

CandyLee - hang in there! You're so close!

I'm ready to go, but wanting this baby to come on his own no matter what. I hope that doesn't mean waiting toooo long past the due date. :)


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Reply by kayjaytay » Feb. 11, 2013 5:56pm

got some good & some bad news..

good news is that my 30week U/S revealed that bubs placenta is outta the way of my cervix by 6cms!!! :)
so relieved!!!

bad news is that my sciatica & pelvic instability has gotten worse.. they are gonna go a stretch n sweep at 36weeks and hopefully that gets me in labour so i no longer suffer in pain, on pain relief constantly and its horrible.. if i dont have bub because of the stretch n sweep they might induce me via prostin gel at 38weeks. hope everyone else is doing better than i am..

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Reply by Lucky3 » Feb. 11, 2013 9:53pm

The closer we get, the more it seems like the anxiety, physical strain, and every other possible feeling escalates. It's good to be on the home stretch, but I swear this is the hardest part!!!

Kayjaytay - that is good news that your placenta moved but too bad they are talking induction. I've been induced twice and I know it can be a pain to go through. I'll cross my fingers that your procedure works the first time around and your body kicks in and takes over so you don't have to endure even more pain.

Lavandar - I'm sorry your nausea is back. That is really the last thing you need this close, hang on! It's almost reward time! I know that's easier said with the emotions being in full gear - I am well with you on that one.

Mandy - what did the specialist say? What does VBAC2 mean, does that mean you've had 2 cs, or you're attempting the AC for the second time? I'll cross my fingers you get good news.

Flutters/CandyLee - how are you feeling these days?

Sorry if I missed anyone. I haven't been on in a long time. Let me take that back, I've been on, but not had the energy to stay on and do much. So AFM I'm pretty exhausted all the time. I don't know if it's the age difference from my last pregnancy or what, but I am so emotional, stressed out and anxious all the time now. And physically I am just burned out. I am tired like I was in the first trimester. I'm still having migraines like the plague, and though they had faded a bit for a few weeks, I'm back to missing work when they strike. I had planned on reducing my hours a little bit but politics seem to be preventing that and that's only added to my stress. But...I'm hanging in there. We had a 3d ultrasound and while we were in there, DH said "Ok, I'm ready. She can come out now." He can finally stop having dreams about babies with no faces! We are so excited. But as I'm due the last day of March, ok, the day before the last day, I still have 7 weeks and it feels like it's NEVER going to get here!

Hope everyone is feeling well - getting rest, and looking forward to the prize at the end!

Take care, ladies!

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Reply by Bumblebaby08 » Feb. 12, 2013 4:47am

Hey Ladies! Just a quick update for now. Alice & Julia decided to make their grand entrance to the world tonight. 33w1d via c-section. Alice is 3lbs 15 ounces and Julia is 3lbs 5 ounces. I will post pictures when I can!

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