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Anyone still around that's in their 1st trimester?

Category: General - Newly Pregnant
Posted by delaliluv » Oct. 12, 2014 11:59pm

I'm still newly pregnant, sort of, so I wanted to see if anyone was still around that's 7 weeks like me.

Peppermint Altoids have helped so much with my nausea. I am not eating all that great, but the same happened with my daughter. Thankfully everything was fine.

I get weird sensations in my abdomen that come and go now. I am sure it is my uterus growing, but I still think about it. I still have a few weeks until my first doc appt. I'm glad I'm not really having cramps anymore and I am not as achy.

How is everyone else feeling?

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Reply by Supersparkle » Oct. 13, 2014 9:42am

Hi :) I will be 7 weeks on Thursday. Understanding the sickness, although for me it's mainly nausea :( extremely tierd although wierdly I struggle to sleep at night. I think. Get over tierd, not helped by visiting the bathroom very 5 mins lol. Got a scan booked for the 20th to make sure everything is ok :) will be booking my first midwife appointment this week too but don't think I will get yo see her for another couple of weeks yet.

Hope you feel better soon


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Reply by calvingirl » Oct. 13, 2014 3:03pm

I'm six weeks tomorrow and having horrible insomnia. I have severe restless leg syndrome normally and now that I'm pregnant, I can't take the meds for it and it's getting worse. So sleep hasn't been my friend lately.

Other than that, still crampy - uterus definitely not liking getting this big for the first time in 18 yrs. I'm glad to hear that stops soon...

No nausea yet, although appetite hasn't been great. Nothing tastes good (and I'm an eater.)

Anyone struggling with allergies? I'm sneezing or coughing constantly and it's really my worse symptom.

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Reply by delaliluv » Oct. 14, 2014 2:42pm

Wow, calvingirl! Another baby after 18 years! Are you feeling nervous? I think I would be, hehe. What a blessing though. How does DS feel about it? At least he can help ;-)

As for the allergies, since you can't take meds, it might be tough. Try looking up natural and preg safe remedies to help.

Maybe more pillows or a full body pillow can help at night so you can sleep better.

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Reply by Lungie » Nov. 7, 2014 7:29am

eish im due to doc in the next 2 days.

cramping stopped 2 days ago.....I am enxious since my laparascopy in april.

I will tell how It went at the doctors

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Reply by calvingirl » Nov. 7, 2014 3:32pm

Deliluv, Just saw your reply!

I'm doing much better now. I figured out that Sudafed taken sparingly helps with the allergies, and now that I've hit 9 wks, they are starting to calm down. Dr. ok'd sudafed and benedryl - but frankly, I don't need anything that will make me sleep more! :)

DS is very excited and very protective of me. He's been asking for a sibling for 15 yrs now, pretty much as long as he understood the concept. He's just annoyed with me that I waited so long, and assures me that he's not ever moving out now because he wants to be here for his new brother/sister.

Hahaha....he has a rude awakening coming the first time the baby screams all night. :)

I'm doing great so far though - feeling much better. How's everyone else doing?

New Little One is my Christmas Present this year!
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Oscar William, born June 15, 2015

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